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Lion 1994 

Table of Contents 

Opening 2 Published by the 

Annual Staff of Liberty Union High School 

Seniors 24 850 second Street 

Brentwood, CA 94513 

Undergraduates 50 

Editor Leah Smith 

Sports 86 

Activities 1 36 Assistant Editor Jae Lee 

Staff 160 

Assistant Editor Ann Wolfe 

Ads 172 

jj^(jg-j^ I Q4 Adviser Bill Batze 

%J^i M n i^ 

ipif— r 

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Liberty Style 

Just Another Day 

ife at Liberty is not always 
filled with the excitement 
of Homecoming, but with 
the ordinary things we do 
everyday. We battle the 
crowds in the halls trying to get to our 
next class or to our lockers; we hang 
out with friends at lunch, dishing out 
recent gossip or complaining about the 
choices for lunch; and we spend our 
time in school going to class, visiting 
with friends, and thinking about plans 
for the upcoming weekend. These are 
the ordinary days that make up our 
four years at Liberty High School; these 
are the days that we will always re- 

Above: senior Leah Smith gets to her loclcer; left: Jae Lee snaps 
some yearboolc pictures. 


Homecoming '93 

he week of October 18th was one filled with ex- 
citement and fierce class competition. School spirit 
was evident in the dress up days, lunchtime ac 
tivities, and the Homecoming Rally; the float com 
petition was especially intense. 
Much to the dismay of the Class of '94, the Class of 
'97 captured first place. The Homecoming Rally was marked by the 
presentation of the Homecoming Court and the announcement of 
King and Queen. But the highlight for most was the gut wrenching 
Homecoming Game Friday night where our Varsity Liberty Lions 
prevailed over the Monte Vista Mustangs. 

Above: junior Sarah Schnittker dressfes up for spirit weeic complete with a 
nashy tie; right: Shannon Montgomery; below right: members of the Class of 
'97; below left: freshman Michele Kelley pedals her way around the track at 
the Homecoming Rally on Ohmstede Field as part of the day's festivities while 
trying to earn spirit points for her class. 

1 993 Homecoming Court 


his year's Homecom- 
ing Court included: 
Josepli Lilley, Jamie 
Skinner, Franlcie 
Blakely, Melissa 
Ashley, Kevin Carpenter, Nicke 
Rose, Heather Deogracia, Aaron 
Flores, Ivy Hartman, C.J. 
Cahayag, Amy Foreman, Dustin 
Lewis, Craig Matthews, Lynnette 
Bruno, Brad Bishop, Leticia Padil- 
la, Tiffani Cervenka, Richie 
Ramirez, Danyel Garcia, and Jus- 
tin Barrios. The members of the 
Homecoming Court were an- 
nounced October 8, 19Q3, at an 
outdoor rally. The King and 
Queen were crowned at the 
Homecoming Rally October 22. 
The members of the Homecom- 
ing Court were honored not only 
at Liberty, but in their commu- 
nity as well in the annual Home- 
coming Parade. 

Above left: Lura Miiner shows off her lunch; above: Kiyoka Fisher; below: 
Piotr Gurowski checks out his hot dog; left: Joey Byrne munches on some 
corn chips. 

Lunch at Liberty 


Academic Interests 

iberty's class schedule has changed its 
style this year. With the new half- 

Lhour study session, students had the 
opportunity to get a head start on 
their homework. 

From the classroom, to the lab area, 
to the campus, students showed a variety of ways to 
gain knowledge as they worked their way through 
four years of academics at Liberty. 
The variety of classes at Liberty, including the new 
Calculus class and the new Tech 2000 Lab classes, 
gave all students the chance to learn something new 
as well as have some fun. 


Color with Style 

2re at Liberty we express our- 
helves in many different ways, 
color is just one way. Whether it's 
[cardinal and gold or tie-dye and 
*pink, colors depict our moods. 
Life at Liberty is colorful in more ways than 


jiaBJ"! il'Ki-" 

^r \ 

Above: Adam Cia models a fashion common to many Liberty students at an outdoor rally. -3| i 

Above: Jessica Souza and Stacy Martins dress up for some fun at school; right: Mrs. 
Stephanie Soltero tries to help Lisa Pipkins on a bad hair day. 


I f you've ever taken a good look at our campus 
you will notice we definitely have a style all 
our own. There is only one word to use when 
describing the fashion style of the 'OB-'oa 
school year: diverse. 

The line between what was in and what was 
out was definitely a fine one this year. Baggy jeans and flannel 
shirts were common sights. Bell bottoms, palazzo pants and 
platforms made a return. Everywhere you looked people were 
demonstrating their own styles: girls wore guys clothes: short 
hair, buns, and twists were in. and vests made a comeback. 
Witii tlie old fashions coming back and fashions dos and don'ts 
changing daily, getting dressed in die morning was quite 

t^^r 'J 


\j > 



n^ ■• ^ '-'^i ' xwESi WCSSm 



Bosom Buddies 

Above: Tara Pueblo and Erin Wilson; below: Bobbi Pierce, Devika Sims, Amanda Ott, and friend. 

hen you need a person to lean on or someone to 

share the good times your friends will always be 

\\J T iheve. Some friends have been together since 

\K/ kindergarten and others since last week. But no 

^ * I matter how how long the friends have been there, 

each one is different and special. Each makes our 

years at Liberty fly by. No one can make lunch or math class as 

funny as a friend. And when the memories of high school start to 

fade, you can be sure that the friends will never be forgotten. 


Spirit Style 


ne of the styles that 
continues year after 
year with students is 
Liberty spirit. Spirit can 

found around here 

everyday but it explodes every year 
during Homecoming Week. The 
dress up days this year were: Hippy 
Day, Crazy Day, Western Day and 
the usual Jersey Day and School Col- 
ors Day. For five days Liberty stu- 
dents and staff dress wacky for the 
cause of promoting school spirit be- 
fore the big game. And this year it 

Above: Rachel Golden gets wild on Crazy Day; above right: Shelly Birge adjusts her attire 
right: Marisela Ortega gives us a flashback of the hippy days. 

Above: Matt Morrone dresses up for 60's Day; right: Jeni Kornhauser goes all out for 
Crazy Day; above right: David Jenkins cleans up from the pie-eating contest at lunch. 

Hi V^ 

HIV ^^^^B 

Above: Cecilia Ramirez listens to her wall<man; right: Deanna Rodriguez has her smile 
captured at the Homecoming Rally. 


Face to Face 

hen something makes us happy, 

we smile. When we are sad, a 

frown crosses our faces. Friends 

can tell how we feel just by the 

expressions we make. For some 

reason, the photographers of our yearbook 

always seem to capture faces. These faces show 

how we feel at every moment. The faces and 

expressions captured on this page represent 

the emotions we have all shared this year. 

Whether it be the moment the tug-of-war was 

won or the moment we saw what was for 

lunch, the camera captured what we were 


Everyone at Liberty knows by now that its 
hard to hide your feelings, those expressions 
tell all! And if a picture really is worth a 
thousand words, this book can tell you a lot. 

This page closes the opening and takes you 
into the Senior Class section! 

Above: junior Abel Ordaz shows a little smile; right: Jason Rios has a good 
time at lunch. 


Julie Marie Abdelnour 

Colorguard, Performing Arts Letter, Honor Roll, FNL, Power of Unity TA 
English, PE 

Peter AMstrom 

Theresa Allyn 

Gordon P. Alt man III 

Academic Decathalon, Lions Roar Staff, Honor Roll, TA — Career Center 

Martin Alvarez 

Alejandro Anaya 

Marching Band, Student Council Rep., Symphonic Band, Varsity Track 

Carlos Beltran Argueta 

Honor Roll, Frosh Football, JV Football, TA — Foreign Language 

Michael Armstrong 

Varsity Football, JV Football 

Melissa Louise Ashley 

Varsity Soccer, Varsity Swimming, Representative to the School Board, Home 

coming Court, JV Softball, CSF, CSF Life, A Capella Choir, Performing Arts Letter, 

Block L, Academic Letter, Honor Roll, Homecoming Committee, Plays — "I 

Remember Mama", TA — English; Choir Club, Student Council Rep., FNL, 


Kristine Ann Atanasu 

A Capella Choir, Choir Club, Women's Ensemble, Mixed Choir 

Devon L Ausmus 

FFA Sweetheart, FFA, Mixed Chorus 

Teneal Avila 

Leanne M. Bacon 
Senior Class Treasurer, Student Council Rep., Honor Roll, Cross Country, Varsity 
Track, JV Softball, JV Basketball, Frosh-Soph. Track, Frosh Basketball, Home 
coming Committee, Pep Club, TA — AP History, Peer Tutor 

Pawel Ba/er 
Frosh-Soph Track, Honor Roll, JV Football, Peer Tutor, Varsity Track, Varsity 

Marek Bankston 


Right: senior, Betsy Gonzalez, shows her spirit and looi<s on at lunchtime Homecoming Activities; below: Class of 94 officers and 
advisors. Heather Deogracia, secretary; Leanne Bacon, treasurer; Jerry Black, advisor; Camelia Colmenares, vice-president- Lynnette 
Bruno, president; Linda Ghilarducci, advisor. ' 


Joseph Barajas 

JV Football, Student of the Month — PE 
Matthew Walter Barrett 
Justin Richard Barrios 
Varsity Wrestling, JV Wrestling, Most Valuable JV Wrestling, JV Soccer, Block L, 
Commissioner of Clubs and Activities, Leadership, Homecoming Court, Home- 
coming Committee, CSF Life, Honor Roll, Scholastic Top Ten, Peer Counselor, 
Student Council Rep., Boys State Finalist, Camp Royal Finalist, TA — PE Social 
Studies; FNL 

Jacob J. Barrett 

TA — Jewelry 

Christina M. Bartee 

Anthony Bastian 

William A. Baumann 

Frosh Soph Track, JV Soccer, L.A.C.C, Varsity Track, Playmakers, Peer Counselor, 
Chess Club, Plays — Tech. Crew "Up the Down Staircase", Student of the Month 
— PE, TA — PE 

Maria Michelle Becker 
Peer Counselor, FNL, Sober Choices, Lion Roar Staff, JV Swimming, Brown Bag 
TA — SIP Office, English 

Daniel Bedford 


Aisha Bekmakhanova 

International Club 

Amy Bell 

Nicole Ann Bergeron 

A Capella Choir, Choir Club, Mixed Chorus, Concert Band, Peer Counselor, 

Performing Arts Letter, Elementary Tutor, Choir Club Secretary, FNL, Class 

Manager — Mixed Choir 

Andrew Bay 
Christel Rose Bickford 

FFA, A Capella Choir, Choir Club, FFA Sweetheart (Runner Up|, FNL, Honor Roll, 

Student Council Rep., FFA President, Treasurer, Secretary; TA — Agriculture, PE 

Clay Biles 

Shelly Ann Birge 

Varsity Swimming, Varsity Swimming Captain, Most Valuable JV Swimming, JV 
Swimming, Elementary Tutor, Homecoming Committee, Annual Staff, Peer 
Counselor, Mixed Chorus, Women's Ensemble, Choir Club, Student Council Rep., 
Honor Roll, Block L, Student of the Month — PE, International Club, Speech and 
Debate, FNL, DFIC Exchange 

Brad Bishop 
Varsity Football, JV Football, Frosh Football, A Capella Choir, Homecoming Court, 
Sophomore King (Runner Up|, Block L, TA — PE 
Kevin Jade Black 


Above; members of the Senior Class wait eagerly for the rally to begin to hear the results of the Homecoming Court; left: Leticia 
Padilla, participates in one of many Homecoming lunchtime activities to gain points for her Senior Class. 


Leslie Janet Kathleen Blake 

FFA, FNL, TA — District Office, Sl<i Club 
Franklin E. Blakley 
Varsity Football, Homecoming Court, Frosh Basketball, Frosh Football, JV Base- 
ball, JV Basketball, TA — English, Captain Varsity Football 

Jason W. Blevins 
Playmakers, Performing Arts Letter, Assistant Tech Director; Matchmaker, TA — 
Science, Theatre Arts 

Tina Lynne Blevins 

FHA, FHA President, TA — Homemaking 
Meghan Bloomfield 
FNL, Student Council Rep, Homecoming Committee, Varsity Volleyball Charter, 
Elementary Tutor, Pep Club 

Lynnette Joyce Bruno 
Senior Class President, Junior Class President, Sophomore Class President, Lead- 
ership Class, Peer Counselor, Varsity Track, Homecoming Court, Student Council 
Rep., Homecoming Committee, Power of Unity, Pep Club, Annual Staff, School 
Advisory Council, Girls' State Alternate, Camp Royal Alternate, Student of the 
Month — PE, TA — PE 

Amoreena Maxine Bunn 

JV Swimming, Choir Club, International Club, Mixed Chorus, Elementary Tutor, 
TA — Social Studies 

Rachel L. Burgess 

Jennifer L Burke 
FNL, TA — Math; Library, Honor Roll, Interact Club, International Club, Pep 
Club, Speech & Debate 

Randall Alexander Burns 

Varsity Swmming, All League Swimming, FFA, SKI Club, FNL, Block L 
Scott Burns 
Christina Ann Busker 
A Capella Choir, Brown Bag, Choir Club, CSF, CSF 100%, Life CSF, FNL, 
Homecoming Committee, Honor Roll, Mixed Chorus, Peer Counselour, Peer 
Tutor, Pep Club, Power Of Unity, Student Council Rep., Marching Band, Wom 
en's Ensemble, Frosh Secretary, Sophomore Secretary, Junior Secretary, Charter 
— JV Softball, Varsity Basketball; TA — English, Math Club, Winterguard, DFIC 
Exchange Womens Honor Choir, Student of the Month — Math 

Joseph Byrne 

Varsity Football, Scholastic Top Ten, CSF, Honor Roll, Block L, JV Football, 
Student Councel Rep., TA — Attendence Office, Athletic Director Scholar Athlete 

Mary Antoinette V. Cabrera 
A Capella Choir, Black Student Union, Choir Club, Asian Pacific Islander Club 
APIC — Vice President 

Culling Jerome (CJ) Cahayag 
Leadership, KLEO President, Commissioner of Publicity, Student Council Rep., 
Sophomore King (Runner Ud), Homecoming Court, Men's Ensemble, A Capella 
Choir, Chamber Singers, Performing Arts Letter, Choir Club, Varsity Volleyball, JV 
Football, Block L, Power of Unity, Black Student Union, Brown Bag, FNL, Honor 

Joseph Calderon 

Ray Canada 

Honor Roll 

Leonard Joseph Canclamllla 

Varsity Wrestling, All League Wrestling 


Adrian Cano 

]V Soccer, JV Wresling, Power of Unity, Frosh Football, Frosh Basketball 
Kevin Carpenter 
Student Body President, Student Body Vice-President, Boys State Alternate, 
Sophomore King, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Baslcetball, Student of the Month — PE, 
lost Valuable — JV Baslcetball, All League Soccer, DFAL, Student Council Rep., 
cholastic Top Ten, Power of Unity, Performing Arts Letter, Men's Ensemble, JV 
Soccer, JV Basketball, Honor Roll, Homecoming Court, FNL, Homecoming Com- 
mittee, CSF Life, Choir Club, Block L, A Capella Choir, Most Inspirational — 

Leanne Leilani Carrion 
TA — Attendence Office, Math 

Cortney Rene Catlett 

A Capella Choir, Women's Ensemble, Performing Arts Letter, Concert Band, FNL, 
Student of the Month — PE, TA — PE, Elementary Tutor, Office Assistant, 
Liberty Transition 

Denny R. Causey 

Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Performing Arts Letter 

Robbie Joseph Cecchini 

Varsity Football, All League Football, JV Football, Frosh Football, JV Wrestling, 

Varsity Track, JV Track, Honor Roll, FFA 

Tiffani JoAnn Cervenka 

Sophomore Vice-President, Junior Vice-President, Student Body Vice-President, 
Commissioner of Clubs and Activities, Homecoming Queen, Sophomore Queen, 
Head Frosh Cheerleader, Head JV Cheerleader, Co-Head Varsity Cheerleader, 
Academic Letter, Life CSF, Girls State Finalist, Pep Club, School Spirit Award, 
Leadership, Homecoming Committee, Honor Roll, Power of Unity 

Patty Chavez 
Peer Counselour, Latino Unidos, TA — Counseling Office, PE; Azteca Club, Power 
of Unity, Student Council Rep., Pep Club, Honor Roll 

Carolynn Rebecca Christiansen 
Varsity Softball, Colorguard, Honor Roll, JV Softball, Mixed Chorus, Student 
Council Rep., JV Volleyball, Marching Band, Student of the Month — PE, TA — 

Adam Michael Cia 

Peer Counselor, Power of Unity 

Camelia Colmenares 

Power of Unity, Senior Class Vice President, Peer Counselour, Latinos Unidos, 

Honor Roll, Azteca Club, Peer Tutor, Homecoming Committee, TA — Counseling 

Office, Science 

Jenifer Ann Continente 
Peer Counselor, 100% CSF, Life CSF, CSF, Honor Roll, Student Council Rep., 
School Advisory Council, Pep Club, Homecoming Committee, Math Club 

Arturo Cortez 

Varsity Soccer, Varsity Track, Honor Roll, JV Soccer, Frosh-Soph Track, Block L 

Heather Allison Corzine 
CSF, Honor Roll, Student of the Month — Foreign Language, PE; Choir Club 
Librarian, Choir Club, A Capella Choir, Women's Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Per- 
forming Arts Letter, Playmakers, Plays — Lighting Crew, TA — Social Studies, 
'Performing Arts 

Kaira Skelly Cotter 
Varsity Swimming, Most Valuable Swimmer, Varsity Soccer, All League Soccer, 
Camp Royal, CSF, Life CSF, 100% CSF, Student of the Month — Foreign 
Language, PE, Science; Block L, Academic Letter, FNL, Interact Club, Honor Roll 

Tara Lynn Crabb 

CSF, International Club, International Club Treasurer Interact Club, WASC 
Committee, Playmakers, Plays — Light and Sound Crew, Ski Club, Student of the 
Month — Biology, Honor Roll 

Amber Cross 
Sharmin Lea Crowell 
A Capella Choir, Chamber Singers, Jazz Singer, Performing Arts Letter, Choir Club 
Vice-President, TA — Performing Arts, Health 


Rachel Maria Cullar 

Honor Roll, TA — Accounting, Principal's Newsletter Staff 
Stephanie Danford 
IV Swimming, Pep Club, Symphonic Band, Brown Bag, Colorguard, Winterguard, 
I A — English, Math, District Office; Concert Band, FNL, Homecoming Com- 
■nittee, Honor Roll, Marching Band, Performing Arts Letter, Charter — JV 
baseball, JV Softball, Wrestling; Playmakers 

Melisa Davis 

Anna Delgado 

David Delpozo 

Heather Dawn Deogracia 

Leadership, Academic Excellence — US History, English; DFIC Exchange, BVIC 
Exchange, Commissioner of Publicity, Rally Squad; Senior Secretary, Student of 
the Month — Social Studies, PE; TA — English, Varsity Cheerleader, Student 
Council Rep., Rally Squad, Pep Club, Homecoming Committee, Honor Roll, 
Scholor Athlete Award, Homecoming Court, JV Cheerleader, CSF, Interact Club, 
FNL, Playmakers, Academic Letter 

David Jesus Diaz 

Ski Club, Golf, Mock Trial 

Sandra Diaz 

Azteca Club, International Club, Power of Unity, Mixed Chorus 

Christopher A. Dicker 

Honor Roll, TA — Attendence Office, Health 


Above: leadership students, Dustin Lewis and Justin Barrios, flip hamburgers during the Club Rush barbecue for the promotion of the 
many clubs here at Liberty; right: senior, Trashell Westbrook is caught by the camera while walking toward the cafeteria during 

Left: Melissa Sezar goes to the extreme to show her spirit by dressing up for "Hippy Day" during Homecoming Weelc; below: seniors, 
Marlon Finn and Tony Howard, pull with all their might to finish first for the third consecutive victory in the tug-of-war event. 


Lafae E. Drummond 

JV Swimming, Student Council Rep., Choir Club, FNL, Mixed Chorus 

Ramon Duarte 

Clinton Duggan 

Varsity Track, Varsity Track Captain, Block L, Frosh-Soph Track, JV Football 

Frosh-Soph Track MVP, Frosh Football, JV Wrestling, Homecoming Committee 

Randy Duncan 
Misty LeAnn Ehrlich 

Honor Roll, Performing Arts Letter, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Concert 
Band, Pep Club, Peer Tutor, Sports Charter Wrestling, TA — Counseling Office, 
Career Center 

Francis Emily Ellsworth 

Maral Elmaoglu 

A Capella Choir, Black Student Union, Brown Bag, Choir Club, FNL, Honor Roll, 
International Club, Mixed Chorus, Pep Club, International Club Treasurer, Pres- 
ident; Plays — Bye Bye Birdie, TA — Attendece Office, Math; Math Club 

Jana Lanae Emmons 
Playmakers President, Historian; FNL Historian, Plays — Taming of the Shrew, 
One Acts, All the Way Home, Antigone, Up the Down Staircase, Bye Bye Birdie, 
The Matchmaker, On the Boards; Performing Arts Letter, Peer Counselor, Honor 
Roll, A Capella Choir, Academic Letter, CSF, FNL, Playmakers, Lions Roar Staff, 
TA — Performing Arts 

Jack Ryan England 
Varsity Football, JV Football, Most Valuable — JV Football, Fro,sh Football, Block 
L, Honor Roll, TA — PE, Counseling Office 


John C. Esquivel 

CSF, WASC Committee, Frosh Football, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, March- 
ing Band, Performing Arts Letter 

Lorena Esquivel 
A7Xeca Club, Choir Club, Homecoming Committee, Mixed Chorus, Student 
' ouncil Rep., WASC Committee, TA — Foreign Language 

Angelica M. Farias 
\cademic Achievement Award, Student of the Month — PE, TA — PE, Office 

Guadalupe Farias 
Brenden Keith Ferguson 

Interact Club, 100% CSF, Boys State, Tennis Team, Varsity Soccer, Scholastic Top 
Ten, LACC, Academic Letter, Block L, Computer Club, FNL, Honor Roll, JV 
Soccer, Symphonic Band, WASC Committee, Peer Tutor, CSF Life, Student of the 
Month — English, Math, Science, History, Vocational, PE; Interact President, CSF 
Vice-President, LACC Vice-President, Math Club Treasurer 
Amy C. Finan 
Honor Roll, FNL, TA — Elementry Tutor 

Marlon Finn 

Black Student Union, Choir Club, Varsity Football, JV Football, KLEO, Power of 

Aaron Flares 

Joshua W. Floyd 

Choir Club, Men's Ensemble 

Amy Lynn Foreman 

Varsity Soccer, Varsity Softball, Homecoming Court, Block L, Honor Roll, FNL, 
Pep Club, Student Council Rep., JV Softball, All League Soccer, Junior Class 
Treasurer, Most Valuable JV Softball, Varsity Football Manager, Student of the 
Month — PE, TA — Social Studies, PE; Block L Secretary 

Danlele J. Francis 
Varsity Swimming, Peer Counselor, Power of Unity, Academic Letter, Plays — 
Bye Bye Birdie, Student of the Month — PE, Golden State Scholar Geometry, A 
Capella Choir, Chamber Singers, Choir Club, Colorguard, Concert Band, CSF, 
FNL, Honor Roll, JV Swimming, Marching Band, Pep Club, Playmakers,' Sym- 
phonic Band 

Matt Fregi 
Varsity Baseball, All League Baseball, Most Valuable Varsity Baseball, Honor Roll 

Justin M. Fugel 

Varsity Football, Peer Counselor, JV Football, Frosh Football, Student Council 
Rep., Block L, TA — English, Art 

Sheree LeAnn Galindo 
Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Brown Bag, Concert Band, FHA, FNL, TA — 

Angela L. Galles 
Varsity Soccer, Block L, Homecoming Committee, Honor Roll, Pep Club, FNL, 
Student Council Rep., Student of the Month — PE, TA — Social Studies 

Danyel Nicole Garcia 

Varsity Softball, All League Softball, Varsity Volleyball, Homecoming Court, 

Honor Roll, Scholastic Top Ten, Life CSF, Peer Counselor, Freshmen President, 

ASB Secretary, Block L President, Commissioner of Athletics, A Capella Choir! 

Academic Letter, Most Valuable JV Basketball, JV Basketball; Athlete of the Week,' 

Choir Club, FNL, TA — PE, Student Council Rep., Pep Club 

Jorge Garcia 

JV Soccer, Frosh Football 

Timothy Paul Giddens 


Stephen Paul Glaholt jr. 
Tennis Team, Varsity Soccer, JV Soccer, Cross Country, Block L, Honor Roil, 
Student of the Month — PE 

Rachel Lea Golden 
FNL, Honor Roll, Interact Club, Pep Club, Homecoming Committee 
Domingo Gary Gomes 
FFA, FFA Parli Pro Team, FFA Opening Closing Ceremony, FFA Officer Chap- 
lin/Reporter, TA — Agriculture, Mock Trial, U^CC 

Jennifer Gomes 
Salvador R. Gomes 

TA — Counseling Office 
Anthony Gonsalves 
Frosh Basketball, JV Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Honor Roll, Block L, Most 
Valuable Frosh Basketball 

Betsy Gonsalez 

Varsity Basketball, JV Basketball, All League DFAL Basketball, EBAL Honorable 
Mention Basketball, BVAL Basketball All League, Commissioner of Athletics, 
Honor Roll, Block L, Freshmen Treasurer, Brown Bag Vice President, Brown Bag, 
FNL, Homecoming Committee, Student Council Rep., Pep Club, Student of the 
Month — PE, TA — PE, Charter — JV Baseball, Varsity Baseball; Annual Staff, 
Athlete of the Week, Contra Costa Athlete of the Week, CSF, Varsity Track, 
Leadership, DFIC Exchange 

Dawn Louise Graham 
TA — Counseling Office, Home Economics; FNL 
Gregory Charles Grant Jr. 
Visual Coordinator of Marching Program, San Joaquin Honor Band, Student of the 
Month — Performing Arts, Band; Symphonic Band, Varsity Football, Performing 
Arts Letter, Block L, Honor Roll, Jazz Band, Plays — Bye Bye Birdie, Joseph and 
the Technicolor Dream Coat; Marching Band, JV Football, Concert Band, Frosh 

J.Z. Greene 
Brian Joseph Grilli 

Frosh Football, JV Football, Honor Roll, Architectual Design, ROP Drafting 
Jeff Guinn 
Varsity Football, JV Football, Frosh Football, Frosh Basketball, JV Basketball, TA 
— PE 

Sonoia Guitron 
Maria Paulita Guizar 

Homecoming Committee, Honor Roll, Power of Unity, Azteca Club 
Rigoberto O. Guizar 

Azteca Club 

Jonathan Douglas Hardcastle 

Frosh Football, Varsity Football, JV Basketball, Varsity Basketball, JV Baseball, 
Varsity Baseball, Block L, Student of the Month — PE, TA — PE 

Cari Lynn Harris 

JV Volleyball, January Graduate, Honor Roll, CSF, Student of the Month — PE, 

Annual Staff, FNL, Pep Club, Peer Tutor, TA — Counseling Office, PE 

Matthew J. Harris 

JV Football, Frosh Football 

Left: Anica Peterson enjoys her lunch with her friends 
between classes; right: Leanne Bacon works on a class 
project in the Library; below: Richie Ramirez uses his 



Ivy Jane Hartman 

A Capella Choir, Block L, Choir Club, Performing Art Letter, Playmakers, Student 
Council Rep., Homecoming Committee, Homecoming Court, JV Soccer, JV 
Softball, Varsity Soccer, FNL, Honor Roll, Women's Ensemble, Student of the 
Month — PE, Choir; Commissioner of Rallies and Activities, Plays — Bye Bye 
Birdie, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, Most Inspirational JV Softball, 
Choir Club President, Leadership, Regional and State Honor Choir 
Brenda Hartsock 
Tamara Lynn Hawkins 
Symphonic Band, A Capella Choir, CSF, Honor Roll, Marching Band, Mixed 
Chorus, Performing Arts Letter, Student Council Rep., Sophomore Treasurer, 
Honor Choir, Student of the Month — Band, Band President, Choir Club, TA — 
Performing Arts 

Jefferey James Heath 

Frosh Basketball, JV Basketball, JV Soccer, Varsity Soccer, Block L, Honor Roll 

Jennifer Elena Hennis 

CSF, Honor Roll, JV Swimming, Annual Staff, FNL, LACC, International Club, 

Interact Club, TA — Special Education, Pep Club, Student of the Month — PE 

Shane M. Hicks 

JV Soccer 

PE, Jewelry 

Sean B. Higgins 

Honor Roll, JV Wrestling, Cross Country, TA 
Kellee Sumer Hill 
FNL, Pep Club, Ski Club, Student of the Month — Math, Charter — Varsity, JV, 
Frosh Basketball, JV Baseball, TA — Attendence, Student Council Rep. 

Paul Anthony Howard 
FFA, Frosh Football, JV Football, Varsity Track, TA — Auto Shop, Lions Roar Staff, 
ROP Auto Shop 


Vannessa Dartene Hubbard 

FNL, Honor Roll, Varsity Track, TA — 

David Hulten 

TA — Attendence Office 

Veronica Hurtado 

Homecoming Committee, TA — 

Math, FFA 

Marc A. Jacquez 
Honor Roll, Student Council Rep., TA ■ 

Michael Douglas James 
Varsity Baseball, ]V Baseball, Frosh Baseball, Varsity Football, JV Football, Frosh 
Football, Block L, Scholastic Top Ten, Honor Roll, CSF, FNL, TA — English, Math 

Jennifer Diane Janssen 
Choir Club, A Capella Choir, Women's Ensemble, Mixed Chorus, TA — At- 
tendence Office, Administration Office, Peer Counselor, Student of the Month — 

Jamie Darlene Jarvls 

FFA, FFA Sweetheart, FHA, Peer Counselor, TA — English, Agriculture; Student 
of the Month — Home Economics, FFA Sentinel, FFA President, FHA Vice 
President, FHA President 

Sequoia Fe Johnson 
Peer Tutor, Honor Roll, Lions Roar Staff, TA — Math, Child Development; FHA 

Matthew A. Jones 
Varsity Baseball, JV Baseball, Lions Roar Staff, TA — English, Student of the 
Month — PE 

Nicole L. Kato 

Colorguard, Honor Roll, Student Council Rep., Academic Letter, CSF, FNL, Brown 

Bag, TA — Library, Science, Liberty Transition; French Club, Academic Decathlon 

Jodi M. Kelsey 

Honor Roll, JV Softball, Student Council Rep., TA — Social Studies 

Will Miles Kersten 

Raymond Koupeny 

Jeremy Kratina 

Kelly Marie Kraut 

Mixed Chorus, Pep Club, Power of Unity, TA — Home Economics 

Matthew W. Laniohan 

Frosh Football, TA — Jewelry 

Jeff Lanptter 

Honor Roll, Varsity Swimming, JV Swimming, Frosh Football, TA — Math 

Eric Laughlln 

Dina A. Lee 

Varsity Softball, JV Softball, Academic Letter, Block L, Honor Roll, TA — English, 
History, Elementary Tutor 

Kamini Lee 
JV Basketball, Student Council Rep., Pep Club, Black Student Union, JV Softball, 
Honor Roll, Academic Letter, Pep Club Vice President, TA — AV/Textbook, 
Attendance Office 

Gerardo Lerma 

Bryan Leschine 
Dustin Samuel Lewis 

Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling, All League Football, League Champ Wrestling, 
JV Football, Most Valuable JV Football, Most Valuable Runningback, Most 
Valuable Wrestler, Homecoming Court, JV Wresting, Frosh Football, FFA, Honor 
Roll, Power of Unity, Peer Counselor, Student Council Rep., Block L, Leadership, 
TA — Agriculture 

Lynette Marie Lewis 
A Capella Choir, Chamber Singers, Choir Club, FNL, Honor Roll, Mixed Chorus, 
Peer Tutor, Performing Arts Letter, Playmakers, Women's Ensemble, Choir Club 
Treasurer, Most Valuable Alto, Plays — Bye Bye Birdie, TA — Choir, Honor Choir 

Jessica Llborlo 
Joseph Lllley 

All League Football, Honorable Mention, All League Baseball, Most Valuable 
Football, Most Valuable Baseball, Homecoming Court, Honor Roll, Varsity Base- 
ball, Varsity Football, JV Football, Frosh Basketball, Block L, Ski Club, TA — Social 
Studies, PE; Student of the Month — PE 

Kr 1st I Ann Long 
Frosh Volleyball, FNL, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, TA — Science, Math, 
Social Studies; Mixed Chorus, Concert Band 


Elvira Lopez 

TA — Foreign Language, Homecoming Committee 
James A. Lovejoy 
Concert Band, Frosh Football, Honor Roll, Jazz Band, Marching Band, Performing 
Arts Letter, Symphonic Band 

Stephanie Marie Lunsford 
Annual Staff, Annual Staff Senior Editor, Honor Roll, Peer Tutor, Student Council 
Rep., Swim Team, Homecoming Committee, Student of the Month — PE, Social 
Studies; Pep Club, Women's Ensemble, Power of Unity, TA — Attendance Office, 
PE, Social Studies; FNL 

Stacey Lee Lyon 

LACC Vice-President, FNL President, TA — English, Liberty Transition, El- 
ementary Tutor, FNL, Plays — Matchmal<er, LACC, Playmakers, Brown Bag 

Scott Patrick Macdonald 
Frosh Football, JV Football, Varsity Football, JV Wrestling, Varsity Wrestling, 
Tennis Team, Block L, Student Council Rep., FNL, Honor Roll, Homecoming 
Committee, Commissioner of Rallies and Assemblies, TA — English, PE; Lead- 

Sandra Magana 
Azteca Club, Elementary Tutor 

Joshua Manko 

Melissa Skye Mann 

Peer Counselor, Honor Roll, Homecoming Committee, Lions Roar Staff, Pep Club, 

Peer Tutor, Playmakers, Plays — Taming of the Shrew, FNL, Elementary Tutor 

Cesar Martinez 

Christopher Paul Martinez 

Block L, Varsity Football, Power of Unity, JV Football, Frosh Football, 
Basketball, Student of the Month — PE, TA — PE 
Manuel L. Martinez 
Tonya Marie Martinez 
JV Softball, TA — Counseling Office 


Kristtna Lynn Marvin 

TA — Business, FNL, FHA, Student Council Rep., Varsity Softball 

Jill Mason 

Homecoming Committee, Women's Choir, Playmakers, Student Council Rep. 

David Mata Jr. 

Playmakers, Plays — Up the Down Staircase, Matchmaker, Bye Bye Birdie, Super 

Trouper Bye Bye Birdie, Men's Ensemble, FNL, Student of the Month — PE 

Amy C. Matson 

JV Swimming, Student Council Rep., TA — English 
Nicole Matsutanl 
Academic Decathlon, Honor Roll, Interact Club, FNL, Student of the Month — 

Craig Matthews 


Amanda McCabe 
Riquel McClellan 

FNL, TA — English, Science; Student of the Month — PE, January Graduate 
Starla Dee McCullough 
JV Volleyball, Playmakers, FNL, Pep Club, Plays — Matchmaker, TA — Social 
Studies, January Graduate, Golden State Scholar — Geometry 

Victor Gene McDaniel Jr. 
Craig R. McDougall 

Honor Roll, Student of the Month — Science, TA 
Edward John McGurn 
Lions Roar Staff, Concert Band 


Kirsten Dawn Mc Mullen 

Colorguard, TA — English, Power of Unity 

Suzanne M. McReynolds 

Pep Club, Block L, JV Softball, Varsity Soccer, Charter — JV Basketball, Varsity 

Softball; Homecoming Committee, Lions Roar Staff, TA — English, Social Studies, 

FNL, Student Council Rep. 

Miguel Mendoza 


Above: senior girls anxiously await the beginning of the Top Ten Rally; right: Sadie Sloan converses with her friends during the Club 
Rush barbecue. 



Above left: advisors Jerry Black and Linda Ghilarducci look on and think "Never before like Class of 94"; above: Jodi Kelsey laughs 
with her friends at lunch; above right: Dalia Yerena is busy working on the Homecoming Rally background, "No buts about it, we 
love the Class of 94". 

Amy Brooke Miller 

Robert A. Miller 

Frosh Football, JV Football, Varsity Football, Lions Roar Staff, Block L, Concert 
Band, FNL, Student of the Month — PE 

Jessica M. Mills 
Homecoming Committee, FNL, Pep Club, Peer Counselor, Power of Unity, TA — 
PE, Pep Club Treasurer 

Lura Sanders Milner 
Girls State, Academic Letter, Life CSF, Varsity Volleyball, Scholastic Top Ten, 
Math Club Secretary, Varsity Basketball Manager, A Capella Choir, Student 
Council Rep., Peer Tutor, Choir Club Treasurer, Block L 

Bethany Ariane Monk 
Performing Arts Letter, Lions Roar Staff Poetry Editor, Playmakers, Plays — Up 
the Down Staircase, Antigone, Matchmaker; Commissioner of Performing Arts, 
Frosh Secretary/Treasurer, Brown Bag President, Honor Roll, Interact Club, Ski 
Club, Homecoming Committee, Student Council Rep., Forensic Team, CSF, 
Interact Secretary, DATE Committee 

Roberto Mantes Jr. 
KLEO, Varsity Football, JV Football 

Jennie J. Moore 

A Capella Choir, Interact Club, Homecoming Committee, Pep Club, Charter — JV 
Football, Varsity Football 

Laura Morales 

Jeromiah Robert Moreno 

A Capella Choir, Varsity Track, Academic Letter, Chamber Singers, Choir Club, 

Cross Country, CSF, FNL, Frosh-Soph Track, Interact Club, Honor Roll, In 

ternational Club, Jazz Singer, Mixed Chorus, Pep Club, Student Council Rep. 


Danielle Catherine Mueller 

Playmakers, Plays — Antigone, Up the Down Staircase; Brown Bag, Student of the 

Month — PE, Honor Roll, TA — Counseling Office 

Jose Munoz 

Azteca Club President, TA — Math, Health 

Clancy James Murphy 

Peer Counselor, Academic Letter, CSF, Annual Staff, Scholastic Top Ten, Varsity 

Track, Varsity Wrestling, JV Wrestling, Frosh Soph Track, TA — Math, English; 

Honor Roll, FNL, FFA 

James Joseph Murray 

Varsity Baseball, JV Baseball, TA — PE 

Kathy C. Myers 

Honor Roll 

Lori Rachel Myers 

Honor Roll, TA — Counseling Office, Math, Home Economics 

Juan Napoles 

Frosh Football, JV Football, Varsity Football, Block L, Most Valuable Frosh 

Football, JV Wrestling, Student of the Month — PE, Social Studies 

Jesse Hale Neal 

Varsity Wrestling, LACC, JV Soccer, JV Wrestling, TA — English 

Joseph Negherbon 

Varsity Swimming, Brown Bag, Ski Club 

Mark P. Nelson 

FFA, Honor Roll, Student Council Rep., Student of the Month — PE 

Elizabeth Anne Newell 

Honor Roll, Brown Bag, Performing Arts Letter, Playmakers, Student Council Rep., 

Varsity Soccer, Plays — Taming of the Shrew, On the Boards; TA — Science, 

Performing Arts Day 

Wendy Nielson 

Donato Noboa 
Cord Nunez 

Power of Unity, Varsity Volleyball 
Lisa Marie O'Dea 
Chamber Singers, Women's Ensemble, A Capella Choir, Mixed Chorus, Per- 
forming Arts Letter, Choir Club Robe Manager, Librarian; Honor Roll, Student 
Council Rep., TA — English, Social Studies 

Michael James Odell 

A Capella Choir, Chamber Singers, Men's Ensemble, Performing Arts Letter, 
Honor Roll, Student Council Rep., Choir Club 
David O'Reilly 
Gabriel Carlos Olveda 
Student of the Month — PE, Honor Roll, JV Football, Frosh Football, Symphonic 

Monika D. Olveda 

Varsity Volleyball, Block L, Interact Club, JV Basketball, JV Volleyball, FNL 
Gabriel Ornelas 
Alfonso Orozco 

JV Wrestling, Azteca Club 

Edwardo Ortega 
Magdalena Nadia Ortega 

Azteca Club, Brown Bag, FNL, Homecoming Committee, Honor Roll, Inter- 
national Club, KLEO, Peer Tutor, Pep Club, Student Council Rep., Charter — JV 
Basketball, TA — Attendence Office, Social Studies 

Marisela Ortega 
Block L, Varsity Basketball, Power of Unity, Student Council Rep., KLEO, FNL, 
Azteca Club 

Miguel Ortega 
Jennifer Noelle Otto 

International Club, Playmakers, Mixed Chorus, Ski Club, Interact Club, Student 
Council Rep., Brown Bag, FNL, Plays — One Acts, TA — English, International 
Club Secretary 

Shanel Otwell 
Interact, Playmakers, Varsity Basketball, JV Basketball, Women's Chorus, Select 
Singers, A Cappella, Plays — Bye Bye Birdie, The Matchmaker; FNL, All-State 
Honor Choir, Regional Honor Choir, Block L, Homecoming Float Committee, 
Honor Roll 

Leticia Padilla 

Fresh Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader, Varsity Show Cheer, Rally Squad, Soph- 
omore Queen (Runner Up), Honor Roll, Homecoming Court, Peer Counselor, Pep 
Club, Student Council Rep., TA — Attendance Office 
Skip Parker 
A Capelia Choir, Homecoming Committee, Choir Club, TA — PE 
Tawny A. Parsley 
Annual Staff, FNL, TA — English, Honor Roll 

Rachelle Deann Parsons 

Lions Roar Staff, Black Student Union 

Isa Noelle Passey 

Colorguard, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Performing Arts Letter, FNL, 

Homecoming Committee, Playmakers, Mixed Chorus, Brown Bag, Colorguard 

Treasurer, TA — Science 

Jacob Passey 

Neal Patterson 

Honor Roll, JV Baseball 

Heath Paulson 

Rodney L Payne 

Honor Roll, TA — English, Attendence Office 

Left: Jack England looks intently at the lunch crowd; 
above: Rafael Munoz has his share in the pie eating 
contest; Ivy Hartman and Amber Cross dress up on Hal- 
loween . 


Joaquin Perez 

Varsity Wrestling, Power of Unity, Most Valuable Varsity Wrestling 
Darren James Perlichek 
FFA, Student of the Month — Agriculture, Industrial Arts; TA — Agriculture, 
Homecoming Committee 

Anica B. Peterson 
tI's State Alternate, Power of Unity, WASC Committee Chairperson, His- 
Mrian/Parliamentarian, Leadership, Lions Roar Staff, CSF, 100% CSF, Life CSF, 
Mixed Chorus, Choir Club, Plays — Bye Bye Birdie, Playmakers, Scholastic Top 
Ten, Honor Roll, International Club, Black Student Union, Student Council Rep., 
rep Club, FNL, Student of the Month — Social Studies 

Antonia L. Pezzella 
Shoshona Nicole Phelan 
Varsity Basketball, JV Basketball, Most Valuable JV Basketball, Colorguard, Varsity 
Track, Block L, FNL 

Giselle Piao 
International Club, Varsity Soccer 

Grant M. Piccone 
Jonathan Aaron Pitzer 

Lions Roar Staff, Honor Roll 
William Kevin Poate 
Varsity Track, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Swimming, Interact Club, FNL, Academic 
Letter, JV Soccer, JV Wrestling, Honor Roll, Playmakers, Performing Arts Letter, 
Power of Unity, Block L, LACC, Chess Club, Forensic Team, Computer Club, 
Student Council Rep., Plays — Taming of the Shrew, Antigone; Student of the 
Month — PE, TA — Vocational, Math Club, Thesbian 


Kim Portue 

Varsity Volleyball, Peer Counselor, JV Softball, JV Volleyball, JV Basketball 

Krlstina Pruitt 

Tyffny Cynette Purves 

Varsity Track, Student Council Rep., DATE, FNL, Pep Club, TA — English, 

Elementary Tutor; FHA 

Dina Ramaha 

Leadership, Student Council Rep., Homecoming Committee, Pep Club, FNL, JV 

Softball, Varsity Track, Varsity Soccer, Charter — Varsity Football 

Leticia Maria Ramirez 

Power of Unity, Azteca Club 

Ricardo J. Ramirez 

Frosh Football, JV Football, Varsity Football, JV Wrestling, Block L, Sophomore 

King (Runner Up), Homecoming Court, Homecoming King, Leadership, Home 

coming Committee, Student Council Rep., Honor Roll, CSF, Camp Royal, Student 

of the Month — PE, TA — PE 

Ronnie T. Rapp 

Varsity Football, JV Football, Frosh Football, Varsity Basketball, JV Basketball, 
Frosh Basketball, Block L, TA — PE, Elementary Tutor; Honor Roll 

Angela Christine Ray 
Annual Staff, Block L, FNL, Honor Roll, Interact Club, JV Swimming, Pep Club, Ski 
Club, Varsity Swimming, Charter — Varsity Wrestling, Football Manager, TA — 

Darin W. Rayzor 
TA — Jewelry 

Below: Tara Crabb and Jennifer Otto share a 
conversation while passing classes; right: the Sen 
ior Class float didn't exactly "Round 'em Up", but 
the Class of '94 marched proudly behind their 
third place float. 


Dana Rocconi 
Casey Rodgers 

Varsity Track 
Juan G. Rodriguez 

Varsity Track, Frosh Football, Honor Roll, Block L 

Maria Guadalupe Rodriguez 
Valerie Marie Rodriguez 

TA ~ Math 
Christina Elizabeth Roidan 

Rally Squad, Pep Club, Elementary Tutor, TA — PE, English, Charter — Varsity 
Basketball, Varsity Wrestling; Marching Band, Mascot, FNL 

Jennifer Lynn Rose 

TA — Counseling Office, Maintenance Office; FNL, Pep Club 
Liniqua Anquenette Rose 
Varsity Basketball, Varsity Volleyball, JV Basketball, JV Volleyball, Black Student 
Union, Block L, Homecoming Court, Homecoming Committee, Power of Unity, 
Honor Roll, All League Varsity Basketball, ASB Secretary, Commissioner of Rallies 
and Assemblies, Most Valuable JV Volleyball, Charter — Varsity Football, 
Volleyball; TA — English, DATE, Leadership, Athlete of the Week, Most Im 
proved Volleyball, All Star Basketball, PE Student of the Year 

Angela Rae Royer 
FNL, Pep Club, Ski Club, Charter — JV Football, Varsity Football; TA — 
Counseling Office, Elementary Tutor, Student Council Rep., Honor Roll 

Joe Rush 

Tammy Ryan 

Dustie L Saiazar 

FNL, Choir Club, Mixed Chorus, Peer Counselor, Power of Unity, TA 
Charter — Varsity Basketball 


Christina Salinas 

TA — English 

Ronald Sanve 

Julie Ann Sarginson 

Frosh Cheerleader, JV Cheerleader, Honor Roll, CSF, Plays — Bye Bye Birdie, 
Midsummer Nights Dream, You Can't Take it With You; Playmakers, Lions Roar 
Staff, Mock Trial, JV Basketball, JV Swimming, Student Council Rep., Frosh 
Basketball, Homecoming Committee, TA — English, Counseling Office; Pep Club, 
Forensic Team, Brown Bag, Ski Club, FNL 

Ryan Schulte 


Michael Schultz 

Chris Schumann 


Kerri A. Sclafani 

Peer Counselor, Lions Roar Staff, Student Council Rep., TA — English, Honor Roll 

Melissa Sezar 
Varsity Cheerleader, Varsity Soccer, JV Cheerleader, Pep Club, Rally Squad, 
Sophomore Queen (Runner Up) 

Robert Darryl Shafting 
Varsity Swimming, Varsity Soccer, TA — Math, Elementary Tutor, Power of 
Unity, Honor Roll 

Dyana M. Shaver 

Honor Roll, Pep Club, Interact Club, Concert Band, Student of the Month 
TA — Math, Black Student Union 

Brandie Sheahan 
TA — Social Studies, Mixed Chorus 

Stefani Sheppard 


Jennifer Ann Shields 

Science, Student of the Month 

PE, Honor Roll, FNL, 

Elementary Tutor, TA — 
Pep Club, Interact Club 

Devika Nichol Sims 
Concert Band, Black Student Union, Student Council Rep., Honor Roll, Home- 
coming Committee, Historian/Parlimentarian, Pep Club, Leadership 

Jamie Marie Skinner 
Peer Counselor, Honor Roll, Homecoming Court, Pep Club, Pep Club President, 
Student Council Rep., FNL, Lions Roar Staff, Mixed Chorus, TA — English 

Sadie Ashley Sloan 

Varsity Soccer, Concert Band 
Leah Shay Smith 
Student Body Treasurer, Annual Staff Editor, Annual Staff Assistant Editor, Annual 
Staff, Scholastic Top Ten, Honor Roll, Leadership, Academic Letter, CSF, 100% 
CSF, Life CSF, Homecoming Committee, Club Council, Pep Club, FNL, Student of 
the Month — PE, Social Studies, TA — Math 

Scott R. Smith 
Cross Country, Tennis Team, JV Football, JV Basketball, Frosh Football, Frosh 
Basketball, Honor Roll, Block L, TA — PE, Social Studies 

Michael T. Sosine 

Block L, Varsity Baseball, All League Baseball, TA 
Erick J. Soto 
Honor Roll, JV Football, Azteca Club 
Steven M. Spears 


Samuel Gustavo Spinelli 

JV Basketball, Frosh Basketball, Frosh Football, Varsity Basketball 

Jeremy Will Squires 

TA — Math, Counseling Office 

Michele M. Stone 

Varsity Swimming, Commissioner of Curriculum, CSF, 100% CSF, Academic 

Letter, Block L, Student of the Month — PE, TA — Math, Homecoming 

Committee, Brown Bag, School Advisor Council, DATE, Academic Letter Com 

mittee, Leadership, Study Session/ACE Committee, Scholastic Top Ten, WASC 



Mark David Stultz 

TA — PE 
Kristina Lyn Sundstrom 

A Capella Choir, Chamber Singers, Choir Club, Performing Arts Letter, Fresh 
Cheerleader, Rally Squad, Lions Roar Staff, Lions Roar Editor, Honor Roll, Peer 
Tutor Liberty Transition, Homecoming Committee, Pep Club, FNL, CMEA Re- 
gional Honor Choir 

Eric SwartzAuclaire 

Floyd Ryan Swenson 

FFA, FFA Sentinal, FFA Reporter, FFA Vice President, Choir Club, A Capella Choir, 
Men's Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Student Council Rep., Honor Roll 

Melina TapiaOrtega 
Azteca Club, Peer Counselor, Peer Tutor, Latinos Unidos, TA — Foreign Language 

Sara Anne Tebbett 
Pep Club, Charter — Varsity Basketball, FNL, TA — Counseling Office, Ski Club, 
Honor Roll 

Dustin Matthew Tice 

Varsity Football, Block L, JV Football, Frosh Football, TA — Social Studies 
Jodie Tiller 
Varsity Cheerleader, JV Cheerleader, Rally Squad, Honor Roll, Pep Club, Home- 
coming Committee, TA — District Office 

Aimee Tinney 

Left: Paul Bajer works on his class assignment; below: Starla 
McCullough takes part in the annual tricycle race for the senior 
class; right: Jesse Neal shows his amusement after winning the 



Left: Sequoia Johnson and Stephanie Lunsford tally 
spirit points during Homecoming; above Melissa Sezar 
entertains the crowd during a rally; right: Misty Ehr- 
lich looks surprised at the barbecue. 


KLEO, Mixed Chorus, TA 

Sybilla Louise Toon 

— English, FNL, Colorguard 

Laura Torres 
Yvonne Deann Torres 

— English, Social Studies; Homecoming Committee 

Malinda M. Trimble 
Academic Letter, A Capella Choir, Chamber Singers, Choir Club, JV Swimming, 
Mixed Chorus, Performing Arts Letter, Varsity Swimming, Most Valuable JV 

Nick L. Urdiales 
Cross Country, Tennis Team, Varsity Track, FNL, Honor Roll, TA — English, 
Social Studies 

Michael Valenzuela 
Varsity Football, Frosh Football, Block L, JV Basketball, Frosh Basketball, Power of 
Unity, Peer Counselor, Honor Roll, TA — Career Center, KLEO, Lions Roar Staff 

Isabel Valle 
George J. Vasquez 
David Joseph Vega 

A Capella Choir, Chamber Singers, Choir Club, Peer Counselor, TA — Social 


Frank G. Wasso 

Frosh Football 

Doug Weatherby 

Danielle Yvette Wells 

Peer Counselor, Rally Squad, Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Club, Pep Club Secretary, 

Peer Tutor, Homecoming Committee, Honor Roll, FNL, Student of the Month — 

PE, TA — District Office, Peer Counseling 

Josh Wendler 
Trashell Westbrook 

Peer Counselor, Lions Roar Staff, Black Student Union, Pep Club, TA — Science, 
Homecoming Committee, Student Council Rep., Honor Roll, FNL 

Cyrina H. White 
Playmakers, A Capella Choir, Women's Chorus, Plays — Bye Bye Birdie, Match 
maker; Performing Arts Letter, Choir Club, Peer Counselor, FNL, FFA, TA — PE, 
English; Homecoming Committee, Annual Staff 

Alejandro D. Villa 

CSF, 100% CSF, Life CSF, Varsity Soccer, JV Soccer, All League Soccer, JV 
Baseball, Varsity Baseball, JV Wrestling, Azteca Club, Interact Club, Honor Roll, 
Block L, Student of the Month — PE, TA — Attendence Office 

Maria Elena Villalobos 
Lions Roar Staff, Azteca Club, TA — Social Studies, Concert Band, Homecoming 
• Committee 

Valerie Anne Volk 
Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Plays — Bye Bye Birdie, Concert Band, JV 
Swimming, Women's Choir 

Erica Cruz Voluntad 

Choir Club, Honor Roll, TA — Foreign Language, Attendance Office, English; 
FNL, Student Council Rep. 

Nicole Christina Wagner 
Plays — Taming of the Shrew, All the Way Home, Antigone, Up the Down 
Staircase, Bye Bye Birdie, Matchmaker; Playmakers, Performing Arts Letter, 
Playmakers Secretary, Playmakers Treasurer, Choir Club, Mixed Chorus, Wom- 
an's Ensemble, A Capella Choir, FFA, FNL, Peer Counselor, TA — English, Social 

Cori Wallace 
Plays — Elm Circle, My Baby; TA — Attandence Office, Elementary Tutor 

Lorna Wallace 
Jesse A. Walton 

Varsity Basketball, JV Basketball, Frosh Basketball, Frosh Football, JV Baseball 
Michael R. Ward 

A Capella Choir, Chamber Singers, Choir Club, FNL, Honor Roll, Men's Ensemble, 
Performing Arts Letter, Student Council Rep. 

Lance Stephen Whitehead 

TA — Social Studies, Student of the Month — Social Studies 
Tony Wilson 
Boy's State, 100% CSF, Lions Roar Staff, Performing Arts Letter, Varsity Track, 
Student Council Rep., Honor Roll, A Capella Choir, Academic Letter, Playmakers, 
Frosh-Soph Track, LACC, Interact Club, CSF, Life CSF, Chess Club, Peer Tutor, 
Choir Club, FNL, Forensic Team, LACC President, Math Club President, 
Playmakers Publicity, CSF Treasurer, Most Valuable Frosh Soph Track, Plays — 
Up the Down Staircase, Bye Bye Birdie, On the Boards, Matchmaker, Joseph and 
the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Student of the Month — Science, Math; TA 
— PE 

Denise Wilson 
Honor Roll, TA — Library, English; Mixed Chorus 

JV Basketball, 

jimmy Wilson 

Frosh Basketball, Frosh Football, JV Baseball, Most Valuable 
Captain JV Football, JV Basketball, JV Football, Varsity Baseball 

Gregory Allen Wurz 

Plays — Matchmaker 
Dalia Yerena 
Azteca Club, Leadership, Power of Unity, Latinos Unidos, Frosh Soph Track, Peer 
Tutor, Homecoming Committee 

Ericiia Danay Young 

Varsity Swimming, JV Swimming, Homecoming Committee, Block L, Leadership, 
TA — Attendence Office, FNL 

Lenny Young 

Reane Young 
Homecoming Committee, Student Council Rep., FNL 

Lotis Zinn-Headley 
TA — Social Studies, Counseling Office, Library; Lions Pride Staff, Counselors 

Justin Zoccfii 

Varsity Football, JV Football, Frosh Football, Block L, FNL, TA — Jewelry 

Tim A. Zupon 

Varsity Track, Honor Roll, TA — Foreign Language 


Above:^ii.u banford shows her spirit by painting her 
face; above right: Christina Busker tugs away toward 
victory; right: Aisha Bekmakhanova smiles big for the 



Class of 94 

eniors, when you think of 
the name, it leaves most un- 

Sderclassmen in awe! The 
Class of 1994 has not only 
gained respect, but earned 

This Senior Class has 
proved many times over their strength, pride, 
and ability to succeed no matter what the odds. 

As Freshmen, new to the Liberty campus, 
the Class of 1994 was able to achieve to their 
highest potential, with the guidance of their 
advisors, Mr. Jerry Black and Ms. Linda Ghi- 
larducci. After taking last place in Homecom- 
ing Week activities, the Class of 1994 got 
together and figured out a way to show their 
opponents they weren't losers, to do this they 
brought together what they had most of and 
that was people. They constructed a float that 
was a cherry-red, hot-rod with gold flames that 
left a devil in the dust of its backfire. "Backfire 
the Devils" was the theme of the float. When 
halftime came on Friday night, the surprising 
results were announced and the Class of 1994 
had taken the prestigous first place. The of- 
ficers for their first year were of Danyel Garcia, 
president; Matt Blasingame, vice-president; 
Christina Busker, secretary; and Betsy Gon- 
salez, treasurer. With their leaders, the class 
united, and once again defeated the odds. 

Their sophomore year proved to be great for 
the Class of 1994 as well. Led by Lynnette 
Bruno, president; Tiffani Cervenka, vice- 
president; Christina Busker, secretary; and 
Tamara Hawkins, treasurer, the Class of 1994 
was able to achieve another successful year at 
Liberty. Homecoming was definitely a success. 
The Class of 1994 worked hard to finish their 
float and this hard work paid off as they took 
first place for a second year. The sophomores' 
theme for Homecoming, "Liberty Knows Foot- 
ball" "Just Do It" set a positive attitude for the 
Homecoming Game. Showing their strength, 
the Class of 1994 took first place in the tugof- 
war and class yell and placed high in other 
events during Homecoming Week also. The 
highlight for the Class of 1994 was the Soph- 
omore Hop with the theme, "Set the Night to 
Music." For the first time in a number of 
years, the Class of 1994 held their own dance, 
it was their chance to have fun after a lot of 
hard work through out the year. 

With just under 400 students, the Class of 
1994 was once again able to accomplish a 
great deal as juniors. As Liberty Lions, the 
Class of 1994 chose their leaders to be Lyn- 
nette Bruno, president; Tiffani Cervenka, vice- 
president; Christina Busker, secretary; and 
Amy Foreman, treasurer. The Class of 1994 
broke the chain of tradition and added cre- 
ativity with their Junior Class Homecoming 
skit, "Top Ten Of All Time". The Class of 1 994 
showed their school spirit and gave their ut- 
most during Homecoming Week. With their 

third consecutive first place float, "Rock the 
Broncos", which consisted of a Liberty Lion 
backer rocking a baby bronco, they continued 
to strive to be their best. The class showed 
pride in their hard work by marching behind 
their float, confidently chanting "Liberty Will 
Rock You". Nobody came close to the detail 
and precision of their first place float. With 
such a large number of Juniors, the Class of 
1994 was able to raise money quickly, using 
candy sales, T-shirts sales, and lunchcart fun 
draising, to lower costs of the prom. With their 
hard work behind them, the juniors were able 
to relax and have a lot of fun at the annual 
Junior Prom. Again, the prom was held at 
Humphrey's Restaurant on the Antioch wa- 
terfront. With three-fourths of their high 
school career over, the Junior Class began 
preparing for their final year, as seniors. Many 
Juniors challenged themselves with the PSAT 
test in preparation for their college entrance 
exams in the future. Without argument, 
throughout the year, the Class of 1994 showed 
their strength with the rest the classes, as 
mighty Lions. 

Finally the Class of 1994 entered their sen- 
ior year! Now the Senior Class had the ex- 
perience of the past three years to prepare for 
the regular Homecoming activities. The Class 
of 1994, took first place in the majority of the 
lunchtime activities during Homecoming 
Week; placed first in the class yell competition, 
tug-of war, and tricycle race, and had the most 
spirit points at the end of the week for dressing 
up during the week to show their school spirit. 
Naturally, the Class of 1994 was favored to 
take first place in the competitive float com- 
petition. The class once again joined together 
and worked hard to produce the float "Round 
Up the Mustangs." The Class of 1994 had 
their brooms ready, but were unable to come 
up with the "clean sweep" and round 'em up. 
Despite the defeat, the Class of 1994 took it in 
stride and accepted third place. Of course the 
highlight of Homecoming 1994 was the 
crowning of the Homecoming king and queen, 
Richie Ramirez and Tiffani Cervenka. The 
Class of 1994, then went all out for of course, 
the "Senior Ball 1994". The Seniors hard work 
of fund-raising throughout their years at Lib- 
erty had paid off and they were able to have a 
lot of fun at their last high school dance held at 
the Nikko Hotel in San Francisco. 

As the Class of 1994 looks back on their 
years at Liberty, they see the friendships that 
have come and gone, the unity their school 
created, and the things that have been learned 
from the "high school days". As the Class of 
1994 says "goodbye" to Liberty, realizing that 
their experiences and memories will be kept 
close in their hearts as they look back, to the 
"high school days". But most of all the Class of 
1994 has realized that their experiences here 
at Liberty have benefited them for the future. 




Class of 95 

Below: the Junior Class is headed by Alex Aiello and Joy 
Aiello, advisers; Bryan Mall, vicepresident; Veronica 
Agraz, treasurer; Misty Lincoln, secretary; John Dukellis, 


ith almost 500 stu- 
dents, the Class of '95 
Wwas able to achieve an- 
other successful year at 

Hard work and long 
hours on this year's Homecoming float 
"Stomp the Stangs" really paid off for 
the Junior Class. The Class of '95 took 
second place in the float competition 
beating the Seniors for the first time in 
three years. 

The Class of '95's most successful 
event this year was the annual Junior 
Class Homecoming Skit. The skit was 
entitled "The Ten Worst Things That 
Can Happen on Homecoming Day". 
Even though the skit poked fun at the 
seniors, they loved it and so did every- 
one else. 

The Class of '95 were unified in the 
effort to raise money this year. With a 
large number of juniors, the Class of 
'95 was able to easily raise money 
using candy sales, T-shirt sales, and 
lunchcart sales. Our fundraising efforts 
were the most successful ever, and 
enabled us to have an awesome prom. 
Juniors rallied behind the cause to 
move the Junior Prom and thanks to 
our advisors: Alex and Joy Aiello; and 
our officers: John Dukellis, president; 
Bryan Mall, vice president; Veronica 
Agraz, treasurer; and Misty Lincoln, 
secretary, this move was made pos- 
sible. For the first ever, the Junior 
Prom was moved over the hill to Con- 
cord. The Class of '95's prom theme 
"In the Still of the Night", was a great 
success. Prom night was a event never 
to be forgotten. 

With three-fourths of their high 
school career over, the juniors began 
preparing for their final year as seniors. 
Preparation for the SAT I, SAT 11, and 
the ACT took their toll on the Class of 
'95, but in the end we were able relax 
and enjoy the ride. 

The Class of V5 displayed tons of spirit 
and lots of style. Above: Kenneth 
Fresquez has spirit written all over his 
face!; right: a group of juniors get into 
the Top Ten Rally and cheer on their 
classmates and friends. 

Karen Aquila 
Martha Aguilera 
Amanda Albritton 
Robert Alesna 
Michael Alsup 
Jason Altschuler 
Kenneth Altstatt 
rian Alves 

Heather Anderson 
Jeanette Anderson 
Wesley Anderson 
Janel Andronico 
Anthony Antoniazzi 
Sandra Aparicio 
R.S. Ausmus 
Conrado Avelar 

Bridgette Ayers 
Allen Babcock 
Brian Baladad 
Daniel Baldi 
Jerome Barber 
Kenneth Barnes 
Christopher Beassie 
Ty Becerra 

Lisa Bell 
Tony Belo 
Michael Benge 
Matthew Bentley 
Judi Bercasio 
Eric Berg 
Kellie Berry 
Clarissa Bigham 

April Bird 
Kevin Bodkin 
Tiffany Botti 
Todd Bough 
la-ion Brown 

nie Brown 
I aia Buchholz 


Ben Budeslich 

Paul Bui 

Geoffrey Burgess 

Maryann Burke 

Briana Burkhard 

Brian Bushman 

Brandi Byram 

Vicky Campos 

Cory Cancilla 

Jordan Canti 

Joshua Carpoff 

Alberto Carranza 

Melissa Carranza 

Shannon Cartwright 

Kristin Cash 

Bond Cashmere 

Jeremy Castro 

James Champlin 

Bruce Chappell 

Ascuena Chavez 

Karem Chavez 

Karen Chickini 

Spencer Chou 

Magnus Chow 

Nicole Christie 

Adrienne Church 

Jennifer Cline 

Tim Clough 

Trevor Clymens 

Marie Collins 

Lorena Colmenares 

Kimberly Compilli 

Frank Contreras 

Sean Cordeiro 

Elissa Cowger 

Morgan Cox 

Stacy Coyle 

Jamie Cuccia 

Johnny Cullen 

Brandi Cummings 

Christine Dagle 

Sergio Deleon 

Aida Dalit 

Michael Davis 

Joseph Deardorff 

Julio Delgadillo 

Robert Desplinter 

Adam Devore 

Amy Dial 

Carrie Dixon 

Christopher Docktor 

Chad Douglas 

Sean Drake 

Leslie Driskill 

Amy Drummond 

John Dukellis 

Brad Dunham 

Anna Dvorsky 

Louis Ekler 

Mylissa Emerick 

Larry Enos 

Angelle Epstein 

Karl Erlmann 

Eddie Estrada 


During Homecoming Week, juniors certainly showed off tfieir talent, skill, and body parts! 
Left: Veronica Agraz enjoys the junior skit from a spot on the field; above left: with the seniors 
winning the float competition three years in a row, the juniors hard work and dedication 
finally paid off. Their float. Stomp the Stangs, took second place in the competition; above: 
Matt Morrone gets mobbed by a group of jealous girls when he wins the title of Homecoming 
Queen in the junior skit. 

Anthony Ferrari 
Rosa Fierros 
(Hanna Filomeo 
Kristen Fleming 
Michelle Foreman 
Evan Francis 
Kenneth Frequez 
Deanna Fry 

barah Fuhrer 
Araceli Galeno 
Jennifer Galindo 
Joaquin Gama 
Anthony Garcia 
Veronica Garcia 
Robert Garrity 
Raul Gasca 

Sophia Gasca 
Robert Gatrell 
Tokunbo George 
Vanessa Gerereau 
Sarah Gettrost 
Destiny Goings 
Jason Gomes 
Esmerelda Gonzalez 

Irma Gonzalez 
Michael Gonzalez 
Ruben Gonzalez 
Leo Graham 
Christina Gramling 
Robert Gossard 
Jay Guthrey 
Brandon Goucher 


April Green 

Susan Greene 

Rikki Grossnickle 

Brooke Guidry 

Juan Gutierrez 

Martha Gutierrez 

Jason Gwin 

Mindy Haines 

Sarah Halgas 

Ryan Hallin 

Jon Haney 

Adam Hannan 

Jacob Hargus 

Elizabeth Harmell 

Brandon Harris 

Lidya Harris 

Sometimes juniors like to take a break from all of the excitement and just 
take a day off to relax. . .and maybe do some studying. Left: Sarah 
Schnittker and DeAnza Nevarez look over some work during class; above 
left: Leah Weichel and company converse over some important hap- 
penings at school; above: Paul Bui's rare serious side is captured. 


Carrie Hubley 
Octaviano Hurtado 
Victor Hurtado 
Joel Jacobson 
Eric Jacques 
Jeff Jenlink 
Rebecca Johns 
David Johnson 

Joshua Johnston 
Lee Jolly 
Casey Jorgensen 
Jeffrey Juarez 
Daniel Kelley 
Allison Kennon Frink 
Bobbi Killian 
Amanda Kimball 

Aaron Kimball 
Denise Kish 
Jason Klapprott 
Jennifer Klein 
Christian Knight 
Jeni Kornhauser 
Christina Krebs 
Dustin Kueter 

Jennifer Kysh 
Lorena Landeros 
Ari Landrum 
Kevin Larsh 
Toby Laufer 
Rachel Leanos 
Jae Lee 
Jason Lemon 

Amanda Leszinske 
Allison Lewis 
Lori Lewis 
Mathew Lewis 
Misty Lincoln 
Mike Linscheid 
Sarah Livaudais 
Genevieve Logan 

Shelby Lozano 
Steven Lucas 
Gabriel Luna 
Chad Lundberg 
Sandra Lyons 
Christine Madruga 
Ethel Magana 
Bryan Mall 

Michelle Marek 
Julie Marshall 
Rebecca Martin 
Angela Martinez 
Carmen Martinez 
Carrie Martinez 
Concha Martinez 
Kristy Martinez 

Olga Martinez 
Rafael Martinez 
Rudy Martinez 
Yulma Martinez 
Steve Martins 
Andria McClellan 
Mary McCorkel 
Jaci McFerran 

Dustin Mclemore 

Melissa McMullen 

Lisa Meilcle 

Heidi Meineci<e 

Adan Melgoza 

Mario Melgoza 

Anna Mandoza 

Daniel Mendoza 

James Mercer 

Bradley Miller 

Jason Miller 

Jennifer Mirizzi 

Leeann Mitchell 

Steven Moniz 

Jamie Moore 

Timothy Moore 

Cheyenne Morales 

Julie Morales 

Marela Moravkova 

Christina Morean 

Eddie Moreno 

Matthew Morrone 

Glorimar Mujica 

Tim Mulford 

Rodney Murphy 

Vincent Mutulo 

Amber Myers 

Brian Myers 

Henry Napoles 

Bernadette Navarro 

Jennifer Navarro 

Floyd Nelson 

Stephen Nelson 

De Anza Nevarez 

Daniel Neves 

Wendy Nicolaison 

Patrick Nelson 

Lourdez Nunez 

Samantha Nunez 

Alax Nunn 

June O'Byaw 

Laura Odell 

Brian O'Keefe 

Gabriel Olague 

Sarah Oliver 

Brett Olsen 

Edwary Olvera 

Abel Ordaz 

Lorena Ordaz 

Marta Ordaz 

Victor Oregal 

Neredia Ortega 

Olga Oseguera 

James Oxford 

Leonardo Padilla 

Daniella Paiva 

Amanda Palmer 

Allison Parkhurst 

Abe Passey 

Jerry Patchin 

Mariela Pena 

Paula Pena 

Noe Perea 

Yvonne Pereda 



Sonia Perez 
Andy Perlichek 
Shauna Peterson 
Lisa Pipkins 
Sarin Poco 
Zacliary Poertner 
Tracy Pokorny 
Karen Powell 

Roberta Prince 
Teresa Provost 
Tara Pueblo 
Ryan Quezada 
Cecilia Ramirez 
Martha Ramirez 
Carlee Rathmell 
Leslie Ray 

Above: Julie Marshall looks over the parade route as the Junior Class Ooat is towed to its starting place 
near Edna Hill School; above right: Adrian Valenzuela, drum major, leads the pep band at an away 
football game. 


Below: Misty Lincoln and Lisa Meikle set up for lunch; right: Rick Swindell, Brandon 
Goucher, and Jason Klapprott handle the ropes; below right: Enid Delgado urges the juniors to 
pull harder. 


David Selders 

Rigoberto Sendis 

Christina Seeum 

Kristina Shaffer 

Jeremy Shepard 

Angel Shugart 

Dominic Siino 

Christian Silva 

Greg Silva 

Tameka Skaggs 

Jim Skinner 

Christopher Smith 

Tiffiny Smith 

Wendi Smith 

Alan Sorrell 

Gary Sorrell 


Luis Soto 
Jason Sprague 
Brian Stavert 
Joel Stil^a 
David Stromberg 
Ian Stuart 
Andrew Swanson 
Ricl( Swindell 

Chaun Talbot 
Matthew Taylor 
Jamie Terry 
Andrew Thomas 
Del<e Thompson 
Kimberly Tobar 
Michael Tompkins 
Jose Torres 

Sara Traver 
Jennifer Trimble 
Ivy Turner 
Nathan Ulrich 
Richard Ury 
Jennifer Valencia 
Mariela Valencia 
Marie Valencia 

Adrian Valenzuela 
Allison Valverde 
Gregory Van Huisen 
Arely Vargas 
Lindsie Vargas 
Shannon Vertolomo 
Patricia Viera 
Brian Villaflor 

Casey Visintin 
Michael Vogler 
Jason Wagner 
Mandi Walker 
Aaron Walton 
Larry Walton 
Destiny Watters 
Jerod Weder 

Douglas Welch 
Leah Weichel 
Jeffrey Wells 
Christopher White 
Jennifer White 
Benjamen Whitener 
John Whitman 
Joshua Whitman 

Carrie Williams 
Tammy Williams 
Erin Wilson 
James Wilson 
Shane Wilson 
Jeana Winters 
Shana Wise 
Al Wolf 

Ann Wolfe 
Mikelyn Wolfe 
Christopher Wood 
Michael Woodward 
Gary Woodworth 
Elinor Wright 
Joanna Zesati 
Walter Zuloaga 


Class of 96 

he Class of 1996 moved 
on to their sophomore 
year with much excite- 
ment and spirit. 
Beginning with Home- 
coming Week the Sopho- 
more Class had more than 
enough willing partici- 
pants. During lunchtime activities this at- 
titude continued and the sophomores were 
able to place second in spirit points just 
behind the Senior Class. Their float entitled, 
"Mash the Mustangs" was a crowd favorite, 
and reflected the hard work of the class 
earning them fourth place. 

Out of over 500 sophomores, the stu- 
dents elected Erica Ashley, president; Noelle 
Connors, vice-president; Jennifer Grubb, 
treasurer and Tania Fluty, secretary. Along 
with the help of their advisors, Ms. Carla 
Lorenzetti and Ms. Ilene Foster, the Soph- 
omore Class was able to host a successful 
Sadie Hawkins Dance to raise money for the 
Sophomore Hop. They also put together a 
successful candy and candygram sales which 
was greatly supported by the Sophomore 

With the year coming to an end, the 
sophomores looked toward their future as 
upperclassmen at Liberty High. 


Enrique Acosta 
Jennica Adams 
Daniel Aguayo 
Liliana Aguilera 
Adriann Aguilar 
Matt Albright 
Gilbert Aldana 
Jennifer Ail 

Charles Allen 
Marlon Amedee 
Arlene Anderson 
Eric Anderson 
Bernardo Argueta 
Jesus Argueta 
Johnny Arteaga 
Shawna Asbury 

Eril<a Ashley 
Janea Askins 
Denise Atanasu 
Jesse Atwater 
Brandon Atwell 
Dustin Auclarie 
Meredith Austin 
Jason Avalos 

Alma Aveiar 
Kelli Bacciocco 
Casey Baird 
Peter Bajer 
Joe Baker 
Sarah Baker 
Cheryll Balaoinj 
Cesar Barajas 

Courtney Barajas 
Brendon Barbadillo 
Jeffrey Barker 
Robert Barrios 
Aaron Barton 
Howard Beattie 
Tracy Beekman 
Jedidiah Beischer 

Candi Benavides 
Carrie Berg 
Kevin Bermudez 
John Betancur 
Allen Bevill 
Daarina Bey 
Jason Bielski 
Nicole Bifano 

Daniel Biglow 
Aaron Black 
Jeffrey Blake 
Jason Blanton 
Michael Blatt 
Michael Blount 
Michael Bomagat 
Janelle Bonifacio 

Lenette Brackins 
Brandie Brader 
Susan Bradley 
Ted Brennan 
Fred Brice 
Thomas Brown 


Angle Bryant 

Dorian Bryant 

Trevor Bryant 

Kris Bulleri 

Theresa Burkart 

Jennifer Burnett 

Susan Burrola 

Bonnie Bushong 

Milce Bustos 

Melissa Byrne 

Elizabeth Caffey 

Arcelia Calderon 

Sara Capra 

Lorena Cardenas 

Fernando Carapinha 

Rachel Carr 

Justin Carlotti 

Steven Carver 

Margarita Casillas 

Donovan Castro 

Michael Castro 

Donnie Carroll 

Katherine Causey 

Evangelina Ceja 

Octavio Ceja 

Jermain Cendejas 

Cindy Chan 

Winter Chatelain-Black 

Thomas Chatfield 

Laura Chavez 

Brandy Cheney 

Cora Chilcutt 

Amanda Choate 

Michael Clausen 

Daniel Cline 

Sandra Cline 

Christopher Coelho 

John Coelho 

Shawn Collins 

Noe Colmenares 

Shawn Colvin 

Jessica Cometta 

Artemio Concepcion 

Jennifer Connell 

Erin Connolly 

Noelle Connors 

Crissy Continente 

Mathew Cook 

Marilyn Cox 

Peter Courtemanche 

Andrew Cotter 

Casey Costa 

Michael Cossick 

Cesar Correa 

Christopher Cooper 

Gerald Coon 

Jake Cozart 

Krystal Crank 

Ann Cronin 

Damian Cronin 

Eddie Crow 

Heather Crowell 

Sebastian Cruz 

Jenny Dahl 



Left: the "Liberty Cafe" sets the theme for the Sophomore Class float in the 
Homecoming Parade. Sporting not one but two Lions, this ambitious float took 
ong hours of hard wori< to complete; below: Sean Smaller proudly displays his 
country's colors inside the PAC. 




^^^^^^^^fl^Bj^r ^^m^m ml 


K 1 Or ^h[^^ 

^^^^B ^W^Ktk^ ^B^^fg^; --^^^ '^^^^1 

■[/ "^Hr'WJk ^ 

EJ* 1 

Rose Dahl 
Tom D'Aquino 
Nick Dalisky 
Adam Daliva 
Stephanie Dasilva 
Lance Davenport 
David Davi 
Damien Davies 

Andy Davis 
James Davis 
Jill Davis 
Julie Davis 
Holly Lynn Dean 
Gina Decena 
Nicole Delosier 
Michael Denham 

Ryan Denver 
Cary Derdevanis 
Kristina Deupree 
Melanie Dewey 
Jerry Dimas 
Victor Diaz 
Troy Dobberpuhl 
Kelly Doheney 

leanine Donaho 
I amera Dorman 
Aaron Dorrian 
Jennifer Duffert 
Karin Durante 
Melissa Dutra 
Melody Dutra 
Gary Dyer 


Right: Tom Chatfield pulls with all his might in the Tug-of-War competition during the 
Homecoming Rally; below: The Class of '96 shows their school spirit by cheering on the 
sophomore participants in the class competitions. 

David Early 

Dondra Elliott 

Becky Ellison 

Christine Emerick 

Paul Enea 

Ryan Enos 

Mackenzie Erwin 

Jessica Fabian 

Maxine Farias 
Leia Farwell 
Eric Ferguson 
Richard Ferreira 
John Filomeo 
Darren Finger 
Kiyoka Fisher 
Ryan Fitzhugh 

Alfredo Rores 

Tania Fluty 

Justin Foreman 

Christine Fox 

Daniel Fox 

Teresa Fox 

David Franklin 

Bobby Franko 

Debbie Friez 

Joseph Gallagher 

Gary Gamino 

Ana Garcia 

Christopher Garcia 

Juan Garcia 

Richard Garcia 

Roberto Garcia 



Solia Garcia 
William Garcia 
Rigo Garibay 
Michelle Garza 
Alejandro Gasca 
Sarah Gizzi 
Charlene Golden 
Anita Gomez 

Lisa Goodrich 
Steven Goodrich 
Alejandro Gomez 
Rudolfo Gomez 
Freddy Gonzalez 
Jenny Graves 
Lonnie Graves 
Jennifer Green 

Heather Greene 
Stephany Greenlaw 
Steven Grilli 
Matthew Griggs 
Shelly Griner 
Brian Grocott 
Eric Gronau 
Jennifer Grubb 

Matthew Grutman 
Stephanie Guidry 
Ana Gutierrez 
Daniel Gutron 
Hilary Hagler 
Heather Hale 
Casey Hall 
Racheal Hamel 

Andrea Hampton 
Sean Hanberg 
Janine Harris 
Jerry Harvey 
David Hatfield 
Nicholas Hein 
Erik Heitmeyer 
Kimberly Hendershot 

John Hendricks 
Danny Hennis 
Carly Hernandez 
Lizeth Hernandez 
Isaac Herrera 
Aaron Hess 
Curtis Heusel 
Lynda Hinds 

Tisha Mines 
Michelle Hinton 
Shane Hipkins 
Brandy Hodson 
Shannon Hook 
Therron Hubbard 
Natasha Huber 
Karyn Huffman 

Blanca Hurtado 
Guillermo Hurtado 
Ruben Hurtado 
Jon Jackson 
Leilani Jackson 
Alisa Jacobson 
Troy Jacquez 
Richard Jaramillo 

nimii \y 


David Jenkins 

Tara Jenks 

Christopher Jensen 

Alesha Jeserich 

Arthur Jiminez 

Melissa Jiminez 

Chad Joaquin 

Carey Johnson 

Adrian Jones 

Josh Jordan 

Tera Jundt 

Jennifer Jzyk 

Angie Kemnitz 

Nicole Kerns 

Adam Kerr 

Joshua Kitching 

Misty Koenig 

Nick Koperski 

Shane Kornhauser 

Corey Kraut 

Kristen Ksenzulak 

Charlene Kucharyski 

Melanie Lacaniale 

Alberto Lares 

Monica Larson 

Mario Ledesma 

Brian Lee 

Heidi Lemp 

Phillip Lerma 

Jason Leupp 

Erik Levin 

Michael Lew 

Jeff Lewis 

Tyler Lewis 

Chris Limperis 

Terri Linder 

Mackenzie Lino 

Ryan Little 

Sabrina Lohman 

Zach Long 

Edgar Lopez 

Michael Lopez 

Prescott Lorensen 

Bree Lorimer 

Valerie Lorscheider 

Canaan Lucas 

Jaime Luna 

Stephanie Luttenberger 

Tracy Macedo 
Jesus Madrigal 
Karl Maestretti 
Maira Magana 

Lazara Makinano 

Heather Maningas 

Laurie Manley 

Christina Manuel 

Erik Martin 

Joseph Martin 

Jenaro Martinez 

Monica Martinez 

Ramon Martinez 

Stacy Martins 

Jami Massey 

Dennis Mata 


Marissa Mauriscio 
Jena Maxwell 
Amy McFadden 
Jennifer McGeehan 
Ryan McKee 
Sarah McLean 
Donald McNeil 
Wiley McPeak 

GuiUermo Melgoza 
Maria Melgoza 
Brent Memmer 
Filemon Mendoza 
Luke Metoyer 
Cody Metzger 
Tara Mikolajczyk 
Brett Miller 

Left: Arlene Anderson stares into the distance; above: Anabel Ortega and Teresa Fox enjoy 
a lunch at the PAC. 


Tim Ng 

Sarah Nichol 

Heidi Nielsen 

Matthew Nielsen 

Melissa Nowaclci 

Jason Nyberg 

Kevin Odahalen 

Jeff Odin 

Aubrey O'Keefe 

Ryan O'Keefe 

Thomas Olivarez 

Cuahtemoc Ordaz 

Hugo Ordaz 

Hugo Oregel 

Juan Orellana 

Anabel Ortega 

Above: Stephanie Luttenberger gazes across the field during a 
Liberty activity; right: Hilary Hagler is caught off guard during 
walk-thru this year; far right: Tania Fluty sits in the sun and 
chats with a friend. 



Anthony Perez 
Milton Perez 
Sarah Perryman 
Mike Peters 
Bobbie Pierce 
Matthew Pierce 
Christine Pitner 
Lisa Pitner 

Keri Poate 
Dominic Pompa 
Sean Pratt 
Chris Proctor 
Jessica Puccinelli 
Becl<y Pulling 
Leonard Pulver 111 
Corey Putman 

Jose Quesada 
Dina Rabara 
Lorena Rafael 
Brandy Raglin 
Carlos Ramirez 
Guillermo Ramirez 
Luis Ramirez 
Michael Ranalli 

Mayra Rangel 
Carrie Rasmussen 
Carol Ray 
Heather Read 
Heather Recob 
Luke Reichhold 
Kyle Reid 
Danielle Renslow 

Brian Ritchie 
Danielle Roberts 
Michelle Roberts 
Jason Robles 
Korina Robles 
Christopher Rodriguez 
Deanna Rodriguez 
Jesus Rodriguez 

Jose Rodriguez 
Oscar Rodriguez 
Sonia Rodriguez 
Summer Rodriguez 
Thomas Rogers 
Eddie Rose 
Edward Roza 
Delshay Ruby 

Reybeykah Salari 
Jaime Salgado 
Gabriel Salinas 
Elizabeth Sanchez 
Lilianalo Sanchez 
Andrew San Diego 
Chris Sarmiento 
Owen Scalise 

Kim Schafer 
Nicholas Schmidt 
Michael Schoch 
Todd Schulte 
Jason Schweizer 
Bonnie Scott 
Duncan Scott Jr. 
Leanne Scott 


Jeffrey Seeno 

Rachel Self 

Trisha Sellstrom 

Lyle Selph 

Kevin Sequeira 

Fred Serrano 

Heather Sewell 

Sean Shannon 

Joel Sheppard 

Jerry Silva 

Isom Sims 

James Si<arry 

Nathan Skinner 

Charles Slack 

Sean Smaker 

Julie Smith 

Lindy Smith 

Lisa Smith 

Nathaniel Smith 

Stacie Smith 

Jonathan Sneed 

Louis Solana 

Carmen Solis 

Livier Solis 

Eddie Solorio 
Steve Sosine 
Jeremy Soule 
Jessica Souza 
Jessica Speer 
Stacey Sprenkel 
Helen Sprouse 
Seth Squires 

Samantha Steger 

Ericka Stelzner 

Jacob Stelzriede 

Corinne Stephens 

Jess Sterzl 

Susan Stille 

Trina Stolhand 

Colleen Stone 

Jennifer Strom 

Erin Stuart 

Deborah Stultz 

Joshua Sudweeks 

Robert Swain 

Sara Swope 

Jeffery Tamayo 

Antony Tapia 

Jerry Taylor 

Danny Tejano 

Christopher Thomas 

Randy Thomas 

Christi Thompson 

Kristen Thomson 

Amber Thornton 

Peter Tice 

Kelly Tiller 

Joey Tipton 

Rick Tinney 

Amy Torres 

Dabin Torres 

Drew Torres 

Jose Torres 

Nathan Treat 



Left: Liberty sophomores cheer for their Home- 
coming Float; below: confused Jake Cozart takes a 



Shannon Troglia 
Kara Turner 
Eugene Urenda 
Kristina Van Devere 
Linda Vanderbugh 
Tiffeny Vann 
Jodi Vargas 
David Vestal 

Christopher Vieville 
Daniel Votta 
Christopher Wadsworth 
joey Waller 
Jody Walters 
Jacob Wendler 
Steven Wenograd 
Krista West 

Justin Westlund 
Luke Wheeler 
Scott Whitehead 
Julie Wilder 
Ryan Willis 
David Wilson 
Amanda Wirtz 
Catherine Wolfe 

Jennifer Yelverton 
Gisela Yerena 
Kaycee Young 
Willie Yurkovich 
Jaime Zesati 
Kristin Zocchi 
Robert Zuniga 
Sean Zurcher 

Class of 97 


he Class of '97 was ex- 
cited and eager to begin 
their first year as Liberty 

The class of 637 students 
elected Theresa 
Schnittker, president; Jill 
Bacciocco, vice president; 
Joann Wells, secretary; and Charley Enos, 

With the help of their advisors, Mr. 
John Barneson and Mrs. Debbie Strance, 
the Freshmen Class worked hard on their 
first float. Entitled "Drive The Mustangs." 
The float pictured a mustang car with two 
lions sitting in the passenger seat. The 
mustang was driving through the score- 
board, that showed the Lions were beating 
the mustangs 97 to 19, making the score- 
board say 1997. The float gave the class a 
first-place finish in their first Homecoming 

Like the upper classes, the freshmen 
began the tradition of fundraising. Their 
first candy sale was a huge success as they 
sold more candy than any other class. 

With such a successful first year at 
Liberty, the Class of '97 is looking forward 
to their next three years. 


Latisha Adams 
joey Agpawa 
Oscar Aguilera 
Eduardo Alanis 
Jeff Albright 
Angela Aldana 
Dawn Alder 
Baraa Al-Safi 

Tabitfia Altstatt 
lose Aivarado 
Marcial Aivarado 
Benjamin Ambriz 
Maria Anaya 
Amber Anderson 
John Anderson 
Peter Anderson 

Manuel Andujar 
Theodore Angel 
Diana Anglin 
Shawnna Anthon 
Nicole Arevalo 
Chris Armstrong 
Christopher Asbury 
Erin Atwell 

Samuel Avila Jr. 
Jill Bacciocco 
Bradley Bacon 
Jeanette Baker 
Nicholas Baladad 
Korene Baldi 
Jeremiah Baldwin 
Lorena Banuelos 

Victor Barajas 
Brian Barnes 
Neal Barrios 
Branden Bates 
Laura Beard 
Gregory Becker 
Bryan Belnap 
Joshua Bence-Grasse 

Adriana Benitez 
jana Berg 
Angela Bernacchi 
Amanda Biglow 
Charles Bird 
Kimberly Blair 
Kenneth Blakley 
Dale Blevins 

Joleeann Boston 
Anthony Botti 
Josie Bottom 
Ken Bough 
Adam Bowman 
Kristen Boyd 
Angelique Bradley 
Anne Bradshaw 



Michelle Brown 

Nicholas Brown 

Keri Bryant 

Trisha Bundy 

David Burke 

Larry Bush 

Monica Busker 

Elizabeth Byrne 

David Cacciotti 

Denise Calavan 

Jose Calderon 

Kaite Calhoun 

Katherine Campbell 

Freddy Campos 

Jennifer Cannady 

Andrea Cano 

Jesus Carranza 

Pedro Carranza 

Adriana Carreon 

Daniel Casentini 

Victor Castello 

Fawn Castro 

Tirena Cawthorn 

Brian Cero 

Jesse Chamberlain 

Nicole Chaney 

Jennifer Chappell 

Christopher Childers 

Yolanda Chou 

Benjamin Christ 

Sean Christensen 

Alison Clare 

James Clark 

Kevin Claudeanos 

Raven Clough 

Todd Clymens 

Stephen Coelho 

Shanta Colbert 

Michael Colonna 

Debbie Cordeiro 

Kristi Cornelison 

Mauricio Cortez 

Olga Cortez 

Nicole Costa 

Shawn Covarrubias 

Shawnta Covarrubias 

Cierra Coxe 

Donald Crane 

Misty Crawford 

Damon Creal 

Philip Crockett 

Eric Crook 

Jonathon Cruz 

Mary Cruz 

Sarah Cullar 

Josh Cumin:' 

Michelle Curley 

Adam Currie 

Sunni Dah' 

Melissa Dali , 

Stephen Danfou 

Kristy Daugherty 

Jennifer Davi 

Mellisa Da\' 


Sueann Davis 
Adolfo DeCasas 
Rebecca Decker 
Cliff Defimke 
Roxanne Delany 
Guadalupe De Leon 
Gustavo Delgado 
Martin Delgado 

Christina Deville 
Faithe Dimaggio 
Monica Dimas 
Dillon Ditmars 
Aaron Dockter 
Erin Dodelin 
Sha-Sha-Na Dodson 
Averi Doolittle 

Keith Downey 
Christina Drake 
Brookes Drenik 
Rachel Drummond 
Christopher Dunham 
Nick Durbin 
joey Dvorsky 
Billy Eckberg 

Crystal Eddy 
Justin Eddy 
Jaime Eden 
Richard Edgar 
Shandy Edwards 
Andrew Ehler 
Sean Ekman 
April Eldridge 

Above: Duane Johnson gives it his all for class points during the tug-of-war; Left: 
Theresa Schnittker and Melissa Patania enjoy a cool, refreshing drink on a hot day. 


Casey Enea 

Charley Enos 

Clinton Erlmann 

Kim Erluno 

Julie Esquibell 

Abel Estrada 

Justin Evans 

John Falkenstein 

Rebecca Faulkner 
Laura Favaloro 

Arlene Fernandez 
Juan Fernandez 
Paul Fernandez 

Robby Fernandez 
Rachelle Ferrin 
Carlota Fierros 

Kathryn Fillmore 

Niccki Fletcher 

Nicole Fletcher 

Jason Flores 

Jessica Floyd 

Anthony Foley 

Michael Foley 

Harmony Fonsoca 

Above: freshmen celebrate their first place victory in the float competition; 
Left: Brad Bacon smiles for the camera during a passing period. 


Lea Fussell 
Benjamin Galles 
Mike Galvan 
Veronica Galvan 
Armando Garcia 
Crystal Garcia 
Gilbert Garcia 
Jessica Garcia 

Jesus Garcia 
Nathan Garcia 
Nicole Garcia 
Patricia Garcia 
Robert Garcia 
Donald Garza 
Sonia Gasca 
James Geis 

Stephen Geiser 
Steven George 
Brandon Gettrost 
Stacie Ghiggeri 
Anthony Ghilarducci 
Thomas Gillespie 
Troy Gindt 
Jeremy Glaholt 

Richard Goble 
Daphnie Gomez 
Kevin Gonzales 
Regina Gonzalez 
Roxanne Gonzalez 
Rudy Gonzales 
Susana Gonzalez 
Erin Goodman 

Brian Goodrich 
Derek Gossard 
Ryan Goucher 
Monica Gould 
Katherine Grant 
Nicholas Grant 
Jaime Graser 
Dustin Graves 

Jeffrey Graves 
Amber Gray 
Douglas Green 
Joshua Green 
Paul Greenwood 
Pamela Gregory 
Michael Griffin 
Desi Groner 

Marisela Guerrero 
Francisco Guizar 
Chago Guterrez 
Melissa Hafer 
Charles Hall 
Kathleen Hampton 
Jermi Harris 
Josh Harris 

Leanka Harris 
Heidi Hartman 
Corinne Hays 
Serena Hellwig 
Adrian Hernandez 
Kevin Hess 
Joshua Heusel 
David Higgins 



Christina Hill 

Brian Hilton 

Carmen Hinojosa 

Joshua Hoffman 

Jamar Hopkins 

Matthew Houck 

Becky Howes 

Michael Huffaker 

Jesus Hurtado 

Jeremiah Jackson 

Denise Jann 

Tova Jarvis 

Melissa. Jenkins 

Joel Jenks 

Patrick Jensen 

Casey Joaquin 

Caroline Johnson 

Daniel Johnston 

Duane Johnson 

Mark Johnson 

Randy Johnson 

Chris Jones 

Jason Jones 

Teresa Jones 

Michael Kaelin 

Rebecca Kapphahn 

Michele Kelley 

Nicholas Kellner 

Jeffrey Kelm 

Jason Kessenich 

Jeffrey Killian 

Karmel Killingsworth 

Jeremy Kirk 

Rita Klein 

Alvin Knackstedt 

Joseph Koenig 

Mindy Koenig 

Kameron Konold 

Robert Kornhauser 

Brent Kratina 

Janette Kratina 

Scott Kysh 

Marcos LaFarga 

Brian Lamb 

Toby Lamunyon 

Anthony Landgren 

Kathryn Langston 

Monica Laufer 

Megan Lavallee 

Melissa Leach 

Jennifer Leana 

Clara Lealiifano 

Monique Lemons 

Rebecca Lealifano 

Michael Leschine 

Emily Leszinske 

Stephanie Lewis 

Phillip Lewright 

Ginger Liborio 

Danya Lilley 

Jessica Lindt 

Ronni Lindsay 

Dennis Lindsey 

Gina Lipetri 


Below left: freshmen girls cheer their class on during lunch time activities; below right: Paul Macdonald displays his 
football jersey. 

anel Masadas 
onathon Mason 
Scott Mason 
Hdward Matson 
Darren Mayberry 


Right: Katie Monk loolcs over at friends of hers on the quad area during lunch: Chis Wilson shows 
he can dine in style as he helps the Freshmen Class during Homecoming Weelc. 

Eril<a McClellan 

Jennie McCoy 

Jessica McCoy 

Dustin McDaniel 

Paul McDonald 

Janet McKasson 
Tia McLemore 

Andrea McPeak 

Christine Medina 

Danny Meinecke 

Steven Mello 

Jessica Melgoza 

Dionne Mercer 

Dawn Merry 

Stephen Mesquite 

Elise Meyer 

Ivette Michel 

Mark Michno 

Sean Midyett 

Anthony Mikla 

Tatjana Mikulich 

Jamie Milburn 

Jennifer Miller 

Jolene Miller 

Kevin Miller 

Patrick Miller 

Brian Milne 

Seth Mitchell 

Natasha Mixon 

Marisa Mogianesi 

John Moglie Jr. 

James Moller 




Kathryn Monk 
Yolanda Montenegro 
Dana Montgomery 
Shannon Montgomery 
Cesar Montoya 
David Moody 
Jeremy Moore 
Alexander Morales 

Rachel Morgensen 
Justina Morrone 
Jennifer Morrow 
Gloryree Mujica 
Christina Mulford 
Luisa Munoz 
Christina Murphy 
Laurie Murray 

Natalie Myers 
Mary Narron 
Jonathan Narrow 
Chris Nava 
Jaime Navarro 
Rochelle Navarro 
Jenell Nelson 
Mathew Nelson 

Monica Newman 
Kelley Niciclas 
Rachel Nieves 
Jeff Nisen 
Justin Nogarr 
Agusto Nossa 
Shannon Nunes 
Patti O'Brien 

Joseph Ochoa 
Karin O'Dell 
Ryan Olsen 
Martha Ordaz 
Rene Orozco 
Jose Ortega 
Valentina Ortega 
Jorge Oseguerra 

Gilda Ozuna 
Myda Padilla 
Lupe Padilla 
Jonas Pangilinan 
Johanna Parks 
Amy Parscal 
Bria Passey 
Shawn Pastrana 

Melissa Patina 
Nicholas Patania 
Jill Patterson 
William Patterson 
Tina Piazza 
Shelby Pereira 
Jesse Perez 
Jorge Perez 

Maria Perez 
Edward Perkins 
Sarah Peters 
Brian Peterson 
Joshua Peterson 
Shannon Peterson 
Tinieviel Petker 
Gina Pezzella 


Sara Pierce 

Michelle Pine 

Robert Pipkins 

David Pitner 

Celesta Pitzer 

Jason Placencia 

Matthew Poertner 

Melissa Price 

Isavel Prime 

Gregory Prokopwicz 

Kelly Puccinelli 

Christine Putman 

Sarah Quilici 

Victor Quilici 

Danielle Quintero 

Mike Ramaha 

Francisco Ramirez 

Jesus Ramirez 

Maria Ramirez 

Nicholas Ramirez 

Arron Ramos 

Amber Rampone 

Nicholas Randazzo 

Raquel Rangel 

David Rasmussen 

Christina Reano 

Ashley Redman 

Odessa Reed 

Sarah Reed 

Awilda Regalado 

Vanessa Reid 

Christopher Renelt 

Jorge Resendiz 

Jason Richards 

Rebecca Richards 

Ryan Richards 

Mark Ries 

Brian Rietzel 

Bo Riley 

Brooke Riley 

Matthew Riley 

Fidel Rivera 

Mellissa Rivera 

Anthony Robbins 

Matthew Roberson 

Kyle Robert 

Christy Robinson 

James Robinson 

Trever Rodgers 

David Rodriques 

Raul Rodrigues 

Ruben Rodrigues 

Victor Rodrigues 

Victoria Rodrigues 

Joel Rogge 

Christian Roller 

Jessica Romero 

Sarah Root 

Marie Rosa 

Lona Rose 

Kamina Rosenstiel 

Alexandra Ross 

Eric Rowe 

Cheryl Ruiz 


Mike Russell 
Shawn Russo 
Matthew Saale 
Joseph Saez 
Tammi Samnath 
Joaquin Sanchez 
Larry Sanchez 
Sara Santos 

Sean Sanve 
Jennifer Savage 
Michelle Scalese 
Kelly Schley 
Theresa Schnittker 
Leithan Schwartz 
William Scott 
Gina Seamann 

Left: Celesta Pitza looks up in surprise as she is captured on film for the 
yearbook; above: Patrick Jensen pedals his way around his share of the 440 
yards of race. 


Kelvin Smith 

Kristine Smith 

Use Smith 

Luke Smith 

Ryan Smith 

April Sole 

Aaron Somerhalder 

Teresa Sonley 

Jeffrey Sosine 

Juan Soto 

Nathan Spicer 

Joshua Staley 

Nicholas Steger 

Cheryl Stein 

Kris Stelzner 

Amy Stephens 

Jessalyn Stoddard 

Jennie Stone-McCoy 

Joshua Storrer 

Brandy Strematter 


Samantha Stroer 

Christopher Strokes 

Sylvia Suarez 

Jaci Sullivan 

Amy Sundstrom 

Jennifer Swanson 

Jeremy Tamayo 

Charles Taylor 

Michelle Terra 

Karen Thaler 

Nathaniel Tharp 

Above and right: freshmen students share the fun and the quiet times with their friends both on campus and during 
the Homecoming Parade. 



Amberlynn Thayer 
Jessica Thompson 
Steven Thrall 
Rachel Toland 
Richard Torres 
Robert Torres 
Nickolas Trapanese 
Matthew Treglown 

Valarine Treloggen 
Josophe Trimble 
Sarah Trost 
Tiana Turner 
Jenniffer Ulricksen 
Ryan Ury 
Richard Valdez 
Martin Valies 

Adain Valverde 
Mia Valverde 
April Vanbuskirk 
Lauren Vargas 
Norma Viera 
Norma Viera 
Stephanie Villa 
Michael Voelker 

Elisa Voluntad 
Matthew Wacht 
Juliana Wagner 
Corinne Wahl 
Robert Wallace 
Lindsey Ward 
David Warren 
Nathan Washburn 

Donnie Weed 
Joann Wells 
Lee Welsh 
Allison Wenograd 
Heather West 
Joanna Westlund 
Sheila Wieder 
Darian Williams 

Misti Willis 
Shane Wilmoth 
Jeff Willson 
Jeffrey Wilson 
Gavin Wirth 
Chad Wise 
April Woodbeck 
loshua Woods 

Nicholas Woodworth 
Adriane Wright 
Nickolas Wright 
Lacey Wyrick 
Mehrissa Yalung 
Michele Yoder 
Anthony Youngs 





Lee, Justin Zocchi, Joseph Lilley, Christopher Martinez, Brian Bush 
man, Dustin Tice, Rob Gatrell SECOND ROW — Jaclc England, Robert 
Cecchini, Gilbert Aldana, Eric Jacquez, Emigdio Lopez, Jimmy Wilson, 
Matt Weaver THIRD ROW — Ronnie Rapp, Michael James, Dustin 
Lewis, Jerome Barber, Justin Fugel, Kevin Bodkin, Tim Mulford, 
Guillermo Melgoza FOURTH ROW — Brandon Harris, Coach Alex 
Aiello, Head Coach Jerry Lilley, Coach Bob Reed, Coach Rod Beaver, 
Kenny Barnes FIFTH ROW — Daniel Kelley, Chris White, Mike 
Valenzuela, Frank Blakley, Joey Byrne, Brad Bishop, Christian Knight, 
Johnny Cullen BOTTOM ROW — Scott MacDonald, Richie Ramirez, 
Mike Armstrong, Brian Baladad, Larry Enos, Vince Mutulo 

Varsity Team Struggles in BVAL 

eginning the year in 
a new league was a 

B challenge for the 
Varsity team. Liber- 
ty entered the Bay 
Valley Athletic 

League to face high- 
ranked teams such as DeLaSalle, 
Pittsburg and Pinole Valley. The cli- 
max of the season came when Lib- 
erty held on at the end to win the 
annual Homecoming game against 
the Monte Vista Mustangs 16-13. 

Awards given at the sports ban- 
quet included: Most Valuble Players- 
Dustin Lewis and Joseph Lilley; Best 
Lineman- Rob Gatrell; Best Line- 
backer- Larry Enos and Most In- 
spirational- Frank Blakley. 

Another announcement made at 
the banquet was the retirement of 
head coach, Jerry Lilley. Although 
Lilley had just completed his first 
and only year in the BVAL he was 
proud of his team and hoped only 
for the best in the future. 

Above: Larry tnos and a teammate put the squeeze an an opponent; below: 
Michael James dives for a wide pass to make a completion. 


Good Future for JVs 


JV FOOTBALL TEAM: TOP ROW — Doug Pack, Mackenzie Lino, Jacob Cozart, Tim More, Justin Foreman, David Davi; 
SECOND ROW — Robert Barrios, Jeff Black, Brent Memmer, Brett Olsen, Mike Lew, David Jenkins, Cody Metzger; THIRD 
ROW — Jose Quesada, Andy Cotter, Anthony Perez, Jessie Argueta, Gabe Salinas, Nate Smith, Jeff Barker, Jose Rodriguez; 
BOTTOM ROW — Brendan Barbadillo, Tim Ng, Enrique Acosta, Mike Bustos, Robert Ruddick, Willie Yurkovick, Matt Lewis; 
Coaches: Jeff Gargalikis, Rich Cabral, Dan Pacheco, Dave Lang. 

Frosh Team Shows a V for Victory |r^,'^ 

Blevins, Kevin Claudeanos, Anthony Foley, David 
Burke, Kevin Miller, Donald Garza, Larry Bush, Chris 
Dunham, Matt Riley, Danny Meinecke, Chad Frazier 
SECOND ROW — jon Mason, Gavin Worth, Jon Cruz, 
Jason Kessnich, Brandon Kindt, Justin Ludlow, Steven 
Thral, Lupe Deleon, Robert Wallace, Nathan Garcia 
THIRD ROW — Manuel Andajar, Nick Patania, Dustin 
McDaniel, Paul McDonald, Coach Wickman, Coach 
Camili, Coach Dave Vallotton, Mike Calvin, Robert 
Torres, Nick Randazo, Joel Rogge FOURTH ROW — 
Cliff Ompke, Brandon Gettrost, Mark Ries, Justin 
Evans, Nick Trapanese, Antonio Raygoza, Seth Mitch 
el, Scott McCumber, Cesar Vera, Mark Johnson FIFTH 
ROW — Trevor Rodgers, Gilbert Garcia, Duane John- 
son, Josh Storrer, Juan Soto, Charley Enos, Casey Enea, 
Justin Nogarr BOTTOM ROW — Oscar Aguilera, 
Andy Luna, George Oseguera. 

Setting Style 

ith a new league ere 
ating a new challenge 
the Varsity Girls Vol 

Wlyball Team was 
ready to show BVAL 
just what they could 

Going into the sea- 
son the team was picked as being the 
underdogs, which only made the team 
stronger and gave the girls the extra 
push they needed. Liberty made it to 
North Coast, with the help of Julie Mar- 
shall and Nicke Rose, Most Valuable 
Players; Missy Milne, Most Inspirational 
Player; and Michelle Kelly, Most Im- 
proved Player. The team had a really 
successful season. 

i ».. 

Above right: Nicke Rose delivers a powerful serve; above left: Crissy 
Continente jumps up to block a spike; right: Monica Olveda digs low to 
return the ball. 


GIRLS VARSITY VOLLEYBALL: TOP ROW — C.J. Cahayag, Michelle Kelley, Deanza Nevarez, 
Julie Marshall, Sarah Schnittker, Keri Poate, Crissy Continente, Ericka Ashley, Danyel Garcia, 
Coach Linda Ghilarducci; BOTTOM ROW — Bryan Mall, Monika Olveda, Nicke Rose, Missy 


JV Volleyball 


New Girls' Frosh Volleyball 

FROSH GIRLS VOLLEYBALL TEAM: TOP ROW — Brooks Drenik, Melissa Patania, Coach Leslie 
Allen, Rachel Toland, Alison Clare BOTTOM ROW — Clare Lealiifano, Tina DeVille, Gina Seamann 


Cross Country 

his years Cross Country 
team did a nice job. Witti 

TKaria Lorenzetti, tiead 
coacli; and John Renteria, 
assistant, the team showed 
character at Ygnacio Valley 
where Liberty placed 
among the top six. The girls, although lacking 
in numbers made an otherwise fine effort. Joe 
Claderon was named Most Valuable Runner 
while Chip Glaholt was tabbed as the Most 
Improved Runner and Scott Smith was the 
team captain. 

The new league was not a barrier, and Joe 
Calderon said, "It was just another race." 

-^ CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: 1 Ul' k'JW ( .' lach Karla Lor.. :: ■ ' , 
Hugo Ordaz, Miguel Ortega, Coach Pat Durn_,i!' M ( i >N1 ) ROW 
BOTTOM ROW — Lisa Smitli, Anabelle Ortij;. 

Miaii-N, I.T-'iiiv Miirend. Ch:! ' ^ ■" ( .aideron, 

Jeremy Glaholt, Kyle Roberts, Billy Scott, Jason Jones 

.Scott, Ronnie Lindsay, Nicole Fletcher, Rebecca Martin. 

New Girls Tennis Team 

his year's first ever 
girls tennis struggled 

Tto get off to a good 
start. The team was 
made up of mostly 
freshmen and they 

were looking forward 
to next year in hopes of improving their 
style. With the new league they found a 
challenge, but not a complete loss. Jus- 
tina Morrone was named the Most Val- 
uable Player. The Girls Tennis team was 
able to play in the finals and won the 
first match. With hard work and much 
endurance the girls' tennis team hopes 
for a better season next year. They were 
coached by newcomer John Ambrose. 

coach; Jessica Romero, Corrine Wahl, Christine Put- 
nam, Debbie Cordeiro, John Ambrose, coach, BOT- 
TOM ROW — Marisa Mogianesi, Justina Morrone, 
Brooke Manning, Jennifer Trimble, Leanka Harris 



J 'Y^ 


Boys Work as a Team 

inning second place in 
tlieir Stonebarger Tour- 
nament was one of the 
iiighlights of the Varsity 
boys baslcetball season. 

Joining a new league 
is always tough as was 
evidenced by the single victory over Pinole 
Valley; yet Coach John Radford felt that 
their overall performance was great. 

Playing their last season as Lions were 
Anthony Gonzlaves, Sanjay Lee, Ronnie 
Rapp, Aaron Flores, and J.D. Hardcastle. 
The Varsity sported new warmup jackets to 
help raise morale and improve their image. 
This year the boys' teams played as a 
group with the Varsity, jv, and frosh shar- 
ing the spotlight on game nights either at 
home or on the road. Coach John Radford 
knew his boys were in for a tough season 
but didn't let that stand in their way of 
improving and working together. 

Above: Sanjay Lee; above left: Brian Mall has a hair 
raising experience; right: Robbie Gatrell. ^ 


Above: Christian Knight shows nice form as he shoots a 
ump shot from the key. 

BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL — TOP ROW: Anthony Gonzales, Bryan Mall, Mike Alsup, Aaron Flores, Jeron Weader, J.D. Hardcastle, 
Robby Gatrell, Sanjay Lee, Jason Klapprott, Ronnie Rapp, Jess Walton BOTTOM ROW: Christian Knight, Coach Todd Beckstead, Coach 
John Radford, Spencer Chow. 


Making Baskets for JVs 

Right: Matt Griggs; far right: 
Chuck Allen soars into the air; 
below: Aaron Barton fakes out 
his opponent. 

TOP ROW — Drew Torres, 
Matt Griggs, Chuch Allen, 
Brandan Atwell, Matt 
Grutman, Ryan Denver, Da- 
man Conean, Matt, Johnny 
Arteaga, Aaron Barton BOT- 
TOM ROW — Aaron Black, 
Coach Mark Johnson, Ryan 
Willis, Fred Sergano. 


New Coach in Frosh Basketball 

Below:Nick Kellner shoots for two points; right: Kevin Claudeanos dribbles 
past an angry Panther. 

FROSH BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM: TOP ROW — Niclc Kellner, Kelvin Smith, Matt Riley, Kevin Claudeanos, Dale 
Blevin, Danny Meinike, James Guise, Matt Mancuso, Andrew Ehler, Nick Steger, Troy Gindt BOTTOM ROW — 
Tony Mikala, Ben Galles, Coach John Blasi, Tony Botti, Charley Enos. 


GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: TOP ROW — Sabrina Lohman, Betsy Gonzalez, 
Theresa Schnittker, Jennifer All, Terry Linder, Shona Phelan, Deanna Fry, Julie Marshall, 
Nicke Rose BOTTOM ROW — Jamie Moore, Coach Dennis Hitchens, Nicole Fletcher, Lura 
Milner, Veronica Agraz. 


Staying Focused 

Above: Nicke Rose shoots for the hoop at an away game against Monte 

he 93-94 girls' basketball 
season would not be 

T considered a success by 

some standards. But this 
year we added a fresh- 
men girls' team and 
moved into the powerful 
BVAL basketball league. There were no easy 
games like in past years and leagues. 

As the new kids on the block the girls 
fought and clawed their way through 12 
tough games. They lost five games by three 
or fewer points and came away with only 
two wins. 

The important thing is they never quit 
and they made sure that every opponent 
earned their win. The girls left the season 
knowing that more girls had been involved 
in the program and that they had improved 
over the course of the year. 


Above: Julie Marshall looks for an open teammate. 


JV Girls Basketball 

Above: Keri Poate keeps a hold on the ball; right: Jo Parks dribbles 
down court. 

JV GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM: TOP ROW — Lisa Smith, Jill Davis, Keri Poate, Stacy Ghiggeri, Kelly Bacciocco, Tracy 
Beakman, Julie Davis, Trisha Selstrom, Tara Bucholz; BOTTOM ROW — Jo Parks, Coach Roy Ghiggeri, Coach T.J. 
Kramer, Tina Deville. 


Frosh Girls, New Team 

FROCH GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM: TOP ROW — Alison Clare, Debbie Cordeiro, 
Coach Shelley DeLange, Kammie Rosenfali, Jo Leeann Boston; MIDDLE ROW — Katie 
Filmore, Jostina Morrone, Elizabeth Mary Narrin; BOTTOM ROW — Nicole Feltcher, 
Myda Padilla, Gena Seamann. 


nee again the Varsity Wres- 
tlers had an outstanding 
season. With 19 wins, 1 tie, 
and no losses, the team eas- 
ily became the BVAL 
Six Lions made NCS, where the team took 
third overall. Justin Barrios, Leonard 
Canciamilla, and Johnny CuUen took first, Joa 
quin Perez and Dustin Lewis took second, and 
Brian Bushman placed third. All six wrestlers 
advanced to the state finals where the team 
placed 10th, Perez took fifth place, and Lewis 
took sixth place. Billy Pease was given the 
Coach's Award, CuUen and Bushman were 
selected most improved, and the MVPs were 
Lewis, Barrios, Perez, and Canciamilla. 

WRESTLING TEAM- TOP ROW — Coach Roy Rios, Coach David Santos, Dustin McDaniai, Donald Garza, David Higgins, Anthony Foley, Steve Thrall, 
Aaron Dorean Coach Greg Chappel SECOND ROW - Josh Witman, Nick Grant, Willie Yurcovich, Carlos Ramirez, Joey Waller, Josh Nogar, Dominic 
Pompa, Luis Ramirez, Marl< Johnson THIRD ROW - Casey Enea, Adam Boman, Juan Soto, Jeff Blake, Danny Biglow, Dustin Lewis, Justin Foreman, Josh 
Peterson, Josh Storrer, Luke Smith FOURTH ROW — Billy Pease, Erik Heitmeyer, Scott MacDonald, Martin Valles, Andy Luna, Justm Barrios, Leonard 
Canciamilla, Jeff Nisen, Robert Torres. 


Three Go to State 


JV/Frosh Wrestling 


New Coach for JV Soccer 


^- ? 




\ *i»4S 


Above: Jason Blanton gets ready to kick the 
ball into play for Liberty. 

JV BOYS SOCCER: TOP ROW — David Jenkins, Robert Zuniga, Jason Blanton, Eric Ferguson, Coach Paiva, Coach Melgoza; SECOND 
ROW — Bengie Ambriz, Danny Johnston, Kevin Aess, Kiko Ramirez, Kevin Worth; BOTTOM ROW — Todd Clymens, Brian Land, 
Alberto Lares, Jeremy Glaholt, Aaron Somerhalder, Mike Vogler 


Kicking Goals for Varsity 

veryone expected a 
rough transition into the 

new league. But no one 

expected the Boys Var- 
sity team to destroy Anti- 
och and De La Salle but 
that is exactly what they 
did. The team remained in second place for 
the first part of the season. Much of the 
team's success was due to the leading scor- 
er, Victor Oregel, and the many experi- 
enced seniors on the team as well. The team 
ended in fourth place with a 5-5-2 record. 
Their strong showing in the new league was 
a sign of a good season and brooded well for 
the future. 

Villa, Trevor Clemons, John Dukelis, Kevin Carpenter, 
Josh Manko, Miguel Ortega, Coach Tim McHugh 
SECOND ROW — Jeff Jenlink, Kris Bulleri, Bruce 
Chapel, Jamie Sanches, Ryan Hellwig, Geoff Surges 
BOTTOM ROW — Arturo Cortez, Evan Francis, Steve 
Moniz, Chip Glaholt, Victor Oregel 


Above: Kaira Cotter has the ball to herself; left: Carrie Berg stops a would 
be goal. 

GIRLS VARSITY SOCCER TEAM: TOP ROW — Danielle Pava, Amber Cross, Jenifer Jzyk, Andrea Hampton, Angle Kemnitz, Rebecca Faulkner, Coach 
Tonya Smith; SECOND ROW — Kaira Cotter, Stacy Martin, Heather Anderson, Carrie Berg, Jennifer Chaple, Amy Foreman; BOTTOM ROW: Jena Berg, 
Christina Fox, Debbie Stulz, Teresa Fox, Stacie Smith. 

Varsity Girls' Soccer 

espite the girl's soccer 
team having a tough 

D season with the new 

league, they handled 
it well as they came 
in third in the league 
Rebecca Faulkner, a newcomer to Lib 
erty's girls soccer, was the goalie for the 
Lady Lions. She suprised a lot of her 
team mates and some of the spectators 
with her skills. 

Stacie Smith, one of the best players, 
needed no introduction; she was the 
team leader in goals and assists. 

Teresa Fox returned to another season 
as the sweeper of the team. Kaira Cotter 
and Amy Foreman were the team cap 

No matter what, the whole team kept 
their team spirit. Having friends on their 
team helped. 

Above left: Amy Foreman fights for possession of the ball against two Las Lomas Knights; 
above: Heather Anderson leads a breal<-away at a home contest; left: Stacie Smith tries to 
hool< the ball to gain control of it. 


JV Girls' Soccer 

JV GIRLS SOCCER TEAM: TOP ROW — Misty, Sarah Quilic, 
Ceral Wales, Amanda Wirtz, Crista West; SECOND ROW — 
Wendy Nielsen, Carrie Lloyd, Joanna Westland, Andrea McPeak, 
Denise Atanasu, Ivy Hartman; BOTTOM ROW — Julie Anna, 
Leanka Harris, Erin Connoly, Amy Torres, Adrian Aguilar. 

Above: Adrian Aguilar blocks an opponent from the ball; below: Sonia Gasca 
kicks the ball towards the goal. 


New Coach Guides Young Team 

eaded by a new coach, a new league, and 
barely enough people to make a team, this 

H years tennis team had quite a challenging 
season. Matt Morrone and Chip Glaholt played 
number 1 and 2 singles positions. 
The rest of the ladder was comprised of 
mostly new players to the game of tennis. The coach had to 
work with them to teach them the basic fundamentals of the 
game, but they caught on quickly and in time for the be- 
ginning of the season. Having to play tough schools with more 
experienced players proved to be too much for the young 
team. The team went only 1 and 8 this year. Now that these 
players know what to expect, next year promises to be better. 

Above: Cory Cancilla gets down low to hit his forehand; left: Matt 
Morrone rips another forehand; below: Chris Smith pounds in 
another serve. 

VARSITY BOYS TENNIS TEAM: TOP ROW — Bruce Chappell, Cory Cancilla, Coach Kirk Watari, 
Jay Guthrey, Todd Schulte SECOND ROW — Matt Morrone, John Falkenstein, Mark Johnson, 
Matt Taylor BOTTOM ROW — Jeremy Glaholt, James Champlin, Jason Wagner, Todd Clymens, 
Chip Glaholt 


Varsity Sweeps Non-league 

tarting the season with the longest win- 
ning streal< in recent history, the Varsity 
boys' baseball team had a good year and 
ended up with a 16-7 record. Coach Rod 
Beaver thought the team finished with a 
good record especially with the fierce 
competition. They had excellent pitching and good 
defense; a defense that kept them in the win column. 

Both Joseph Lilley and Larry Enos had fine years and 
made first team BVAL. Matt Fregi made second team 
while Matt Griggs, Mike Sosine, Jeff Jenlink and Matt 
Riley were tabbed honorable mention. 

Above: Matt Fregi concentrates on pitching well; above left: members of the Varsity team extend 
congratulations at the end of the game. 


Above: Kevin Carpenter takes the pitch; right; looi<ing for the sign; below left: Christian 
Knight throws to first for the out. 


'-*^ Ol If^*'' i^ilu 



\nl -W^ 

W Arht^ 





VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM: TOP ROW — Kevin Carpenter, J.D. Hardcastle, Mike Sosine, Joseph Lilley, Coach Rod 
Beaver SECOND ROW — Coach Albanises, Matt Fregi, Brian Meyers, Steve Hoover, Matt Riley, Jeff Jenlink, Matt Jones 
BOTTOM ROW — Matt Griggs, Christian Knight, Shelby Lozano, Larry Enos, Vince Mutalo, Nathan Ulrich, Brandon 



JV's Do Well 

IV BASEBALL TEAM: TOP ROW — Coach John Blasi, Johnny Arteaga, Justin Foreman, Kevin Claudeanos, Steve Sosine, 
Coach Hans Barber SECOND ROW — Tim Ng, Eric Ferguson, John Mason, Jason Blanton, Aaron Black, Kris Bulleri, Drew 
Torres BOTTOM ROW — Jose Quesada, Cary Dyer, Nate Smith, George Plata, Isaac Herrera, Tony Perez. 

Frosh Baseball 

Left: Steve Mesquite intently prepares for his next 
pitch; belowjason Kessenien throws the ball in; below 
left: a Liberty Lion is caught in a rundown by the 
Wolves in a home contest. 

Galven, Eddie Matsen, Chris Dunham, Coach Todd 
Beckstead, Jon Cruz, Jason Kessenich, Phil Crockett 
SECOND ROW — Charlie Enos, Mark Reis, Robert 
Kornhauser, Nick Trapaneze, Danny Johnston, Josh 
Storrer BOTTOM ROW: Brian Lamb, Dustin Graves, 
Peter Anderson, Jeff Kelm, Steven Mills 

ActK^ ---tt'M^ 

x*^& . . , .-A-i 

Pi. ' 

^■^^^■% ^ 



Varsity Softball 

howing determination and entliusiasm 
tiie Lady Lions Varsity Softball team ended 

Sup in a three way tie for second place in the 
BVAL with Pinole Valley and Pittsburg. 
They defeated Antioch in a rain delayed 
game that was called in the bottom of the 
fifth because of a massive thunderstorm; Antioch was the 
eventual champions. They were paced by the bat of Julie 
Marshall and the pitching of Courtney Barajas. They were 
coached by Rich Barrios. 

As the season came to a close the Lady Lions were 
rewarded by their dilligent effort. They sent Julie Marshall, 
Danyel Garcia and Theresa Schnittker to the all league first 
team. Those chosen for the second team were Jamie Moore 
and Courtney Barajas. Teresa Fox and Stacey Smith re- 
ceived honorable mentions. 

Above: Jenifer Chappell keeps her eye on the ball from her third base position; 
above right: Julie Marshall hits a single into center field; right: Danyel Garcia 
smacks the ball up the middle. 


i i 

k - iwm. •»^»r:jiA-y^ rTikk 

Above: Jamie Moore warms up between innings; above right: Teresa Fox throws the ba! 
to first to mai<e an out; below right: staring intently at her Antioch opponent, Courtne\ 
Barajas prepares for her windup at an away game. 

VARSITY SOFTBALL TEAM: TOP ROW — Erica Ashley, Angle Kemnitz, Sarah Schnittker, Jenifer Chappell, Julie 
Marshall, Theresa Schnittker SECOND ROW — Courtney Barajas, Jana Berg, Stacey Smith, Jamie Moore, Stacy Martins 
BOTTOM ROW — Amy Foreman, Danya Lilley, Teresa Fox, Danyel Garcia, Tania Fluty, Carrie Berg 


JV Softball 

JV SOFTBALL TEAM: TOP ROW — Amanda Bigelow, Michele Kelley, Christine Fox, Danielle Quintero, Karen Odell SECOND ROW — 
Julie Smith, Nicole Costa, Sarah Root, Katheyn Monk BOTTOM ROW — Danielle Pacheco, Veronica Agraz, Melissa Jiminez, Tabitha 


Frosh-Soph Track 

■ssica Liborio, Coach Keith Dawson, Coach Mark Johnson, Coach 
Randy Duncan, Matt Grutman SECOND ROW — Jason Blatt, 
Gavin Wirth, Mike Peters, Hugo Oregal, Ed Rosa, Dale Bievins, 
Nick Grant BOTTOM ROW — Anthony Ghilarducci, Marlin 
Amadee, Darin Finger, Andy Luna, Oscar Aguilera 


Varsity Boys' Track 

nderstanding that their work was cut 
out for them, the Varsity boys had to 
face such powerhouses as Pittsburg 
and DeLaSalle in track. Long-time 
coach Keith Dawson was assisted by 
newcomers, John Barneson and Bob 

by Duncan. 
Paced by the hard work of Abel Ordaz and Joe 

Calderon, the Lions got a look at the future and 

realized that it would mean even more dedication to 

do well. 

Above: Joe Calderon shows the strain of the long distance races he runs; below left: Alex Anaya puts his whole 
' body into the shot put event against DeLaSalle. 



Bell Paces Girls' Track 


arning a trip to the Meet of Champions 
is the goal of all participants on the girls' 
track team when season starts in Feb- 
ruary. Lisa Bell accomplished that goal in 
more than one event. 
Entering a new league, the girls were 
not expected to do well against the likes of Pittsburg and 
Candolet especially. As in other sports, the girls had a 
few surprises for their opponents and did well. They 
won more meets than had been projected and did 
themselves proud. 

^^Mi^g^H Mm 


•■ rWS 'ii^Mgie -^Ji^. ■ 

r\C I h 


TRACK TEAMS: TOP ROW ~ Alex Anaya, Trevor Clymens, 
Miguel Ortega, Hugo Ordaz, T.J. Leon, Joe Calderon, Chris White, 
Mark Valencia, Chad Frasier SECOND ROW — Coach Keith 
Dawson, Aida Dalit, Coach Mark Johnson, Bria Passey, Tracy 
Pokorney, Rick Swindell, Abel Ordaz, Cody Metzger, Juan 
Rodriguez, Kevin Poate, Sean Cordeiro, Lisa Bell, Coach Malkin, 
Coach John Ambrose, Coach Bobby Duncan THIRD ROW — 
Robert Ruddick, Tyffny Purves, Rafael Munoz, Ivy Turner, 
Charlene Golden, Wendy Nielsen, Debbie Cordeiro, Kathleen 
Hampton, Celeste Phister, Kristy Cornileson, Tracy Bechman, 
Arturo Cortez, Jennifer Jysk, JoAnn Wells BOTTOM ROW — 
Kristen Ksenzulak, Annabell Ortega, Stephanie Lewis, Martha 
Aguilera, Gena Seaman, Melissa Daliva, Letisha Adams, Monica 
Gould, Nicky Fletcher, Michelle Selby, Lise Smith, Ginger Laborio, 
Heidi Nielsen 


Left: Annabell Ortega pushes her strength to the limit as she puts the shot against 

Candolet; below: Wendy Nielsen has a comfortable lead over her opponent as she 

P^K^^ nears the finish line in the relay race at an away track meet. 


aving 1 1 swimmers qual- 
ify for North Coast com- 
H petition helped establish 

the credibility of the 
swimming teams for this 
spring season. Six boys 
and five girls earned the prestigious 
spots. Having every meet an away meet 
this year meant that the teams were 
always traveling. Both teams sur- 
prised their opponents with well earned 
and hard-fought victories as they were 
coached by Erica Pantle and Julie 
Dooley. The boys were paced by Jacob 
and Josh Wendler, new to both Liberty 
and our swim team. 


Swimmers Qualify 1 1 for NCS 

SWIMMING TEAMS: TOP ROW — Sean Smakker, David 
Stromberg, Terri Linder, Chris Limperis, Jake Stelzriede, 
Jeff Lanpher, Mike Linscheid, Brandon Atwell, Ben Whit- 
ener SECOND ROW — Sara Santos, Tara Pueblo, Keri 
Poate, Janine Little, Erik Heitmeyer, Brian Grocott, Hilary 
Hagler, Randy Burns THIRD ROW — Holly-Lynn Dean, 
Melissa Ashley, Jacob Wendler, Josh Wendler, Kaira Cot- 
ter, Rob Shatting, Michelle Stone, Sarah Fuhrer, Erin 
Atwell, Coach Erica Pantle FOURTH ROW — Amber 
Gray, Jamie Eden, Bethany Monk, Rachel Morgenson, 
Missy Milne, Sara Swope, Jessalynn Stoddard, Stephanie 
Greenlaw, Jeff Wilson, Coach Julie Dooley FIFTH ROW — 
Tina Piazza, Aaron Somerhalder, Mary Narron, Jaime 
Emerson, Bonnie Scott, Denise Atanasu, Heather Read, 
Kelly Morgan, Michelle Langston, Megan LaValley BOT 
TOM ROW — Mia Valverde, Melinda Trimble, Jennifer 
Savage, Ronnie Lindsay, Kim Blair, Erin Conolly, Shelly 
Birge, Krisi Brown, Erin Goodman, Sarah Gettrost, Stacie 


VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM: TOP ROW — Coach Linda Ghilarducci, Jared Weder, Bryan Mall, Leo Graham, Sean Drake, Assistant Coach 
Sue Suttich SECOND ROW — Ryan Hellwig, CJ Cahayag, Geoff Burgess, John Duiceilis, Jess Walton BOTTOM ROW — Manager Brookes 
Drenik, Victor Oregal, Paul Bui, Manager Heather Deogracia 


Boys' Varsity Volleyball 

uided by a new head coach, Linda Ghilarducci, 
and faced with a larger, more powerful league, 
the Boys' Varsity Volleyball Team had to learn 
to play together to win their victories. Joining 
the BVAL meant stiffer competition and long 
road trips as they played Berkeley, Pinole Val- 

m mmuii t umuM 

JV Boys' Volleyball 

Taylor, Coach Sue Suttich, Rick Tinney, Nick Woodworth SECOND 
ROW — Steven Thrall, John Narron, John Hendricks, Howie Beattie 
BOTTOM ROW — Scott Macumber, Daniel Fox, Jer Jackson, Ryan 
Smart, Joey Agpawa 


Aiello Works with Large Team 

n ; r Below: Alex Aiello works with one of the many golfers on his technique 
on the practice range. 

GOLF TEAM: TOP ROW — Alex Aiello, Josn Neil, Dustin Tice, Aaron Flores, David Davi, Jake Cozart SECOND 
ROW — Robert Nickals, Matt Mancuso, Greg Silva, Nick Steger, Mark Michio BOTTOM ROW — Jimmy Oxford, 
Christ Renelt, Tony Mikla, Lianca Harris, Eddie Moreno, Samantha Steger 

■W.. I—" ■ 

1 ' ^'l/i^'^^5 

RALLY SQUAD: TOP ROW — Missy Lincoln, Tiffany Smith, Tracy Pokorny, Janel Andronico, 
Heather Deogracia SECOND ROW — Angel Ebstein, Jaci McFerrin, Martha Aguilar, Michelle 
Selby, Aline Lee THIRD ROW — Katie Singh, Alison Valverde, Krissy Shaffer, June O'byaw, Kim 
Blair, Jaime Graser FOURTH ROW — Averi Doolittle, Raquel Rangel, Erin Goodman, Carrie 
Bryant, Mia Valverde, Jill Boccaccio 


Rally Squad Boosts School Spirit 

ed by two new advisors, 
this year's young rally 

L squad worked hard to 

make up for their small 
numbers. Miss Aline Lee 
and Miss Julie Phillips 
coached their first squad 
under a new set of rules. A 2.0 GPA and 
good attendance were required of all rally 
squad members this year. 
The Varsity Squad was led by their captain, 
Martha Aquilar. Jaci McFerren was com- 
missioner. The JV Squad co-captains were 
Katie Sing and Jamie Graser. Jill Bacciocco 
and Avery Dolittle served as Frosh co- 

Left: Erin Goodman gets tangled up in the 
school spirit banner; above: the girls show 
their "silly" side at practice. 





Amanda Albritton, Lisa Jackson, Laura Odell, BOTTOM ROW — Leslie Ray, Allison 
Kennon Frink, Devon Ausmus, Kandy Stevenson], Christina Morean. 


FFA Honors S. Lopez 

FA was led by Jaime Jarvis, president; Daniel Kelly, vice president; 
Crystal Bickford, secretary; Devon Ausmus, treasurer; Domingo 

r Gomes, reporter; Darren Perlichek, sentinel; and Don Lopez, advisor. 

At the close of the 1993-94 school year the Future Farmer's of 
America could be proud of their accomplishments. At the Barn 
Dance, Liberty students enjoyed the opportunity to throw on a 
cowboy hat and line dance to a "chattahoochie." 
Homecoming wouldn't be complete without the annual FFA float. Freshmen 

The Matchmaker by Playmakers 

Above: Jana Emmons listens attentively to advice given 
from another character; below Starla McCoullough 
gazes into the distance. 





M A 






Voices of Liberty 

Left: C.J. Cahayag and Cyrina White (abovei lend their 
ethnicity to the Voices of Liberty. 


Joseph Amazes Audience 

oseph and the Amazing Technicolor 
Dreamcoat, a musical written by Tim 
Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber as- 

Jtounded the audience in the spring of 
1 994. Directed by Mrs. Helen Dixon the 
show starred Freshman Kyle Roberts as 

Joseph. Ivy Hartman and Cyrina White 
also played a vital role. This play was new for Liberty 
because of the fact that the story was sung, not acted out. 
Furthermore, it employed over fifty children from Liberty's 
feeder schools and also many of Liberty's staff. An excellent 
performance was given by Mr. Kevin Cline whose Elvis 
Impression is still leaving audiences amazed. 

Above: Jennifer Burnett puts on a cowboy hat and a twang and belts out 
"One More Angel in Heaven". 




ed by Kevin Carpenter, ASB president, tiie Lead- 
ership Class had a busy '93-94 school year. The 
L class got an early start during the summer by 
volunteering at the annual Brentwood Corn Fest. 
This effort netted the student body over $2000. 
From then on it was one project after another. 

Homecoming and related festivities were a success as were two blood 
drives, a canned food drive, and a Help the Homeless drive. 

A second Mr. GQ contest was organized as well as a Spring Spirit 
Week, and several BBQs. With new adviser, Mr. Abe Doctolero, the 
leaders of Liberty worked hard to make it a great year for the entire 
student body. Kevin was assisted by Danyel Garcia, Tiffani Cervenka, 
and Leah Smith. 

Above: Student Body Officers — Danyel Garcia, secretary; Kevin Carpenter, president; Tiffani Cervenl<.a, vice- 
president; and Leafi Smitfi, treasurer. 


STUDENT LEADERSHIP — Justin Bartrios, Dana Yerena, C. 
Cahayag, Richie Ramirez, Maria Guizar, Betsy Gonzalez, Leah Smith, 
Brandi Cummings, Scott MacDonald, Heather Deogracia, Melissa 
Ashley, Jaci McFerren, Bethany Monic, Michele Stone, Kevin Car 
penter, Dustin Lewis, Abe Doctolero, Ivy Hartman, Devika Sim.s, 
Tiffani Cervenka, Sarah Oliver, Danyel Garcia, Jamie Moore, Dina 
Ramaha, Erika Ashley 


Mr. GQ Contest 

nee again the PAC was packed for the second annual 

Mr. GQ Contest held on April 15. Family, friends, 

and fans of the 16 young men enjoyed the antics of 

their favored candidates in this fun-filled evening. 

The contestants were Brad Bishop, C.J. Cahayag, 

Kevin Carpenter, Bryan Mall, Dustin Lewis, Michael 

James, Robbie Cecchini, Jess Walton, Justin Fugel, Aaron Flores, Abel 

Ordaz, Jeremy Corbin, Matt Morrone, Craig Matthews, John Dukellis, 

and Gary Woodworth who vied in the following competitions: Formal 

Wear, Interview, Swimsuit, and Talent for the title of Mr. GQ 1994. 

The event, which raised money for student emergencies (SERF), was 
entertaining for both the participants and especially the audience. 
Runnerups were Brad Bishop and Abel Ordaz while C.J. Cahayag was 
tabbed as Mr. GQ. 

This year's event played to a SRO crowd and raised over $2000 for 
SERF. The contest, which just started last spring, has become a huge 
crowd favorite. Two girls from each class and two female staff members 
were judges for the event which ran longer that last year yet was still 
well received. 


Above: Robbie Cecchini rips off fiis shirt to show even 
more skin in the swimsuit competition; below: Mi 
chael James reads out his questions in the Interview 
portion of the competition. C.J. Cahayag was the 
eventual winner of the title Mr. GQ. 

Grant Wins Sousa Award 

ith a new year a new 
style came for the Lib- 

Werty Band. For the first 
year ever marching band 
was extracurricular. Led 
by Adrian Valenzuela, 
drum major, the band took on the chal- 
lenge of field show competition. Spirits 
remained high throughout the season. 

The Symphonic Band also experi- 
enced major changes. Ninth graders 
were placed in a seperate concert band. 
The year came to an end at the Spring 
Concert. The John Philip Sousa Award 
was presented to senior bandsman Greg 
Grant. The other three nominees were 
John Esquivel, Tamara Hawkins and 
Valerie Volk. 




^^^hL iu 







1 ''.A-I^^^^H^E^^J 



""^v ^^^^^^^kjI^^I 









Above: John Philip Sousa Award winner Greg Grant conducts the band at the 
Spring Concert. 


Above: Jennifer Grubb and Isa Passey portray Bert 
and Mary Poppins in their Disney show, left: Joe 
Deardorff hits a high note; below: Drum Major 
Adrian Valenzuela stands with pride. 


BAND: TOP ROW — Sara Gizzi, Bob Gossard, Jake Hargus, Mike Linscheid, Greg Grant, John Dukellis, Matt Poertner, Joe 
Deardorff, Jeff Graves, Tara Pueblo SEGOND ROW — Bond Cashemere, Sean Smaker, Jeff Albright, Lisa Bell, Emily 
Leszinske, Steve Grilli, Chris Smith, Mike Huffaker, Erin Wilson THIRD ROW — Bria Passey, Geoff Burgess, Jon Falkenstein, 
Bryan Belnap, Tanya Smith, Tina Piazza, Ana Fox, Matt Albright, John Esquivel, Carolyn Christenson FOURTH ROW — 
Kami Rosentiel, Trina Stolhand, Amanda Leszinske, Ann Wolfe, Isa Passey, Jamie Cuccia, Jeni Kornhauser, Lynda Hinds, 
Stephanie Danford FIFTH ROW — Adrian Valenzuela, Tamara Hawkins, Tracy Macedo, Valerie Volk, Greg Becker, Heidi 
Hartman, Cristina Mulford, Jamie Eden, Clarissa Bigham, Raquel Robles, Robert Kornhauser, Director Bob Smith SIXTH ROW 
— Awilda Regalado, Kristina Smith, Melissa Rivera, Patrick Jensen, Jennifer Grubb, Eric Anderson, Alicia Saiz, Nikki Lopez, 
Cathy Wolfe BOTTOM ROW — Tammi Williams, Genevieve Logan, Jenny Cline, Sara McLean, Stacy Coyle, Katie Grant, 
Lennette Brackins, Bernadette Navarro 


Trimble Tabbed Lind Winner 


elinda Trimble 
garned the cov- 
eted Jenny Lind 
Award at the 
annual Choral 
Spring Concert 
in May. Melinda was one of 
five seniors nominated. High- 
lights of the program this year 
included a tour to southern Ca- 
lifornia and Magic Mountain. 

^ I 

^^L^_^ _^B 


Above: ivy Hartman and Christina Busker looi< a 
little solemn before the concert; below: Kristina 
Sundstrom sings as a part of the mixed chorus; 
right: Melinda Trimble shows her happiness and 
surprise at being named Jenny Lind Award win 


Left: it's not all concerts as the Men's Chorus practices; below: the Women's 
Chorus is 60 members strong this year. 

H ^^. 




ur 65th Lion Yearbook has a 
style all its own. With over 

2,000 students attending Lib 
erty, it was time for a bigger 
book and the staff went to a 
9x12 size. The changes in this 
book, such as the use of spot color for back 
grounds in the opening section, different sen- 
ior layouts, bigger pictures, and more open 
spreads, reflect a different style chosen by this 
year's staff. 

The cover represents another distinctive one 
styled just for Liberty by the yearbook staff. 

Above: Mr. Bill Batze, yearbook adviser, answers a question in social studies; left: Kelly Holsten looi<s 
through pictures; below left: Jae Lee, assistant editor on a work day. 






«%«•"'■ < ' ■ , ■ - 



■•y « 

»■* ''. ■ '• '^^ 

^v ''*5 

: \i^^ 

^^-..V ftjfKjk' 


'_. '' 

'Ty ^1 


MM "^ "^^kA 

1 -"^^B ^^^^.^BH^^-^^^^r^t'i 







V^ '^n 


1 r^fylil^ 



(^ S^^l 





ANNUAL STAFF: TOP ROW — Sarah Halgas, Amilia Sanders, Lindy Smith, Leah Smith, Trashell 
Westbrook, Heather Crowell, Noelle Connors SECOND ROW — Carey Johnson, Sandra Lyons, 
Kelly Holsten, Cathy Wolfe, Jason Wagner BOTTOM ROW — Summer Rodriguez, Ann Wolfe, 
Stephanie Lunsford, Jae Lee 

Creating Liberty Style 

n September of 1993 I began my year as Editor in 

Ciiief of tfie Lion Yearboolc. Little did 1 know then 

what lay ahead for me. The work involved in 

putting together yearbook is unbelievable. Thanks 

to a small but dedicated staff, the 65th Liberty 

yearbook was completed. When you look through 

the pages of this book, I hope that you are reminded of your days 

at Liberty. The photos and words in this book capture memories 

and moments not to be forgotten. Liberty Style is as unique as 

those who have walked the Liberty halls. Months of hard work 

have been spent creating a book of unforgettable times, ordinary 

days, and special people. So each time you glance through these 

pages may you remember your high school days in 1994. 

Leah Smith, Editor-in-Chief 

EDITORIAL BOARD: Jae Lee and Ann Wolfe, assistant editors; Jason Wagner, photo 
alitor; Leah Smith, editor-in-chief; Lindy Smith, business manager; Stephanie Lun 
sford, senior class editor. 


'Here and Now' Theme 

hanging the school cafeteria colors into 
teal, black, and silver, took the soph- 
omores and their parents most of the 
day, Saturday, April 30, to accomplish. 
Yet when the doors opened that evening 
for the Sophomore Hop, the place was 
ready to greet the candidates for Princess and Prince: 
Courtney Barajas, Deanna Rodriguez, Erika Ashley, Ad 
rianne Aguilar, Tanla Fluty, Zack Long, Aaron Barton, Jose 
Quesada, Jose Rodriguez, and Daniel Aguayo. Tania Fluty 
and Jose Rodriguez were announced as the sophomores' 

Party favors were a key chain and memory book, music 
was by Larry Live, and food included cookies, pizza, fruit, 
vegetables, and punch. 

Right: Tania Ruty has the Princess crown placed on her head at the 
Sophomore Hop. 

Above: Jessica Souza adjusts Jaime Barajas boutonniere; left: the candidates for Princ 
for a picture. 


In the Still of the Night 

or the first time the 
Junior Prom has been 

Fl held in the Concord 
I area. The event took 
place Friday, April 
' 22, 1994, in the Con- 
cord Centre. The evening had a fun and 
exciting atmosphere which was accen- 
tuated by the black and silver ballroom. 
The theme 'Tn the Still of the Night" 
was definitely appropriate for the juniors 
and their dates. 

Above: Mike Gonzales and Gianna Filomeo enjoy the breaks between the dances at the Junior 


Senior Ball 

ay 14, 1994, marked the date of the last high school 
dance for the Class of 1994. The Senior Ball was held 
at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco. The theme 
"Make It Last Forever" captured the mood of the 
night as the seniors enjoyed the ball together. 
The elegant Hotel Nikko was decorated in cardinal 

and gold, the colors chosen by the class. Flowers and balloons filled 

the ballroom where the class danced and reminisced together. 
As their last formal came quickly to an end, the Seniors danced to 

their theme song. The memories of that night will surely last forever; 

the next dance would have to wait until the Class of '94 met for their 

first reunion. 

Above: Joe Negherbon dances with his date; right: Jonathan Pitzer fixes his bow tie 
with the help of his date, Tara Crabb; below: Kaira Cotter and Rob Shafting await the 
main course. 








i fjff" 


; •. ■■••.. 



Ferguson, Cotter Lead Class of '94 

or the Class of 1994, June 10, 1994, marked the end of 
their high school years. With the temperature hitting 
100+, the graduation ceremonies were once again held 
on Ohmstede Field in the presence of family, friends, 
and community members. 
The Senior Class was led to their seats by class 
advisors Mr. Jerry Black and Ms. Linda Ghilarducci who were followed 
by co-valedictorians Kaira Cotter and Brendan Ferguson as well as their 
three salutatorians: Lura Milner, Leah Smith, and Tony Wilson. 

The ceremony was marked by heart-felt speeches delivered by the 
leaders of the class including the valedictorians and salutatorians. Senior 
Class president, Lynnette Bruno presented a display case for the PAC as 
the class gift to next year's student body president, Sarah Schnittker. 
Melissa Ashley was the featured student graduation speaker while Kevin 
Carpenter, present student body president, made closing remarks for the 

Malinda Trimble, the Jenny Lind Award winner, sank the class song, 
"You've Got a Friend". 

For the first time graduates with a 3.75+ GPA wore gold medallions 
while 3.25+ grads displayed silver ones. 

Left: the Class of '94 celebrates the awarding of their diplomas; below: Kevin Carpenter, 
Aaron Flores, and Mike Odell sing the Star Spangled Banner to open Graduation. 




Left: Greg Wright and Jeanne Glenn share a lighter moment in the office; below: Liberty Union High School District 
Board of Trustees — Ron Enos, Bob Taylor, clerk; Joanne Byer, Holly Hartman, president; and Ray Valverde. Ray was 
serving his first term on the board while both Ron and Joanne were reelected to the board in last fall's balloting. The 
Board meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at 20 Oak Street in Brentwood. 

Far left: Bob Smith, band director, sits patiently with members of the marching 
band as they wait to play at an outdoor rally on Ohmstede Field. Because of the 
size of the student enrollment, most rallies were held in the football bleachers. 

B.A., World History, U.S. History, Junior Class Adviser, Assistant Varsity Football 
Coach, Golf Coach 


A.A., B.S., Sociology for Living, Child Development 1, 2; Intermediate Foods, 

Advanced Foods, Health, FHA-HERO Adviser, Class of '95 Advisor 


B.S., Life Science, World History, Reading, Math A 


B.A., M.S., Librarian 

A.A., B.A., Geometry, Consumer Math, Algebra, Block "L" Advisor, Girls J.V. 
Volleyball Coach 


B.A., English 1, English I Restructured, English 111, Mentor Teacher 


B.S., M.S., P.E., P.E. Department Chairperson 


B.A., M.A., English 11, III, Resource, Learning Center 


B.A., AP English, English Skills III, English I, Brown Bag Theatre, Black Student 

Union, New Teacher Mentor 

B.A., Plane Geometry, Math A 


B.A., Spanish I, English I, Reading Slcills, Class of '97 Adviser, Track Coach, Adult 
Education Alternative, Education Instructor 

B.A., M.S., Assistant Principal 
A.B., Teacher of the Year, Annual Staff Adviser, Contemporary U.S. History, 
American Government, Economics, Lion Yearbook Staff, LEA Board Repre 
sentative, Grievance Committee, Ticket Supervisor for Football, Rotational Study 
Period Committee, LEA Executive Board, Morale Committee 


B.S., P.E., Head Baseball Coach, Assistant Football Caoch, Athletic Director 


Principal's Secretary, MLT (Management/Leadership Team), Social Committee 


B.S., Physical/Earth Science 


B.A., Ed.M., English I, 111, Creative Writing, Literary Magazine 


B.A., M.S., Counselor, Class of '94 Adviser, CSF Adviser, Elementary Tutor 

Coordinator, Academic Letter Adviser 

B.S., Chemistry, General Science, Freshmen Basketball Coach 

Transition Program 
Counselor, Interact Club Adviser, Power of Unity Adviser 
A. A., B.A., District Technology Coordinator 


B.S., English II, English II Restructuring, English IV, Language Arts Resource 

Teacher for Chapter I, Homecoming Grand Marshall 


Transition Program 


Teacher's Assistant 


B.A., World History, U.S. History, LEA Executive Board 


SIP Secretary, DATE Program, All Night Grad Party 


M.Ed., B.A., Principal 



Counseling Clerk 


B.A., English I, Video Production 


Campus Supervisor 

Algebra 101, Keyboarding 

Transition Program 

Counseling Secretary 

B.A., M.A., Dean of Students, DATE Coordinator, Study Session Committee 
Adviser, Morale Committee Adviser 


B.S., M.S., Business Manager 


Transition Program 

B.A., Dramatic Literature, English I, Theatre Arts I, II, Stagecraft, Playmakers 

B.A., M.S., M.A., Dean of Students, Power of Unity Adviser, Leadership, KLEO 

B.A., U.S. History, Life Management, Restructuring Steering Committee, DATE 

Above: DISTRICT OFFICE PERSONNEL: TOP ROW — Christine Bailey, Diana Perlichek, Cindy Galey, Patti 
Melton, Denise Lindsay BOTTOM ROW — Darlene Drake, Etta Sanchez, Lucy Wong; left: Principal Gene Clare 
looks spiffy in his western shirt and straw hat as he participates during Western Days of Homecoming Week in 


TRANSPORTATION PERSONNEL: right — Rick Escaranio, Karl Steinberg, Jose Lopez, mechanics; below 
Brenda Rentuma, Sara Cobb, Shannon Joseph, Margaret Beltram, Nancy Putman, Vernette Pato, drivers. 


>.A., English 1, English 111 Honors, Journalism, Lions Roar Adviser 


B.A., English II, III, 


Custodian, Maintenance 




CSEA Reporter, Administrative Technology Task Force 


Substitute Teacher 

Career Center Technician, Pep Club Adviser, Costume Mistress, Class of '96 


B.A., M.A., Advanced English I, II 


B.A., M.A., English IV, Journalism, ELD, Journalism Advisor, English Department 


CSEA Site Representative, Wage & Negotiations Committee, Maintenance Lead 


Athletic Fields, Gardner, Head JV Football Coach 


A.A., B.A., English I, IV 



A.A., B.A., P.E., Class of '94 Adviser, Block "L" Adviser, Girls Varsity Volleyball 
Coacti, Boys Varsity Volleyball Coach 


B.S., M.S., Integrated Biology, Advanced Biology 


B.S., M.S., Beginning Foods, Intermediate Foods, On Your Own, Beginning 

Clothing, Advanced Clothing, Vocational Education Department Chairperson 


A. A, B.A., M.A., District Substitute Teacher 


Textbook Clerk 


A.B., Woodshop, Systems Technology, Vocational Math, Driver Training 

A.A., B.A., Peer Counseling, Beginning Art, Peer Counseling Adviser, Scholarship 
Committee, DATE Committee 


Transition Program 


B.S., Consumer Math, Geometry 


B.A., J.D., PH.D., Physical Earth Science (Spanish), 

Life Management (Spanish), Consumer Math, Spanish 1 


B.A., English II, English 11 Advanced, UBT Spokesman 


B.S., Biology, Physical/Earth Science, Friday Night Live Adviser, LEA Membership 



M.S., School Psychologist, Special Education 


Transition Program Director 


B.A., M.A, English HI, English III Honors, Creative Writing, Spelling Coach 




Transition Program 


B.S., Physical Education 




B.S., Health, Varsity Girls Basketball Coach 


B.A., L.H. R.S.P., R.S.P Government, World History, U.S. History; Learnin);! 

Center, J.V. Basketball Coach, Track Coach 

B.S., Keyboarding, Typing 1, Record Keeping, Mentor Teacher, ACE/Study Session 
Committee, Restructuring Steering Committee 


Special Education 


Special Education Aide 


Financial Clerk 


Transition Program Secretary 


B.S., Honors Chemistry, Chemistry 


Supply/Inventory Clerk, Safety Committee 


ISD Monitor, Yard Supervisor, Supervisor for the Brentwood Recreation 


B.A., Technology as a Tool, Computers 1, Math A- Primary Language, Geometry, 

Technology Mentor, Technology Task Force; LUHS Restructuring Steering Com 

mittee Member, School Advisory Council 

A.B., U.S. History, World History, P.E., Rally Squad Adviser, Homecoming Float 


M.A., B.A., Government, World History, UBT 


B.A., M.A., Counselor, Case Management Chairman, Student Success Team 

Chairman, LMC Liaison 

A.A., B.A., P.E., District Safety Committee Chairman, Head Varsity Football Coach 


Special Education 


Receptionist/Health Clerk 


Special Education 


B.A., M.A., B.S., Algebra 101, Math A, Restructing Coordinator 
B.S., Computers, Consumer Math, Agricultural Business, Introduction to 
ricultural Science, FFA Adviser, UBT 

B.S., Special Day Class, Class of '96 Adviser, Cross Country Coach 


Instructional Aide 


B.S., Math A, Algebra 2A 


B.A., English I, II, Speech and Debate 

Transition Program 
A., Spanish I, 11, III, IV; School Advisory Council, CSF Adviser, LACC Adviser, 
Foreign Language Department Chairperson 

Dean Secretary, DATE Committee 


B.A., English I, II 


B.A., M.A., Assistant Principal Educational Services Curriculum 


Duplicating Technician 


Above: CAFETERIA PERSONNEL: TOP ROW — Adele Villanueva, Sandy Thomas, Emily Reyes, Evelyn Rogers, Linda Guerra, 
Willis Diffey BOTTOM ROW — Sue Standridge, Florence Johnson, Ruth Pastor, Darlene Delgado, Larry Anzini, manager; 
Leota Burriel sports her stone-washed jeans and tie-dyed shirt as her outfit for Hippy Day during Homecoming Week. 



B.A., Life Science, Physical/Earth Science, Science Department Chairperson, 

Restructuring Committee, Boys Varsity Soccer Coacli 


B.S., Pre-Calculus, Math A 


A. A., B.A., Science 1, Drafting, Ceramics, Crafts, Beginning Art, Jewelry 


Transition Program 


Transition Program 


Attendance Office Secretary 

Special Day Class Teacher Assistant 
B.A., Algebra 2 Honors, Algebra lA; UBT Committee, Math Department Chair- 

Campus Supervisor 


Special Day Class — English, Physical Science, World History, Reading, Math 


B.A., M.A., Counselor 


B.A., English IV AP, English I, UBT, Academic Decathlon Coach 

Left: Rudy Ramirez, grand marshal! for the Homecoming 
Parade assist with the rally; below: Marian Leknes helps 
with the faculty tug-of-war; right: Bill Batze shows off his 
finery on Hippy Day. Staff members were active par- 
ticipants during Homecoming. 





Director of Maintenance and Operations 


B.A., Beginning Art, Intermediate Art, Advanced Art, Painting and Drawing, 

Advanced Painting and Drawing, LEA Salary Committee 

B.A., World History, World History-Spanish, U.S. History, U.S. History-Sheltered, 
Rally Squad 


B.S., M.S., Accounting 1, 11; Computer Applications, Desktop Publishing 


Transition Program Secretary 


B.S., A.S., C.H.E., Computer Repair, Electronics, Computer Sciences 


Substitute Teacher 


Transition Program 


A.A., B.A., ROP Drafting, Intro Wood, Intro Metals 


B.A., M.S., Economics, World History, LEA Treasurer, Varsity Boys Basketball 


Custodian, Homecoming Grand Marshall 


^^f*t ^* ^^^^^^H 


It^hN "^^^I^^H 



Teachers Aide, CSEA President 


Subsititute, Assistant Varsity Football Coach, Sports Trainer, Director of In- 


Special Education 

B.A., Library Assistant, Restructuring Steering Committee, School Advisory Coun- 

A.B., AP U.S. History, Restructured World History, World History, Close Up 
Adviser, LEA President, Cross Country Coach 




A.A., B.A., M.A., Spanish I, III 


Head Custodian, Cafeteria and T.C. Wing 


A.A., B.S., Senior Physics, Integrated Physics, Lead Wilderness Trips for Students, 

Intramurals Program 


B.A., M.A., Assistant Superintendent 


B.A., Spanish I, ESL I, II; Azteca Club Adviser, Restructuring Committee, District 

Assessment Task Force, Bilingual Coordinator 

B.A., Spanish I, French I, II, III, IV, International Club Adviser, LEA Vice President 


i.S., Geometry 102, Algebra 101, Assistant Wrestling Coach 


Grounds Supervisor, DATE Committee 


B.S., Life Science, Drivers Education, Drivers Training 

B.A., Spanish I, II, III; Advanced Spanish I, II 


B.S., Biology, Physiology, Integrated Science 


Transportation Supervisor 

A.B., Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Instrument Study, Concert 

B.S., B.A., Health, Driver Education, Ski Club, JV Football Coach, Driver Training 

Chapter I Instrumental Assistant, Athletic Secretary, Girls Varsity Soccer Coach 


B.S., M.A., Basic Math, AP Calculus, Math Club Adviser 


B.S., Algebra, Geometry, Class of '97 Adviser 


A.A., B.A., Men's Chorus, Women's Chorus, Select Singers, World History, Choir 

Club Adviser, LEA Secretary, Professional Choir Member 


Left: Eunice Campbell, grand marshal!, helps with the Homecoming Rally; 
center: Hans Barber pulls with all his might; below: Kevin Cline and Kevin 
Allen prepare to help the staff members in their pursuit of a victory. 


English, Math, Economics, Frosh Football Coach 


Teachers Aide 


Vice Principal/CWA Secretary, CSEA Chapter #238, School Advisory Council, 

Staff Development Committee 

I \i 




B.A., Algebra 101, 2A, Math Lab Tutor 


Ed.D., Superintendent, Co-Adviser Interact Club 


A.A., B.S., ROP Auto, Auto 2+2, Technology Systems 


M.S., B.S., Biology, Beginning Art 

B.S., M.S., M.A., Assistant Principal 


Ad Directory 

Allstate 183 

Auto Brokers 175 

Bailey's Rental and Hardware 178 

Benthey's Marina 182 

Bethel Island Marina 186 

Big B Lumberteria 186 

Bill Brandt Ford 183 

Bonanza Industrial Supply 182 

Brentwood Auto Parts 179 

Brentwood Cafe 182 

Brentwood Florist and Gifts 1 78 

Broussard Chiropractic Office 186 

By Yvonne 181 

CaffeBacio 181 

Casey's Travel 182 

Centromart 182 

Coldwell Banker 181 

Computer Contraptions 175 

Cutinos 182 

Daniel Reynolds Photographies 176-7 

Delta Barber Shop 183 

Delta Family Dentistry 182 

Delta Fence Co 180 

Delta Freewheeler 1 79 

Delta Twin Cinema 183 

Delta Wholesale Electric Supply 182 

Diablo Ag Chemical 186 

Discovery Bay Pet and Aquarium 181 

Discovery Video 181 

Dr. Gerald J. Jeffry, D.D.S 178 

Frames-nThings 181 

Gem Carpet 181 

Good Scents Florist 1 82 

Hal Porter Homes 180 

Hatoba Japanese Restaurant 179 

Hennis Marina 175 

Honda of Brentwood 182 

Illusions Unlimited 188 

Jeannine's Photography 181 

Jim Woulfe Auto Wholesale 181 

Johnny Mac's General Repair 180 

Mail Boxes Etc 179 

M&L True Value Hardware 180 

Mountain Mikes Pizza 180 

Oakley Chiropractic Clinic 179 

Old Hardware Store 181 

Radio Shack 178 

Raley's 181 

TacoBell 175 

Tantalizing Ten 178 

Wolfe Apricots 180 


To my daughter Christina 

You have worked very 

hard for this day. I'm so 

very proud of you' I 

remember crying when 

you started nursery 

school and I'll cry again 

as you graduate with the 

class of 1994. 

I love you, Tina 

Forever, Mom 

"^0- Jleiicia, 

takeA- aui/iacfe and p/Ude, to- he umcd 

u(Ui UMint icf- he taked- d/ieamA^ and 


Mmt, J^ad, Mifda, 
and oUaA' 

Long after the Class of '94 graduates, I 
want to be remembered as the tall, 
skinny blonde cheerleader that made 

everyone laugh and made my four years 
an academic and memorable time. 

Heather Deogracia 

To :% Swisfvnt, 

Jl? a [itt[e£if[it u/asn 't enough foT you to simply krwiv wfiat 

something was, you always wanted to know why!!! I realize 

now that was because you don't see things as much for what 

they are as for what they can be. 'Jou truly are our sunshine 

and the world is a brighter place because of your efforts. 'We 

are proud of you, of your accomplishmenU and of the beautiful 

woman you have become. 

•We Love you!! 

your f amity 


You're as close to a 
perfect daughter as 
anyone could be We're 
thankful to God for allow- 
ing us to be your parents 
May your future be as 
happy as your past 
Love Always, 
Dad & Mom 

Thanks for the memories, 

Love, Jamie Skinner 


(g, \ 

/ can do every- 
thing through 
Him who gives 
me strength. 
Phil. 4:1 3 
Love Mom 


Qod's speciaCgift of 

Beauty and ^Happiness. 


'Mom, (Dad, 



!Re.memBertfiepbili;siiitcaseIto[dyoua6<mt^ It was a dream I trad 

■when I Was ey(pectin£you at 6 montfis, tfiat ^l 'dgo and buy ap in^ 

suitcas and 6CanJ(et, I'dfiave a Cittk bainjgirU I (^w tfienyou'd 

bt a beautfuCBoBy andgrofu) up to be a xoonderfut young [ady. One 

of a parents greatest accomptisfments in l^e is wfitn tfitir precious 

daughter graduates fromh^h school, asyou are ncrwdoing/We are 

proud of you, continue to succeed in everything you do! 

Congratulations, "We Love ybu! 

9dacfte.[ta, Tiavid, !Haro(d, Ty 

grandmother ('Dear), Ti.J. {'Dog)&'Ekgo CBird) 

When I was a little girl, playing 
with my dolls, I had wonderful day 
dreams of how my little girl woula 
be. I grew up and had you "Jana" 

am so proud of you! Thanks for 

making all my dreams come tr\4e! 

Love Always Mom 


"We Capture the 

"We Capture the 





Buy - Sell - L_ease 


New - Used 


Dry Berths 

Commercial Rental 


Hennis PropvShop 
P.O. Box 1047 






P.O. Box M 

Bethel Islond 




Personal Computers 
Soles • Repoirs 
Custom Software 

& Support 
Complete Line 

Of Accessories 

8425 B-ntwooJ BlvJ. Suit. A J 

B«n(wooJ, CA 94513 
(510) 516-0135 
(800) 698-0135 
FAX (510) 516-0137 




p^vec &r ' 




HAYWARD, CA 94544 

FREMONT (510) 651-4406 
FREMONT, CA 94539 

ANTIOCH (510) 757-0102 
520 WEST 2-^ STREET 
ANTIOCH, CA 94509 

DUBLIN (510)829-9660 


DUBLIN, CA 94568 

WALNUT CREEK (510) 944-0760 


Autograph space donated by Dan Reynolds Photographies 



"^^eiald J. Jeffry 

>4)[f? MS 


Susan M . Bimln\ 



2730 hmc Tree Way 

Suite I 

Antiuch. CA 94509 


833 Second Streei 
Brentwodd.CA 94513 




7961 Brentwood Blvd. 
Brentwood, CA 


■' 1 ) pit's!- • K^ft^i'*' ■ , vvr- 

Rachel de Santiago 

Manuel de Santiago 

Se Habia Espanol 


Your Total Salon — 



729 First Street, Suite A • Brentwood. CA 94513 

STORE 01-9033 
OAKLEY, CA 94561 


Radio /haeK 

You'll find it all... at Bailey's Rental s Tjardwape 




1/4 TO 1 1/4 YDS 




"We rent most anything" 



--\ •.:^.<-. ^. 

''\' ^v 



<^ »-^<" 

We Have Everything 
You Need for the 
Perfect Holiday Party! 








FREE use of trailer 

;>;=";>■::. ■c> 

450Mlnnesota Ave. • Brentwood, CA • 634-3331 • 634-1324 



7881 Brentwood Blvd. 
Brentwood. CA 94513 
Store: 634-3952 



Shop: 634-1818 

Oakley Chiropractic Clinic 

AAichael J. Painter 
(510) 625-1881 

120 Main St. 
Oakley, CA 94561 


Janet & Bob Stickle 


Rale/s Shopping Center 
2063 Main Street 
Oakley. CA 94561 

BUS 415 625-0221 
FAX 415 625-5592 

An Independently Owned and Operated Franchise 


CycUnq ^ Fitness 


OAKLEY, CA 94561 


open Wen.- Mon. 

closed Tue. 
5 pm - 9:30pm 


RES: (510) 634-1635 




MON-FRl 8-5 

(510) 684-^^4 

I larbor 

Bethel Island Rd. 

The Hal Porter Homes 

Scholarship Committee 

wishes the students of 

Liberty Union High School 



Granting scholarships since 1 989. 

• prosperity 

• success 
• achievement 



Judith Arota Merridith Pelino 

313 Ook Street, Brentwood, CQlifoinio 94513 • Phone: 510 634 2648 

%\)t (Bi^ ^arbtnare ^tore 










"Old Fashion Service Quality Value' 

The Spot For Service 


629 First St., Brentwood 





634-0400 634-0600 


1520 Discovery Bay Blvd 8290 Brentwood Bivd 


Residential Including 
Waterfront & Golf Course Properties 

_ i_ Acreage and Lots >->^,%*,*^. *^ ^ 



in B» ■^Si/ ** 

3743 Main St., Oakley 

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OAKLEY, CA 94561 










Movie And Equipment Rental And Sales 

ttscovery Video? 
y , I t r 1 I n I I I I I I I I I T H m I r . 

In the Discovery Bay Shopping Center CCk 

1555 Rivcrlake Road ^K 

Byron, CA 94514 


(510) 634-6320 


o Original Art-Llmlted Edition 

Prints-Poster Sales 
o Needle Art Framing 
o Ready Made Frames & 
o Photo Frames 


1145 Second street, Suite B 
(2 Doors from Safeway) Brentwood, CA 


o Creative Mat Styling 
o Expert Design 

o In Home Service 
o We Deliver 




Specializing in Custom Orders 

(510) 625-2879 

3641 Main St. 
Oakley. CA 94561 

Hours Wed. -Sun. 11-5 



(510) 634-6114 

1540 Discovery Bay Blvd. #D 
Byron, CA 94514 







Troy Peterson 



Dwight Meadows 


3770 Main St. 

Oakley, CA 

Tire Center 

Feed & Supply 



Dave Sebers 

3575 Main St. 

Oakley, CA 

Bus. (510)625-7409 

Pager (510)840-5350 


Delta Barbara J. Fox, DDA 

3330 Main Street 
Oakley, CA 94561 


Evening & Saturday 
Family Dcntisliy Appointments Available 

(510) 625-5550 

. . . Not An Ordinary Florist . . . 

3513 #C Main St. 
Oakley, CA 94561 





Myles Sexton 

Open 5 AM to 9PM 



Specials Every Night 
Good Home Cooked Food 

8500 Brentwood Blvd. 

Brentwood, CA 94513 510-634-6503 

Bonanza Industrial Supply Co. 

Hydraulics, Rope, Cable, Tarps, 
Compressors, Tons of Mechanics Tools 

1315 Main St. Oakley, C A 9456 1 
(510)625-1000 Fax (510) 625-1525 

Karen CaseyMancuso 634-2425 

Pat Casey 




1185 Second Street Suite G2 
Brentwood, CA94513 




HHElSn •8111 Brentwood Blvd. • Brentwood, CA 94513 

Bill Brandt Ford 





Diablo Agricultural Chemicals Company 

Agricultural & Garden 

/• Fertilizers, 
" ' • Insecticides 
. • • Weed Killers 

5931 Balfour Rd • 7? Mile East of Sellers Ave • BRENTWOOD, CA 9451 3 
Bus (510) 634-3593 • FAX (510) 634-3594 . Res (510) 634-4241 



Formerly Fjrrjr Park Harbor 

( .illJii '0 iir„> .iMi.-io ■. 


Yacht Sales 







^t^e Value i^^^^ 

"We're Not Just Another Hardware Store" 

Marine • Sporting Goods • Hand Guns • Rilles 

Paint • Electrical • Plumbing • Lawn & Garden 

Power Tools • Hand Tools • Hardware • Housewares 

Hwy 4 & Cypress Rd 
Oakley, CA 94561 
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Store Manager 





Pizza • Sandwiches • Burgers 

Pasta • Salad Bar • Soup • Chili 

Beer • Wine 


One of Mikes Favorites 
One coupon per purchase. 
Not valid with any other 

Mountain Mike's Pizza 

2091 Main St., (Raley's Center) 


^^F Plus Tax 

$2 OFF 


Mountain Mike's Pizza 

2091 Main St.. Oakley 

One Coupon per purchase 

Not valid with any other offer 



6600 Brentwood Blv(j. 
Brentwood, CA 94513 

FAX 634-9839 

Chiropractic Office 


Dr. Burt J. Broussard 
Dr. Kaye I. Broussard 

Monday thru Friday 

8 A,M. to 7 P.M. 

Saturdays 8 to 12 

24 Hr, Emergency Service 

1 1 8S Second Street 

Suite I 

Bretnwood, ca94013 



Yearbook Includes Clubs 

Peer Counselors 

Come Meet the New. . . 





236 Oak Street • Brentwood 
(In Historic Downtown Brentwood- 
across from Brentwood Furniture) 


Open Monday - Saturday 9-6 p.m. 
Evenings by appointment 

Different Moods Close the Year 


Fickle, Frantic Faces 



Friends share the happy and sad moments on a school campus. These pictures 
help to capture the moment. 


Smiles Close Yearbook Pages 






Abdelnour, Julie 24 

Acosta, Enrique 61, 90 

Adams, Jennica 61 

Adams, Latisha 73, 126 

Aess, Kevin 109 

Agpawa, Joey 73, 132 

Agiaz, Veronica . 50, 53, 102, 


Aguayo, Daniel 61 

Aguayo, Nancy 51 

Aguila, Karen 51 

Aguilar, Adriann 61, 114 

Aguilera, Liliana 61 

Aguilera, Martha .. 51, 126, 134 
Aguilera, Oscar 73, 91, 123, 


Ahlstrom, Peter 24 

Aiello.Alcx ... 50,88, 133, 161 

Aiello, Joy 50, 161 

Aines, Carol 161 

Al-safi, Baraa 73 

Alanis, Eduardo 73 

Albright, Jeff 73, 149 

Albright, Matt 61, 149 

Albritton, Amanda 51, 138 

Aldana, Angela 73 

Aldana, Gilbert 61,88 

Alder, Dawn 73 

Alesna, Robert 51 

Alexander, Diane 161 

All, Jennifer 61, 102 

Allen, Charles 61, 100 

Allen, Kevin 94, 161, 171 

Allyn, Theresa 24 

Alstatt, Tabitha 122 

Alsup, Mike 51,99 

Altman, Gordon 24 

Altschuler, Jason 51 

Altstatt, Kenneth 51 

Altstatt, Tabitha 73 

Alvarado, Jose 73 

Alvarado, Marcial 73 

Alvarez, Martin 24 

Alves, Brian 51 

Amadce, Martin 123 

Ambriz, Bengie 109 

Ambriz, Benjamin 73 

Ambrose, John 97, 126 

Amedee, Marion 61 

Anaya, Alex 24, 124, 126 

Anaya, Maria 73 

Andajar, Manuel 91 

Anderson, Amber 73 

Anderson, Arlene 61, 67 

Anderson, Eric 2, 61, 149 

Anderson, Heather .... 51,112, 


Anderson, Jeanette 51 

Anderson, John 73 

Anderson, Lorraine .... 143, 161 

Anderson, Peter 73, 119 

Anderson, Wesley 51 

Andronico, Janel 51, 134 

Andujar, Manuel 73 

Angel, Theodore 73 

Anglin, Diana 73 

Anna, Julie 114 

Anthon, Shawnna 73 

Antoniazzi, Anthony 51 

Anzini, l^rry 167 

Aparicio, Sandra 51 

Aquila, Karen 138 

Arevaid, Nicole 73 

Argueta, Bernardo 61 

Argueta, Carios 24 

Argueta, Jessie 61, 90 

Armstrong, Chris 73 

Armstrong, Michael 24, 88 

Aneaga, Johnny . 61, 100, 118 

Asbury, Christopher 73 

Asbury, Shawna 61 

Ashley, Erilca . . 61,93, 121, 145 

Ashley, Melissa ... 2, 9, 24, 129, 


Askins, Janca 61 

Atanasu, Denise 61, 129 

Atanasu, Kristine 24 

Atwatcr, Jesse 61 

Atwell, Brandon ... 61, 100, 129 

Atwell, Erin 73, 129 

Auclarie, Dustin 61 

Ausmus, Devon 24, 138 

Ausmus, RS 51 

Austin, Meredith 61 

Avalos, Jason 61 

Avelar, Alma 61 

Avelar, Conrado 51 

Avila, Sam 73 

Avila, Samuel 73 

Avila, Teneal 24 

Axclgard Reeves, Kaye 161 

Ayers, Bridgelte 51 

Azevedo, Kate 161 


Babb, Peter 161 

Babcock, Allen 51 

Bacciocco, Jill 73, 135 

Bacciocco, Kclli 61, 104 

Bacon, Brad 73, 76 

Bacon, Lcanne 24, 25, 33 

Bailey, Christine 163 

Baird, Casey 61 

Bajer, Paul 24, 45 

Bajer, Peter 61 

Baker, Jeanette 73 

Baker, Joe 61 

Baker, Sarah 61 

Baladad, Brian 51,88 

Baladad, Nicholas 73 

Balaoing, Cheryll 61 

Baldi, Daniel 51 

Baldi, Korene 73 

Baldwin, Jeremiah 73 

Bankston, Marek 24 

Banuelos, Lorena 73 

Barajas, Cesar 61 

Barajas, Courmey 61,121 

Barajas, Jaime 1 54 

Baiajas, Victor 73 

Barbadillo, Brendon 61,90 

Barber, Hans .... 118, 161, 171 

Barber, Jerome 51, 88 

Barker, Jeff 61,90 

Barnes, Brian 73 

Barnes, Kenneth 51, 88 

Bameson, John 1 62 

Barrett, Matthew 25 

Barrios, Justin 9, 11,25, 29, 

106, 107, 187 

Barrios, Neal 73 

Barrios, Robert 61, 90 

Barritt, Jacob 25 

Bartee, Christina 25 

Barton, Aaron 61, 100 

Bartrios, Justin 145 

Basen, Cathy 162 

Bastian, Anthony 25 

Bates, Branden 73 

Batze, Bill 152, 162, 168 

Baumann, William 25 

Beard, Laura 73 

Beassie, Christopher 51 

Beattie, Howard 61 

Beattie, Howie 1 32 

Beaver, Rod 88, 117, 162 

Becerra, Ty 51 

Bechman, Tracy 126 

Beck, Robin 162 

Becker, Greg 73, 149 

Becker, Maria 25 

Beckstead, Todd ... 99, 119, 162 

Bedford, Daniel 25 

Beeckman, Tracy ... 61, 94, 104 
Bekmakhanova, Aisha .... 26, 48 

Bell, Amy 26 

Bell, Lisa 51, 126, 149 

Belnap, Bryan 73, 149 

Belo, Tony 51 

Belscher, Jedidiah 61 

Beltram, Margaret 1 64 

Benavides, Candi 61 

Bence-Grasse, Joshua 73 

Benge, Michael 51 

Benitez, Adriana 73 

Bentley, Matthew 51 

Bercasio, Judi 51 

Berg, Carrie 61, 112, 121 

Berg, Eric 51 

Berg, Jana 73, 112, 121 

Berger, Diane 162 

Bergeron, Nicole 26 

Bermudez, Kevin 61 

Bernacchi, Angela 73 

Berry, Kellie 51 

Betancur, John 61 

Bevill, Allen 61 

Bey, Andrew 26 

Bey, Daarina 61 

Bickford, Christel 26 

Bielski, Jason 61 

Bifano, Nicole 61 

Bigelow, Amanda 122 

Bigham, Clarissa 51, 149 

Biglow, Amanda 73 

Biglow, Daniel 61, 106 

Biles, Clay 26 

Bird, April 51 

Bird, Charies 73 

Birge, Shelly ,. 20,26, 129 

Bishop, Brad 9,26,88, 147 

Black, Aaron 61, 100, 118 

Black, Jeff 90 

Black, Jeny 25,38, 162 

Black, Kevin 26 

Blair, Kimberly .... 73, 129, 134 

Blake, Jeffrey 61, 106 

Blake, Leslie Janet 27 

Blakley, Franklin ... 9, 27, 88, 89 

Blakley, Kenneth 73 

Blanton, Jason . . 61, 109, 118 

Blasi,John 101, 118, 162 

Blatt, Jason 123 

Blatt, Michael 61 

Blevins, Dale . .. 73,91, 101, 123 

Blevins, Jason 27 

Blevins, Tina 27 

Bloomfield, Meghan 27 

Blount, Michael 61 

Boccaccio, Jill 1 34 

Bodkin, Kevin 51, 88 

Boisen, Martin 162 

Bomagat, Michael 61 

Boman, Adam 106 

Bonifacio, Janelle 61 

Borunda, Rose 162 

Boston, Jolceann 73, 105 

Botti, Anthony 73, 101 

Botti, Tiffany 51 

Bottom, Josie 73 

Bough, Ken 73 

Bough, Todd 51 

Bowman, Adam 73 

Boyd, Kristen 73 

Brackins, Lcnette 61,149 

Brader, Brandie 61 

Bradley, Angelique 73 

Bradley, Susan 61 

Bradshaw, Anne 73 

Brady, Jessica 73 

Breedlove, Erin 73 

Brennan, Ted 61 

Brice, Fred 61 

Brock, Brianne 73 

Brown, Jason 51 

Brown, Krisi 73, 129 

Brown, Matt 73 

Brown, Michelle 74 

Brown, Nicholas 74 

Brown, Stephanie 51 

Brown, Thomas 61 

Brumfield, Iravon 51 

Bruno, Lynnette . . 9, 25, 27, 187 

Bryant, Angie 62 

Bryant, Dorian 62 

Bryant, Keri 74, 1 34 

Bryant, Trevor 62 

Buchholz, Tara 51, 104 

Buckley, Dennis , 162 

Budeslich, Ben . 52 

Bui, Paul 52, 54, 130 

Bulleri, Kris 62, HI, 118 

Bundy, Trisha 74 

Bunn, Amoreena 27 

Burgess, Geoff ... 52, 111, 130, 

Burgess, Rachel 27 

Burkart, Theresa 62 

Burke, David 74,91 

Burke, Jennifer 27 

Burke, Maryann 52 

Burkhard, Briana 52 

Burnett, Jennifer 62, 142 

Bums, Randy 27, 129 

Burns, Scott 27 

Burriel, Leota 167 

Burrola, Susan 62 

Bush, Larry 74 

Bush, Larry 74,91 

Bushman, Brian 52, 88, 106 

Bushong, Bonnie 62 

Busker, Christina ... 27, 34, 48, 
150, 187 

Busker, Monica 74 

Bustos, Mike 62, 90 

Byer, Joanne 161 

Byram, Brandi 52 

Byrne, Elizabeth 74 

Byrne, Joseph 10,27,88 

Byrne, Melissa 62 


Cabrera, Mary 27 

Cacciotti, David 74 

Caffey, Elizabeth 62 

Cahayag, C.J. . . 9,27,93, 130, 

131, 141, 145 

Calavan, Denise 74 

Calderon, Arcelia 62 

Calderon, Joe . . 27, 74, 96, 124, 

Calhoun, Kaite 74 

Campbell, Eunice 162,171 

Campbell, Katherine 74 

Campos, Freddy 74 

Campos, Vicky 52 

Canada, Ray 27 

Canciamilla, Leonard . . 27, 106 

Cancilla, Cory 52, 115 

Cannady, Jennifer 74 

Cano, Adrian 28, 74 

Canti, Jordan 52 

Capra, Sara 62 

Caranza, Jesus 74 

Carapinha, Fernando 62 

Cardenas, Lorena 62 

Cartotti, Justin 62 

Carpenter, Kevin ... 9, 28, III, 

117, 144, 145 

Carpoff, Joshua 52 

Carr, Rachel 62 

Carranza, Alberto 52 

Carranza, Melissa 52 

Carranza, Pedro 74 

Carreon, Adriana 74 

Carrion, Leanne 28 

Carroll, Donnie 62 

Cartwright, Shannon 52 

Carver, Steven 62 

Casentini, Daniel 74 

Cash, Kristin 52 

Cashmere, Bond 52, 149 

Casillas, Margarita 62 

Cass, Gerrie 162 

Castaneda, Flora 162 

Castello, Victor 74 

Castro, Donovan 62 

Castro, Fawn 74 

Castro, Jeremy 52 

Castro, Michael 62 

Catlett, Cortney 28 

Causey, Denny 28 

Causey, Katherine 62 

Cawihorn, Tirena 74 

Cecchini, Robbie .... 28,88, 146 

Ceja, Evangclina 62 

Ceja, Octavio 62 

Cendejas, Jermain 62 

Cero, Brian 74 

Cervenka, Tiffani . . 8,9, 17,28, 

144, 145, 187 

Chamberlain, Jesse 74 

Champlin, James 52, 1 1 5 

Chan, Cindy 62 

Chaney, Nicole 74 

Chappel, Greg 106 

Chappell, Bruce ... 52, 111, 115 

Chappell, Jennifer 74, 1 1 2, 

120, 121 

ChatelainBlack, Winter 62 

Chatfield, Tom 62, 64 

Chavez, Ascuena 52 

Chavez, Karem 52 

Chavez, Laura 62 

Chavez, Patty 28 

Cheney, Brandy 62 

Chickini, Karen 52 

ChUcutt, Cora 62 

Childers, Christopher 74 

Choate, Amanda 62 

Chou, Spencer 52, 99 

Chou, Yolanda 74 

Chow, Magnus 52 

Christ, Benjamin 74 

Christensen, Carolynn .. 28,149 

Christensen, Sean 74 

Christie, Nicole 52 

Church, Adrienne 52 

Cia, Adam 16,28, 187 

Ciapponi, Greg 1 62 

Clanin, Cindy 162 

Clare, Alison 74, 95, 105 

Clare, Gene 162, 163 

Clark, James 74 

Claudeanos, Kevin . 74, 91, 101, 


Clausen, Michael 62 

Cline, Daniel 62 

Cline, Diana 163 

Cline, Jennifer 52, 149 

Cline, Kevin 163, 171 

Cline, Sandra 62 

Clough, Raven 74 

Clough, Tim 52 

Clymens, Todd ... 74, 109, 115 
Clymens, Trevor ... 52, 111, 126 

Cobb, Sara 164 

Coelho, Christopher 62 

Coelho, John 62 

Coelho, Stephen 74 

Colbert, Shanta 74 

Colburn, Cariene 163 

Collins, Marie 52 

Collins, Shawn 62 

Colmenares, Camelia .... 25, 28 

Colmenares, Lorena 52 

Colmenares, Noe 62 

Colonna, Michael 74 

Colvard, Sue 163 

Colvin, Shawn 62 

Cometta, Jessica 62 

Compilli, Kimberly 52 

Concepcion, Anemio 62 

Conean, Daman 100 

Connell, Jennifer 62 

Connolly, Erin .... 62, 114, 129 

Connors, Noelle 62, 1 52 

Contero, Danielle 94 

Continente, Crissy ... 62, 92, 93 

Continente, Jenifer 28 

Contreras, Frank 52 

Cook, Mathew 62 

Coon, Gerald 62 

Cooper, Christopher 62 

Cordeiro, Debbie . . 74, 97, 105, 

Cordeiro, Sean .... 52, 125, 126 

Cornelison, Kristi 74, 126 

Correra, Cesar 62 

Cortez, Arturo 28, 111, 126 

Cortez, Mauricio 74 

Cortez, Olga 74 

Corzine, Heather 28, 151 

Cossick, Michael 62 

Costa, Casey 62 

Costa, Nicole 74, 122 

Cotter, Andy 62, 90 

Colter, Kaira .. 28, 112, 129, 156 

Courtemanche, Peter 62 

Covarrubias, Shawn 74 

Covarrubias, Shawnta 74 

Cowger, Elissa 52 

Cox, Marilyn 62 

Cox, Morgan 52 

Coxe, Cierra 74 

Coyle, Stacy 52, 149 

Cozart, Jacob ... 62,71,90, 133 
Crabb, Tara ... 28,42, 156, 188 

Crane, Donald 74 

Crank, Krystal 62 

Crawford, Misty 74 

Creal, Damon 74 

Crockett, Phil 74, 119 

Cronin, Ann 62 

Cronin, Damian 62 

Crook, Eric 74 

Cross, Amber 28, 41, 112 

Crow, Eddie 62 

Crowe, Verna 163 

Crowell, Heather 62, 152 

Crowell, Sharmin 28 

Crum, Joy 163 

Cruz, Jon 74, 91, 119 

Cruz, Mary 74 

Cruz, Sebastian 62 

Cuccia, Jamie 52, 149 

Cullar, Rachel 29 

Cullar, Sarah 74 

Cullen, Johnny 52, 88 

Cumings, Josh 74 

Cummings, Brandi 52, 145 

Curiey, Michelle 74 

Currie, Adam 74 

Custudio, Bryce 163 


D'Aquino, Tom 63 

Dagle, Christine 52 

Dahl, Jenny 62 

Dahl, Rose 63 

Dahl, Sunni 74 

Dalisky, Nick 63 

Dalit, Aida .... 17, 52, 126, 141 

Daliva, Adam 63 

Daliva, Melissa 74, 126 

Danford, Stephen 74 

Danford, Stephanie . 29, 48, 149 

Darlymple, Bill 163 

Dasilva, Stephanie 63 

Daugherty, Kristy 74 

Davenport, Lance 63 

Davi, David 63, 90, 133 

Davi, Jennifer 74 

Davies, Damien 53 

Davis, Andy 63 

Davis, James 63 

Davis, Jill 63, 104 

Davis, Julie 63, 104 

Davis, Melisa 29, 74 

Davis, Michael 52 

Davis, Sueann 75 

Dawson, Keith 126 

Dean, Holly-Lynn 63, 129 

Deardorff, Joseph 3, 52, 149 

Decasas, Adolfo 75 

Decena, Gina 63 

Decker, Rebecca 75 

Dehmke, Cliff 75 

Delany, Roxanne 75 

DelcoUo, Sadako 163 

DeLeon, Guadalupe 75 

DeLeon, Guadalupe 75 

DeLeon, Lupe 91 

DeLeon, Sergio 52 

Delgadillo, Julio 52 

Delgado, Anna 29 

Delgado, Dartene 167 

Delgado, Enid 58 

Delgado, Gustavo 75 

Delgado, Martin 75 

Delosier, Nicole 63 

Delpozo, David 29 

Denham, Michael 63 

Denver, Ryan 63, 100 

Deogracia, Heather ... 9, 25, 29, 
130, 134, 145 

Derdevanis, Gary 63 

Desilva, Stephanie 3 

Desplinter, Robert 52 

Deupree, Kristina 63 

Devere, Kristina 71 

Deville, Christina 75 

Deville, Tina 95, 104 

Devore, Adam 52 

Dewey, Melanie 63 

Dial, Amy 52, 94 

Diaz, David 29 

Diaz, Sandra 29 

Diaz, Victor 63 

Dicker, Christopher A 29 

Diego, Andrew San 69 

Diffey, Willis 167 

Dimaggio, Faithe 75 

Dimas, Jerry 63 

Dimas, Monica 75 

Ditmars, Dillon 75 

Dixon, Carrie 52 

Dixon, Helen 163 

Dobberpuhl, Troy 63 

Dockter, Aaron 75 

Docktor, Christopher 52 

Doctolero, Abe 145, 163 

Dodelin, Erin 75 

Dodson, John 163 

Dodson, Sha-sha-na 75 

Doheney, Kelly 63 

Dolittle, Avery 1 35 

Donaho, Jeanine 53 

Dooley, Julie 129 

Doolittle, Averi 75, 1 34 

Dorean, Aaron 106 

Dorman, Tamera 63 

Dorrian, Aaron 63 

Douglas, Chad 52 

Downey, Keith 75 

Drake, Christina 75 

Drake, Darlene 163 

Drake, Sean 52, 130 

Drenik, Brooks 95 

Drenik, Brookes 75, 1 30 

Driskill, Leslie 52 

Drummond, Amy 52 

Drummond, Lafae 30 

Drummond, Rachel 75 

Duarte, Ramon 30 

Duffert, Jennifer 63 

Duggan, Clinton 30 

Dukellis, John 50, 52, 111, 

130, 131, 149 

Duncan, Randy 30 

Duncan, Scott 69 

Duncan, Scott 69 

Dunham, Brad 52 

Dunham, Chris 91, 119 

Dunham, Christopher 75 

Durante, Karin 63 

Durbin, Nick 75 

Dutra, Melissa 63 

Dutra, Melody 63 

Dvorsky, Anna 52 

Dvorsky, Joey 75 

Dyer, Gary 63, 118 


Eariy, David 64 

Ebstein, Angel 134 

Eckberg, Billy 75 

Eddy, Crystal 75 

Eddy, Justin 75 

Eden, Jaime 75 

Eden, Jamie 129, 149 

Edgar, Richard 75 

Edwards, Shandy 75 

Ehler, Andrew 75, 101 

Ehrlich, Misty 30, 45 

Ekler, Louis 52 

Ekman, Sean 75 

Elder, Kim 164 

Eldridge, April 75 

Elliot, Dondra 64 j 

Ellison, Becky 64 

Ellsworth, Francis 30 

Elmaoglu, Maral 30 

Emerick, Christine 64 

Emerick, Mylissa 52 i 

Emerson, Jaime 1 29 

Emmons, Jana 30, 140 I 

Enea, Casey 75,91, 106 ' 

Enea, Paul 54 j 

England, Jack 30,41,88 ' 

Enos, Charley . . 75,91, 101, 119 ] 

Enos, Larry 52, 88, 89, 117, 


Enos, Ron 161 

Enos, Ryan 64 

Epstein, Angelle 52 

Equinoa, Norma 1 64 

Ertman, Qinton 76 

Ertmann, Kari 52 

Eriuno, Kim 76 

Erwin, Mackenzie 64 

Escaranio, Rick 164 

Esquibelle, Julie 76 

Esquivel, John 31, 149 

Esquivel, Lorena 31 

Estenson, Jim 164 

Estrada, Abel 76 

Estrada, Eddie 52 

Evans, Justin 76, 91 


Fabian, Jessica 64 

Fajardo, Maggie 1 64 

Falkenstein, Jon ... 76, 115, 149 

Farias, Angelica M 31 

Farias, Guadalupe 31 

Farias, Maxine 64 

Farwell, Leia 64 

Faulkner, Rebecca 76, 1 12 

Favaloro, Laura 76 

Feltcher, Nicole 105 

Ferguson, Brenden 31 

Ferguson, Eric 64, 109, 118 

Fernandez, Arlene 76 

Fernandez, Juan 76 

Fernandez, Paul 76 

Fernandez, Robby 76 

Ferrari, Anthony 53 

Ferreira, Richard 64 

Ferrin, Rachelle 76 

Fierros, Cariota 76 , 

Fierros, Rosa 53 ' 

Filmore, KaUe 76, 105 

Filomeo, Gianna 53 

Filomeo, John 64 

Finan, Amy 31 

Finger, Darren 64, 1 23 

Finn, Marlon 30, 31 j 

Firkins, Colleen 1 64 

Fisher, Kiyoka 10, 64 ' 

Fitzhugh, Ryan 64 ' 

Heming, Kristen 53 j 

Fletcher, Niccki 76 ' 

Fletcher, Nicole ... 76, 96, 102, 

126 ; 
notes, Aaron .... 9, 31, 99, 133 

Flores, Alfredo 64 

Hores, Jason 76 

Floyd, Jessica 76 

Floyd, Joshua 31 

Fluty, Tania ... 64,68, 121, 154 

Foley, Anthony 76, 91, 106 

Foley, Michael 76 

Follansbee, Sandra 1 54 

Fonsoca, Harmony 75 

Foreman, Amy . 9, 31, 112, 113, 

Foreman, Justin ... 64,90,106, 


Foreman, Michelle 53 

Forrest, Kimberiy 76 

Fosenburg, John 76 

Foster, llene 164 

Foster, Karyn 1 54 

Foster, Labelle 164 

Foumier, Shanna 76 

Fox, Anna 75, 149 

Fox, Chrtstine 64, 112, 122 

Fox, Daniel 64, 132 

Fox, Teresa .... 64,67, 112, 121 

Fraga, Brigit 76 

Frakes, Andrew 76 

Francis, Daniele 31 

Francis, Evan 53, 110, 111 

Franklin, David 64 

Franko, Bobby 64 

Frazier, Chad 76, 91, 126 

Freer, Robert 76 

Fregi, Matt 31, 116, 117 

Fresquez, Kenneth 51, 53 

Friez, Debbie 64 

Fry, Deanna 53, 102 

Fugel, Justin 2, 31, 88, 187 

Fuhrer, Sarah 53, 129 

Furguson, Eric 109 

Fussell, Lea 77 


Caleno, Araceli 53 

Galey, Cindy 1 53 

Galindo, Jennifer 53 

Galindo, Sheree 31 

Gallagher, Joseph 64 

Galles, Angela 1 31 

Calles, Ben 101 

Galles, Benjamin 77 

Galvan, Mike 77, 91, 119 

Galvan, Veronica 77 

Gama, Joaquin 53 

Gamino, Gary 64 

Garber, Ted 164 

Garcia, Ana 64 

Garcia, Anthony 53 

Garcia, Armando 77 

Garcia, Christopher 64 

Garcia, Crystal 77 

Garcia, Danyel V, 31,93, 120, 

121, 144, 145, 187 

Garcia, Gilbert 77,91 

Garcia, Jessica 77 

Garcia, Jesus 77 

Garcia, Jorge 31 

Garcia, Juan 64 

Garcia, Nathan 77, 91 

Garcia, Nicole 77 

Garcia, Patricia 77 

Garcia, Richard 64 

Garcia, Robert 77 

Garcia, Roberto 64 

Garcia, Sella 65 

Garcia, Veronica 53 

Garcia, William 65 

Cargalikis, Jeff 164 

Garibay, Rigo 65 

Garrity, Robert 53 

Garza, Donald 77, 91, 106 

Garza, Michelle 65 

Gasca, Alejandro 65 

Gasca, Raul 53 

Gasca, Sonia 77, 1 14 

Gasca, Sophia 53 

Gates, Mark 164 

Gatrell, Robbie ... 53, 88, 89, 98 

Geis, James 77 

Geiser, Stephen 77 

George, Steven 77 

George, Tokunbo 53 

Gerereau, Vanessa 53 

Cettrost, Brandon 77, 91 

Cettrost, Sarah 53, 129 

Ghiggeri, Roy 104 

Chiggeri, Stacie 77, 94, 104, 


Ghilarducci, Anthony . . 77, 123 

Ghilarducci, Linda , 25, 38, 93, 

130, 165 

Giddens, Timothy 31 

Gillespie, Thomas 77 

Gindt, Troy 77, 101 

Gizzi, Sarah 65, 149 

Glaholt, Chip . . 32, 96, 11 1, 1 15 
Claholt, Jeremy ... 77, 96, 109, 


Glenn, Bob 165 

Glenn, Jeanne 161, 165 

Coble, Richard 77 

Goings, Destiny 53 

Golden, Charlene 65, 126 

Golden, Rachel 20, 32 

Comes, Domingo 32 

Comes, Jason 53 

Comes, Jennifer 32 

Gomes, Salvador 32 

Gomez, Alejandro 65 

Gomez, Anita 65 

Gomez, Daphnie 77 

Gomez, Rudolfo 65 

Consalves, Anthony 32, 99 

Gonzales, Art 165 

Gonzales, Debbie 165 

Gonzales, Kevin 77 

Gonzalez, Betsy ... 25, 32, 145 

Gonzalez, Bob 165 

Gonzalez, Esmerelda 53 

Gonzalez, Freddy 05 

Gonzalez, Irma 53 

Gonzalez, Michael 53 

Gonzalez, Regma 77 

Gonzalez, Roxanne 77 

Gonzalez, Ruben 53 

Gonzalez, Rudy 77 

Gonzalez, Susana 77 

Gonzalez, Velma 165 

Goodman, Erin ... 77, 129, 134, 


Goodrich, Brian 77 

Goodrich, Lisa 65 

Goodrich, Steven 65 

Gossard, Bob 53, 149 

Gossard, Derek 77 

Gottlieb, Lynn 165 

Coucher, Brandon 53, 58 

Coucher, Ryan 77 

Could, Monica 77, 126 

Graham, Dawn 32 

Graham, Leo 53, 130 

Cramling, Christina 53 

Grant, Greg 32, 148, 149 

Grant, Katie 77, 149 

Grant, Nick 77, 106, 123 

eraser, Jaime 77, 134, 135 

Graves, Dustin 77, 1 19 

Graves, Jeff 77, 132, 149 

Graves, Jenny 65 

Graves, l.onnie 65 

Gray, Amber 77, 129 

Green, April 54 

Green, Douglas 77 

Green, Jennifer 65 

Green, Joshua ,77 

Greene, Heather 65 

Greene, J Z 32 

Greene, Susan 54 

Greenlaw, Stephanie 65, 94, 


Greenwood, Paul 77 

Gregory, Pamela 77 

Griffin, Michael 77 

Griggs, Matt 65, 100, 117 

Grilli, Brian 32, 34 

Grilli, Steve 65, 149 

Griner, Shelly 65 

Grocott, Brian 65, 129 

Gronau, Eric 65 

Croner, Desi 77 

Croseclose, Glenn 165 

Crossnickle, Rikki 54 

Grubb, Jennifer 65, 149 

Crutman, Matt ... 65, 100, 123 

Cuerra, Linda 167 

Guerrero, Marisela 77 

Guidry, Brooke 54 

Guidry, Stephanie 65 

Guise, James 101 

Cuitron, Sonoia 32 

Guizar, Francisco 77 

Guizar, Maria 32, 35 

Guizar, Rigoberto 32 

Gurowski, Piotr 10 

Gurule, Agustin 165 

Guthrey, Jay 53, 1 1 5 

Gutierrez, Ana 65 

Gutierrez, Chago 77 

Gutierrez, Juan 54 

Gutierrez, Martha 54 

Cutron, Daniel 65 

Gwin, Jason 54 


Hackett, Dick 165 

Hafer, Melissa 77 

Hagler, Hilary 65, 68, 129 

Haines, Clayton 54 

Haines, Mindy 54 

Hale, Heather 65 

Halgas, Sarah 14, 54, 151, 152 

Hall, Casey 65 

Hall, Charles 77 

Hallin, Ryan 54 

Halter, Mary . 165 

Hamel, Racheal 65 

Hamilton, Vincente . . 165 

Hampton, Andrea 65,112 

Hampton, Kathleen 77, 126 

Hanberg, Sean 65 

Hancock, Mike 165 

Haney, Jon .54 

Hannan, Adam 54 

Hardcastle, J D , . 32,88,99, 117 

Hardy, June 165 

Hargus, Jacob 54 

Hargus, Jake 149 

Harmall, Elizabeth 54 

Harris, Brandon . , , 54, 88, 117 

Harris, Cari 32 

Harris, Janine 65 

Harris, Jermi 77 

Harris, Josh 77 

Harris, Leanka .... 77,97, 114, 

Harris, Lidya 54 

Harris, Matthew 32 

Hartman, Heidi 77, 149 

Hartman, Holly 161 

Hartman, Ivy ... 9, 33, 41, 145, 

Hartsock, Brenda 33 

Harty, Jeremy 54 

Harvey, Jerry 05 

Hatfield, David 65 

Hawkins, Tamara 33, 149 

Hay, Terry 165 

Hays, Corinne 77 

Heath, Jeff 33 

Helm, Suzanne 165 

Hein, Nicholas 65 

Heitmeyer, Erik ... 65, 106, 129 

Hellwig, Ryan 54, 111, 130 

Hellwig, Serena 77 

Hendershot, Kimberly 65 

Henderson, Dennis 165 

Hendricks, John 65, 132 

Hennis, Danny 65 

Hennis, Jennifer 33 

Henriquez, Guadalupe 54 

Hernandez, Adrian 77 

Hernandez, Carly 65 

Hernandez, Cody 54 

Hernandez, Hector 54 

Hernandez, Jose 54 

Hernandez, Lizeth 65 

Hernandez, Maria 54 

Herrera, Isaac 65, 1 18 

Hess, Aaron 65 

Hess, Kevin 77 

Hester, Michael 54 

Heusel, Curtis 65 

Heusel, Joshua 77 

Hicks, Shane 33 

Higgins, David 77, 106 

Higgins, Sean 33 

Hill, Christina 78 

Hill, Kellee 33 

Hilton, Brian 78 

Hinds, Lynda 65, 149 

Nines, Tisha 65 

Hinojosa, Carmen 78 

Hinton, Michelle 65 

Hipkins, Shane 65 

Hitchens, Dennis . 102, 143, 166 

Hodsun, Brandy 65 

Hoffman, Joshua 78 

Hollenbeck, Michael 54 

Hollingshead, Jonathan 54 

Holsten, Kelly 54, 1 52 

Honegger, Lisa 54 

Hook, Shannon 65 

Hoover, Steve 117 

Hopkins, Jamar 78 

Houck, Matthew 78 

Howard, Tony 30, 33 

Howes, Becky 78 

Hoyt, Jason 54 

Hubbard, Therron 65 

Hubbard, Vannessa 34 

Huber, Natasha 65 

Hubley, Carrie 55 

Hubley, Donna 54 

Huestler, Leann 54, 187 

Huffaker, Mike 78, 149 

Huffman, Karyn 65 

Hulten, David 34 

Hurtado, Blanca 65 

Hurtado, Cuillermo 65 

Hurtado, Jesus 78 

Hurtado, Octaviano 55 

Hurtado, Ruben 65 

Hurtado, Veronica 34 

Hurtado, Victor 55 


Jackson, Jer 1 32 

Jackson, Jeremiah 78 

Jackson, Jon 65 

Jackson, Leilani 65 

Jackson, Lisa 1 38 

Jacobson, Alisa 65 

Jacobson, Joel 55 

Jacquez, Eric 55, 88 

Jacquez, Marc 34 

Jacquez, Troy 65 

James, Michael .. 34,88,89, 146 

Jann, Denise 78 

Janssen, Jennifer 34 

Jaramillo, Richard 65 

Jarvis, Jamie 34 

Jarvis, Tova 78 

Jenkins, David , . 21,66,90, 109 

Jenkins, Melissa 78 

Jenks, Joel 78 

Jenks, Tara 66 

Jenlink,Jelf 55, HI, 117 

Jensen, Christopher 66 

Jensen, Patrick 78, 83, 149 

Jeserich, Alesha 66 

Jiminez, Arthur 66 

Jiminez, Melissa 66, 122 

Joaquin, Casey 78 

Joaquin, Chad 66 

Johns, Rebecca 55 

Johnson, Carey 66, 152 

Johnson, Caroline 3, 78 

Johnson, Daniel 78 

Johnson, David 55 

Johnson, Duane 75, 78, 91 

Johnson, Florence 167 

Johnson, Mark 78, 91, 100, 

106, 115, 123, 126, 166 

Johnson, Randy 78 

Johnson, Sequoia 34, 46 

Johnson, Sharon 166 

Johnston, Danny 109, 119 

Johnston, Joshua 55 

Jolly, Lee 55 

Jones, Adrian 66 

Jones, Chris 78 

Jones, Jason 78, 96 

Jones, Lisa 166 

Jones, Matt 34, 117 

Jones, Teresa 78 

Jordan, Josh 66 

Jorgensen, Casey 55 

Joseph, Shannon 164 

Juarez, Jeffrey 55 

Jundt, Tera 66 

Jzyk, Jennifer ... 66, 1 12, 126, 


Kaelin, Michael 78 

Kanagy, Mary 166 

Kapphahn, Rebecca 78 

Kato, Nicole 35, 157 

Keeney, Wanda 166 

Kelley, Dan ., , 55,88, 138, 139 
Kelley, Michele ,6, 78, 93, 122 

Kellner, Nick 78, 101 

Kelm, Jeff 78, 119 

Kelm, Jeffrey 78 

Kelsey, Jodi 35, 38 

Kemnitz, Angle .... 66, 1 12, 121 
Kennon-Frink, Allison ... 55, 138 

Kerns, Jean 1 66 

Kerns, Nicole 66 

Kerr, Adam 66 

Kersten, Will 35 

Kessenich, Jason .... 78, 91, 119 

Killian, Bobbi 55 

Killian, Jeffrey 78 

Killingsworth, Karmel 78 

Kimball, Aaron 55 

Kimball, Amanda 55 

Kimbrell, Patti 166 

Kindt, Brandon 91 

Kirk, Jeremy 78 

Kish, Denise 55 

Kitching, Joshua 66 

Klapprott, Jason 55, 58, 99 

Klein, Jennifer 55 

Klein, Rita 78 

Knackstedt, Alvin 78 

Knight, Christian ... 55, 88, 99, 


Koenig, Joseph 78 

Koenig, Mindy 78 

Koenig, Misty 66 

Koenmg, Mindy 78 

Konold, Kameron 78 

Koperski, Nick 66 

Kornhauser, Jeni .... 21, 55, 149 
Kornhauser, Robert 78, 1 19, 


Kornhauser, Shane 66 

Koupeny, Raymond 35 

Kratina, Brent 78 

Kratina, Janette 78 

Kratina, Jeremy 35 

Kraut, Corey 66 

Kraut, Kelly 35 

Krebs, Christina 55 

Ksenzulak, Kristen 66, 126 

Kucharyski, Charlene 66 

Kueter, Dustin 55 

Kurz, Janet 166 

Kysh, Jennifer 55 

Kysh, Scott 78 


Labanan, Esther 166 

Laborio, Ginger 126 

Lacanlale, Melanie 66 

Lafarga, Marcos 78 

Lamb, Brian 78, 119 

Lamunyon, Toby 78 

Land, Brian 109 

Landeros, Lorena 55 

Landgren, Anthony 78 

Landrum, Ari 55 

Ungston, Kathryn 78 

Langston, Michelle 129 

Laniohan, Matthew 35 

Lanlohan, Matthew W 35 

Lanpher, Jeff 35, 129 

Ures, Alberto 66, 109 

Larsh, Kevin 55 

Larson, Monica 66 

Laufer, Monica 78 

Laufer, Toby 55 

Laughlin, Eric 35 

Lavallee, Megan 78 

La Valley, Megan 129 

Leach, Melissa 78 

Lealiifano, Clara 78, 95 

Leana, Jennifer 78 

Leanos, Rachel 55 

Leblanc, Micheline 166 

Ledesma, Mario 66 

Lee, Aline 134, 166 

Lee, Brian 66 

Lee, Dina 35 

Lee,Jae .... 5, 55, 152, 153, 187 

Lee, Kamini 35 

Lee, Sanjay 88, 98, 99 

Leknes, Marian 166, 168 

Lemon, Jason 55 

Lemons, Monique 78 

Lemp, Heidi 66 

Leon, T J 126 

Lependorf, Rebecca 78 

Lerma, Gerardo 35 

Lerma, Phillip 66 

Leschine, Bryan 35 

Leschine, Michael 78 

Leszlnske, Amanda 3, 55, 149 

Leszinske, Emily 78, 149 

Leupp, Jason 66 

Levin, Erik 66 

Lew, Mike 66, 90 

Lewis, Allison 55 

Lewis, Dustin . 9, 11,29, 35,88, 
89, 106, 107, 138, 145, 187 

Lewis, Jeff 60 

Lewis, Lori 55 

Lewis, Lynette 35 

Lewis, Matt 55, 90 

Lewis, Rolla 166 

Lewis, Stephanie ... 78, 94, 126 

Lewis, Tyler 66 

Lewright, Phillip 78 

Liborio, Ginger 79 

Liborio, Jessica 35, 123 

l.illey, Danya 79,94, 121 

Lilley, Jerry 88,89, 166 

l.illey, Joseph 9, 35, 88, 89, 

Limperis, Chris . . 06, 129, 188 
Lincoln, Misty , 50, 55, 58, 1 34 

Under, Tern 66, 102, 129 

Lindevald, Joanne 166 

Lindsay, Denise 103 

Lindsay, Jan 166 

Lindsay, Ronni 79,96, 129 

l.indsey, Dennis 79 

Lindt, Jessica 79 

Lino, Mackenzie 66, 90 

Linscheid, Mike ... 55, 129, 149 

Lipetri, Gina 79 

Little, Ellen 166 

Little, Janine 79, 129 

Little, Ryan 66 

Livaudais, James 79 

l.ivaudais, Sarah 55 

Lloyd, Carrie 78 

Logan, Evangeline 79 

Logan, Genevieve . . 4, 55, 149 
Lohman, Sabrina . . 66, 94, 102 
Lomando, Deborah 167 

Long, Andrea 79 

Long, Danielle 79 

Long, James 79 

Long, Kristi 35 

Long, 7ach 66 

Lopez, Denisse 79 

Lopez, Don 139, 167 

Lopez, Edgar 66 

Lopez, Elvira 36 

Lopez, Emigdio 88 

Lopez, Jose 164 

Lopez, Kristi 79 

Lopez, Michael 66 

Lopez, Nikki 149 

Lopez, Octavio 79 

Lorensen, Prescott 66 

Lorenzetti, Karia 96, 167 

Lorimer, Bree 66 

Lorscheider, Valerie 66 

Lovejoy, James 36 

Lozano, Evarado 78 

Lozano, Shelby 55, 1 17 

Lucas, Canaan 66 

Lucas, Steven 55 

Ludlow, Justin 78,91 

Lugo, Gina 167 

Luna, Andy ... 78, 91, 106, 123 

Luna, Gabriel 55 

Luna, Jaime 66 

Luna, Leo 78 

l.undberg, Chad 55 

Lunsford, Stephanie .... 36, 46, 
152, 153 

Luthin, Deloris 167 

Luttenberger, Stephanie . . 66, 68 

Lyon, Stacey 36 

Lyons, April 78 

Lyons, Sandra 55, 1 52 


Macdonald, Paul 79 

Macdonald, Scott . 36, 88, 106, 

Macdonald, Susan 167 

Macedo, Tracy 66, 149 

Macumber, Scott 79, 132 

Madole, Sue 167 

Madrigal, Elvia 79 

Madrigal, Jesus 66 

Madruga, Christine 55 

Maedke, Deborah , 167 

Maestretti, Kari 66 

Magana, Ethel 55 

Magana, Maira 66 

Magner, Martha 167 

Makinano, Lazara 66 

Malkin, Judy 167 

Mall, Bryan 50, 55, 93, 98, 99, 

130, 131, 147 

Mancuso, Matt , 79, 101, 133 

Mandoza, Anna 56 

Maningas, Heather 66 

Manko, Josh 36, 1 1 1 

Manley, Laurie 66 

Mann, Melissa 36 

Manning, Brooke 79, 97 

Manuel, Christina 66 

Marcelo, Viera 79 

Marek, Michelle 55 

Mariscal, Terisa 79 

Marron, Morgan 79 

Marshall, Julie . 55, 57, 93, 102, 
103, 120, 121, 187 

Martin, Amber 79 

Martin, Clayton 79 

Martin, Erik 66 

Martin, Joseph 66 

Martin, Martha 167 

Martin, Rebecca 55, 96 

Martin, Stacy 112 

Martinez, Angela 55 

Martinez, Carmen 55 

Martinez, Carrie 55 

Martinez, Cesar 36 

Martinez, Christopher . . 36, 88 

Marhnez, Concha 55 

Martinez, Elizabeth 79 

Martinez, Fernando 79 

Martinez, Jenaro 66 

Martinez, Kristy 55 

Martinez, Manuel 36 

Martinez, Monica 66 

Martinez, Olga 55 

Martinez, Rafael 55 

Martinez, Ramon 66 

Martinez, Rudy 55 

Martinez, Tonya 36 

Martinez, Yulma 55 

Martins, Stacy 16, 66, 121 

Martins, Steve 55 

Marvin, Kristina 36 

Marzioli, Samuel 79 

Masadas, Janel . 79 

Mason, Jill 36 

Mason, John 118 

Mason, Jon 79,91, 118 

Mason, Scott 79 

Massey, Jami 66 

Mata, David 36 

Mata, Dennis 66 

Matsen, Eddie 119 

Matson, Amy 36 

Matson, Edward 79 

Matsutani, Nicole 36 

Matthews, Craig 9, 36 

Mauriscio, Marissa 67 

Maxwell, Jena 67 

Mayberry, Darren 79 

McCabe, Amanda 37 

McClellan, Andria 55 

McClelian, Erika 80 

McClellan, Riquel 37 

McCorkel, Mary 55 

McCoy, Delha 167 

McCoy, Jennie 80 

McCoy, Jessica 80 

McCullough, Starla , . 37,45, 140 
McDaniel, Dustin ... 80, 91, 106 

McDaniel, Vic 37 

McDaniel, Victor 37 

McDonald, Paul 80,91 

McDougall, Craig 37 

McFadden, Amy 67 

McFadden, Stacy 95 

McFerren, Jaci ... 55, 1 34, 1 35, 

Mcgeehan, Jennifer 2, 67 

McGurn, Edward 37 

McHugh, Tim 111, 168 

McKasson, Janet 80 

McKee, Ryan 67 

McLaughlin, Carolyn 168 

McLean, Sara 149 

McLean, Sarah 67, 149 

McLemore, Dustin 56 

McLemore, Tia 80 

McMullen, Kirsten Dawn .... 37 

McMullen, Melissa 56 

McNeil, Donald 67 

McPeak, Andrea 80 

McPeak, Wiley 67 

McReynolds, Suzanne M .... 37 

Medina, Christine 80 

Meikle, Lisa 56, 58 

Meinecke, Danny ... 80, 91, 101 

Meinecke, Heidi 56 

Melgoza, Adan 56 

Melgoza, Guillermo 67, 88 

Melgoza, Jessica 80 

Melgoza, Maria 67 

Melgoza, Mario 56 

Mello, Steven 80 

Melton, Patti 163 

Memmer, Brent ... 67, 90 

Mendoza, Daniel 56 

Mendoza, Filemon 67 

Mendoza, Miguel 37 





Mercer, Dionne 80 

Mercer, James 56 

Merry, Dawn 80 

Mesquite, Steve 80, 119 

Metoyer, Luke 67 

Metzger, Cody .... 67, 90, 125, 

Meyer, Elisc 80 

Meyer, John 168 

Meyers, Brian 117 

Michel, Ivette 80 

Michio, Mark 133 

Michno, Mark 80, 133 

Midyett, Gail 168 

Midyett, Sean 80 

Mikala, Tony 101 

Mikia, Tony 80, 101, 133 

Mikolajczyk, Tara 67 

Mikulich, Tatjana 80 

Milbum, Jamie 80 

Miller, Amy 38 

Miller, Bradley 56 

Miller, Bretc 67 

Miller, Heide 67 

Miller, Jason 56 

Miller, Jennifer 80 

Miller, Jolene 80 

Miller, Kevin 80,91 

Miller, Patrick 80 

Miller, Robert 38 

Miller, Shirley 168 

Mills, Jessica 38, 187 

Mills, Steven 119 

Milne, Brian 80 

Milne, Missy 67, 93, 129 

Milner, Lura 10, 38, 102 

Miranda, Jesse 67 

Mirizzi, Jennifer 56 

Mitchell, Jenny 67 

Mitchell, Leeann 56 

Mitchell, Seth 80,91 

Mixon, Natasha 80 

Moczulski, Robin 168 

Mogianesi, Marisa 80, 97 

Moglie, John 80 

Moglie, Rachel 67 

Moglie, Roberto 38 

MoUer, James 80 

Moniz, Steve 56, 1 1 1 

Monk, Bethany .... 38, 129, 145 

Monk, Kathryn 80,81, 122 

Montenegro, Yolanda 81 

Monies, Roberto 38 

Montgomery, Dana 81 

Montgomery, Shannon .... 6, 81 

Montoya, Cesar 81 

Moody, David 81 

Moore, Jamie . 1 1, 56, 102, 121, 

Moore, Jennie 38 

Moore, Jeremy 81 

Moore, Jerrad 67 

Moore, Tim 56, 90 

Morales, Alexander 81 

Morales, Cheyenne 56 

Morales, Julie 56 

Morales, Laura 38 

Moravkova, Marela 56 

More, Tim 90 

Morean, Christina 56, 138 

Moreno, Eddie 56, 133 

Moreno, Jeremy 38, 96 

Morgan, Kelly 129 

Morgensen, Rachel 81, 129 

Morris, Leslie 67 

Morrone, Justina ... 81, 97, 105 
Morrone, Matt .. 21,53, 56, 115 

Morrow, Jennifer 81 

Morton, Julie 168 

Mueller, Danielle 39 

Mujica, Glorimar 56 

Mujica, Gloryvee 81 

Mulford, Christina 81, 149 

Mullord, Tim 56, 88 

Munoz, Francisco 67 

Munoz, Jose 39 

Munoz, Luisa 81 

Munoz, Rafael 41, 126 

Murphy, C J 39 

Murphy, Christina 81 

Murphy, Rodney 56 

Murray, James 39 

Murray, Laurie 81 

Mutulo, Vince 56, 88, 117 

Myers, Amber 56 

Myers, Brian 56 

Myers, Kathy 39 

Myers, Lori 39 

Myers, Natalie 81 


Nagel, Crystal 67 

Napoles, Henry 56 

Napoles, Juan 39 

Narez, Norma 67 

Narrin, Mary 105 

Narron, John 132 

Narron, Mary 81, 105, 129 

Narrow, Jonathan 81 

Nascimemo, Evon 67 

Nash, Joanne 168 

Nava, Chris 81 

Navarro, Bernadette . . 4, 56, 149 

Navarro, Jaime 81 

Navarro, Jennifer 56 

Navarro, Rochelle 81 

Nazario, Frances 67 

Neal, Brandon 67 

Neal, Jesse 39, 45 

Negherbon, Joe 39, 156 

Neil, Josn 133 

Nelson, Floyd 56 

Nelson, Jenell 81 

Nelson, Mark 39 

Nelson, Mathew 81 

Nelson, Patrick 56 

Nelson, Roger 168 

Nelson, Stephen 56 

Nevarez, De Anza .... 54, 56, 93 

Neves, Christina 67 

Neves, Daniel 56 

Newell, Elizabeth 39 

Newell, Jason 67 

Newman, Monica 81 

Newton, Danielle 67 

Ng, Tim 68,90, 118 

Nichol, Sarah 68 

Nickals, Robert 133 

Nicklas, Kelley 81 

Nicolaison, Wendy 56 

Nielsen, Heidi 68, 126 

Nielsen, Matthew 68 

Nielsen, Wendy . . 39, 114, 126, 

Nieves, Rachel 81 

Nisen, Jeff 81, 106 

Noboa, Donato 39 

Nogar, Josh 1 06 

Nogarr, Justin 81, 91 

Nossa, Agusto 81 

Nowacki, Melissa 68 

Nunes, Shannon 81 

Nunez, Cord 39 

Nunez, Lourdez 56 

Nunez, Samantha 56 

Nunn, Alax 56 

Nyberg, Jason 08 


O'Brien, Patti 81 

O'Byaw, June 56, 1 34 

O'Dea, Lisa Marie 39 

O'Dell, Karin 81 

O'Keefe, Aubrey 68 

O'Keefe, Brian 56 

O'Keefe, Ryan 68 

O'Laughlin, Janet 168 

O'Reilly, David 39 

Ochoa, Joseph 81 

Odahalen, Kevin 68 

Odell, Karen 122 

Odell, Uura 56, 138 

Odell, Michael 39 

Odin, Jeff 68 

Olague, Gabriel 56 

Olivarez, Thomas 68 

Oliver, Sarah 56, 145 

Olsen, Brett 56, 90 

Olsen, Ryan 81 

Olvcda, Gabriel 39 

Olveda, Monika 40, 92, 93 

Olvera, Edwary 56 

Olvera, Joanne 168 

Ompke, Cliff 91 

Ordaz, Abel . .. 23,56, 126, 147 

Ordaz, Cuahtemoc 68 

Ordaz, Hugo 68, 96, 126 

Ordaz, Lorena 56 

Ordaz, Marta 56 

Ordaz, Martha 81 

Ordza, Abel 147 

Oregal, Hugo 68, 123 

Oregel, Victor 56, 111, 130 

Orellana, Juan 68 

Omelas, Gabriel 40 

Orozco, Alfonso 40 

Orozco, Rene 81 

Ortega, Anabel . 67,68,96,126, 


Onega, Edith 68 

Onega, Edwardo 40 

Onega, Jose 81 

Onega, Magdalena 40 

Onega, Marisela 20, 40 

Ortega, Miguel .... 40, 96, 1 1 1 , 


Onega, Neredia 56 

Ortega, Valentina 81 

Ortiz, Israel 68 

Oseguera, Angelle 14, 68 

Oseguera, Efrain 68 

Oseguera, George 91 

Oseguera, Olga 56 

Oseguerra, Jorge 81 

Ott, Amanda 18, 187 

Ott, Deborah 68 

Otto, Jennifer 40, 42 

Otwell, Shanel 40 

Owens, Elisa 68 

Oxford, Jimmy 56, 133 

Ozuna, Gilda 81 


Pacheco, Danielle ... 68, 94, 122 

Pack, Doug 68, 90 

Paden, Jon 68 

Padilla, Leonardo 56 

Padilla, Leticia ... 9, 26, 40, 187 

Padilla, Lupe 81 

Padilla, Myda 81 

Pagtakhan, Brian 68 

Paiva, Daniella 56 

Palmer, Amanda 56 

Palomares, Marisol 68 

Pangllinan, Jonas 81 

Pantle, Erica 129 

Parker, Skip 11,40, 151 

Parkhurst, Allison 56 

Parks, Johanna 81, 104 

Farscal, Amy 81 

Parsley, Tawny 40 

Parsons, Rachelle 40 

Passey, Abe 56 

Passey, Aimee 68 

Passey, Bria 81, 126, 149 

Passey, Isa 40, 149, 151 

Passey, Jacob 40 

Pastor, Ruth 167 

Pastrana, Shawn 81 

Patania, Melissa 75, 95 

Patania, Nick 81,91 

Patchin, Jerry 56 

Patina, Melissa 81 

Pato, Vernette 1 64 

Patterson, Jill 81 

Patterson, Neal 40 

Patterson, William 81 

Paulson, Heath 40 

Pava, Danielle 112 

Paylla, Myda 105 

Payne, Rodney 40 

Pease, Billy 68, 106 

PedrotU, Hillary 168 

Pedroza, Louis 68 

Pena, Eduardo 68 

Pena, Mariela 56 

Pena, Paula 56 

Perea, Enrique 68 

Perea, Noe 56 

Pereda, Yvonne 56 

Pereira, Shelby 81 

Perez, Anthony 69, 90 

Perez, Jesse 81 

Perez, Joaquin 41 

Perez, Jorge 81 

Perez, Jose 1 69 

Perez, Maria 81 

Perez, Milton 69 

Perez, Sonia 57 

Perez, Tony 118 

Perkins, Edward 81 

Periichek, Andy 57 

Periichek, Darren 41 

Periichek, Diana 163 

Perry, Al 169 

Ferryman, Sarah 69 

Peters, Bill 169 

Peters, Mike 69, 123 

Peters, Sarah 81 

Peterson, Anica 33, 41 

Peterson, Brian 81 

Peterson, Josh 81, 106 

Peterson, Shannon 81 

Peterson, Shauna 57 

Fetker, Tinieviel 81 

Pezella, Gina 81 

Pezzella, Toni 41 

Phelan, Shona 41, 102 

Phillips, JuUe 135, 169 

Phister, Celeste 126 

Piao, Giselle 41 

Piazza, Tina 81, 129, 149 

Ficcone, Grant 41 

Pierce, Bobbie 1 8, 69 

Pierce, Bobbi 18 

Fierce, Matthew 69 

Pierce, Sara 82 

Pine, Michelle 82 

Pipkins, Lisa 16, 57 

Pipkins, Robert 82 

Pirtle, Reta 169 

Pitau, Lynette 169 

Fitner, Christine 69 

Fitner, David 82 

Pitner, Lisa 69 

Pitza, Celesta 83 

Fitzer, Celesta 82, 83 

Pitzer, Jonathan 41, 156 

Placencia, Jason 82 

Plata, George 118 

Plato, Jim 169 

Poate, Keri .... 69, 93, 104, 129 

Foate, Kevin 41, 126 

Poco, Sarin 57 

Poenner, Matt 82, 149 

Poertner, Zachary 57 

Pokorny, Tracy .... 57, 126, 134 

Fompa, Dominic 69, 106 

Porcomi, Tracy 134 

Ponue, Kim 42 

Powell, Karen 57 

Pratt, Sean 69 

Price, Melissa 82 

Frimo, Isavel 82 

Prince, Roberta 57 

Proctor, Chris 69 

Frokopwicz, Gregory 82 

Proodfoot, Sue 169 

Provost, Teresa 57 

Pruitt, Kristina 42 

Puccinelli, Jessica 69 

Puccinelli, Kelly 82 

Pueblo, Tara ... 18, 57, 129, 149 

Pulling, Becky 69 

Pullman, Sue Ellen 169 

Pulver, Leonard 69 

Purves, Tyffny 42, 1 26 

Putman, Christine 82, 97 

Putman, Corey 69 

Futman, Nancy 164 


Quesada, Jose 69, 90, 118 

Quezada, Ryan 57 

Quilici, Sarah 82, 114 

Quilici, Victor 82 

Quintero, Danielle 82, 122 


Rabara, Dina 69 

Racke, Lou 169 

Radford, John 99, 169 

Rafael, Lorena 69 

Raglin, Brandy 69 

Ramaha, Dina 42, 145 

Ramaha, Mike 82 

Rameriz, Kiko 109 

Ramirez, Carios 69, 106 

Ramirez, Cecilia 22, 57 

Ramirez, Francisco 82 

Ramirez, Guillermo 69 

Ramirez, Jesus 82 

Ramirez, Leticia 42 

Ramirez, Luis 69, 1 06 

Ramirez, Maria 82 

Ramirez, Manha 57 

Ramirez, Nicholas 82 

Ramirez, Richie ... 8, 9, 11,33, 
42, 88, 145 

Ramirez, Rudy 168, 169 

Ramirez, Sharon 169 

Ramos, Aaron 82 

Rampone, Amber 82 

Ranalli, Michael 69 

Randazo, Nick 91 

Randazzo, Nicholas 82,91 

Rangel, Mayra 69 

Rangel, Raquel 82, 134 

Rapp, Ronnie 42, 88, 99 

Rasmussen, Carrie 69 

Rasmussen, David 82 

Rathmell, Cariee 57 

Ray, Angela 42 

Ray, Carol 69 

Ray, Leslie 57, 1 38 

Raybum, Bradley 57 

Raygoza, Antonio 91 

Rayzor, Darin 42 

Read, Heather 69, 129 

Reano, Christina 82 

Recob, Heather 69 

Redman, Ashley 82 

Reed, Bob 88, 169 

Reed, Odessa 82 

Reed, Sarah 82 

Reed, Valerie 57 

ReeL Linda 169 

Reeves, Ariey 1 69 

Regalado, Awilda 82, 149 

Regalado, Luis 57 

Reichhold, Luke 69 

Reid, Debra 169 

Reid, Kyle 69 

Reid, Vanessa 82 

Reis, Justin 57 

Reis, Mark 119 

Renelt, Chris 82, 133 

Renelt, Christ 133 

Renslow, Danielle 69 

Renslow, Shane 57 

Renteria, John 169 

Rentuma, Brenda 1 64 

Resendiz, Jorge 82 

Reyes, Emily 167 

Richards, Jason 82 

Richards, Rebecca 82 

Richards, Ryan 82 

Ries, Mark 82,91 

Rietzel, Brian 82 

Riley, Bo 82 

Riley, Brooke 82 

Riley, Keith 57 

Riley, Matt .... 82,91, 101, 117 

Rios, Jason 23, 57 

Rios, Juan 170 

Rios, Roy 106 

Ritchie, Brian 69 

Rivera, Fidel 82 

Rivera, Melissa 82, 149 

Rivera, Ronald 57 

Robbins, Anthony 82 

Roberson, Matthew 82 

Roberts, Danielle 69 

Roberts, Kyle 82, 96, 143 

Roberts, Michelle 69 

Robins, Anthony 123 

Robinson, Christy 82 

Robinson, Danielle 57 

Robinson, James 82 

Robinson, Katrina 57 

Robles, Jason 69 

Robles, Jose 57 

Robles, Korina 69 

Robles, Raquel 57, 149 

Rocconi, Dana 43 

Rodgers, Casey 43 

Rodgers, Trever 82,91 

Rodrigues, Brian 57 

Rodrigues, David 82 

Rodrigues, Raul 82 

Rodrigues, Ruben 82 

Rodrigues, Victor 82 

Rodrigues, Victoria 82 

Rodriguez, Christopher 69 

Rodriguez, Deanna 22, 69 

Rodriguez, Jesus 69 

Rodriguez, Jose 69, 90 

Rodriguez, Juan ... 43, 125, 126 

Rodriguez, Lupe 43 

Rodriguez, Luz 57 

Rodriguez, Oscar 69 

Rodriguez, Renee 57 

Rodriguez, Sonia 69 

Rodriguez, Summer .... 69, 152 

Rodriguez, Valerie 43 

Rodriques, David 82 

Rogers, Evelyn 167 

Rogers, Thomas 69 

Rogge,Joel 82,91 

Roland, Bryan 57 

Roldan, Tina 43 

Roller, Christian 82 

Roman, Anthony 58 

Romero, Jessica 82, 97 

Root, Sarah 82, 94, 122 

Rosa, Ed 123 

Rosa, Marie 82 

Rose, Eddie 69 

Rose, Jennifer 43 

Rose, Lona 82 

Rose, Nicke . . 9, 14, 43, 92, 93, 
102, 103 

Rosenlall, Kammie 105 

Rosentiel, Kami 82, 149 

Ross, Alexandra 82 

Ross, Travis 58 

Rowe, Eric 82 

Royer, Angela 43 

Roza, Edward 69 

Roza, Tony 170 

Ruby, Delshay 69 

Ruddick, Robert .... 58, 90, 126 

Ruiz, Cheryl 82 

Ruiz, Lilia 58 

Runyan, Jim 170 

Rush, Joe 43 

Russell, Mike 83 

Russell, Tara 58 

Russo, Shawn 83 

Ryan, Tammy 43 


Saale, Matthew 83 

Sadler, Bev 170 

Saez, Joseph 83 

Sainz, Olivia 170 

Saiz, Alicia 149 

Salari, Reybeykah 69 

Salazar, Dustie 43 

Salgado, Jaime 69 

Salinas, Christina 43 

Salinas, Gabe 69, 90 

Salsig, Nancy 1 70 

Sami, J J 58 

Samnath, Tammi 83 

Sanches, Jamie 1 1 1 

Sanchez, Elizabeth 69 

Sanchez, Etta 163 

Sanchez, Jaime 58, 1 1 1 

Sanchez, Joaquin 83 

Sanchez, Larry 83 

Sanchez, Lilianalo 69 

Sanders, Amilia 58, 152 

Sanders, Jessica 58 

Santos, Dave 106, 108, 170 

Santos, Sara 83, 129 

Sanve, Ronald 43 

Sanve, Sean 83 

Sarginson, Julie 43 

Sarmiento, Chris 69 

Sasso, Carol 58 

Sasville, Gene 1 70 

Savage, Jennifer 83, 129 

Scalese, Mark 58 

Scalese, Michelle 83 

Scalise, Gwen 69 

Schafer, Kim 69 

Scharmann, Lesley 58 

Schilling, Wendy 58 

Schley, Kelly 83 

Schmidt, Nicholas 69 

Schnee, David 58 

Schnittker, Sarah . 6, 54, 58, 93, 


Schnittker, Theresa . . 75, 83, 94, 

102, 121 

Schoch, Michael 69 

Schrader, Mike 170 

Schulte, Ryan 43 

Schulte, Todd 69, 115 

Schultz, Michael 43 

Schumann, Chris 43 

Schwartz, Leithan 83 

Schweizer, Jason 69 

Sclafani, Kerri 44 

Scott, Billy 96 

Scott, Bonnie 69, 96, 129 

Scott, Leanne 69 

Scott, William 83 

Seamann, Gina . . 83, 95, 105, 

Seeno, Jeffrey 70 

Seeum, Christina 58 

Selby, Michele .... 58, 126, 134 

Selders, David 58 

Self, Rachel 70 

Sellstrom, Trisha 70 

Selph, Lyie 70 

Selstrom, Trisha 104 

Semino, Elizabeth 83 

Sendis, Rigoberto 58 

Sequeira, Kevin 70 

Sequeira, Steve 83 

Sergano, Fred 100 

Serrano, Fred 70 

Serrano, Marcie 83 

Sewell, Heather 70 

Sezar, Melissa 30, 44, 46 

Shaffer, Krissy 58, 134 

Shannon, Sean 70 

Shafting, Rob 44, 129, 156 

Shaver, Dyana 44 

Shaw, Alice 170 

Shaw, Christopher 83 

Shaw, Jeanne 1 70 

Sheahan, Brandie 44 

Shelter, Heidi 83 

Shepard, Jeremy 58 

Sheppard, Joel 70 

Sheppard, Stefan! 44 

Shields, Jennifer 44 

Shugart, Angel 58 

Siino, Dominic 58 

Silva, Christian 58 

Silva, Daryl 83 

Silva, Duane 83 

Silva, Greg ^..^58,133 

Silva, Jay 83 

Silva, Jerry 70 

Silva, John 83 

Simonson, Christian 83 

Sims, Dcvika 18, 44, 145 

Sims, Isom 70 

Singh, Kathryn .... 83, 134, 135 

Skaggs, Tameka 58 

Skarry, James 70 

Skinner, Jamie 9, 44, 187 

Skinner, Jim 58 

Skinner, Nathan 70 

Slack, Charles 70 

Slack, Cindy 170 

Sloan, Justin 83 

Sloan, Sadie 37, 44 

Sloan, Shannon 83 

Smaker, Sean .. 63,70, 129, 149 

Smart, Ryan 83, 1 32 

Smith, Bob 149, 161, 170 

Smith, Christina 83 

Smith, Chris .. 58, 115, 148, 149 

Smith, Ed 170 

Smith, Jacklyn 83 

Smith, Julie 70, 122 

Smith, Kelvin 84, 101 

Smith, Kristine 84, 149 

Smith, Uah ... 5,44, 144, 145, 
152, 153 

Smith, Lindy 70, 152, 153 

Smith, Lisa 70, 96, 104 

Smith, Use 84, 126 

Smith, Luke 84, 106 

Smith, Nate 70, 90, 1 18 

Smith, Ryan 84 

Smith, Scott 44 

Smith, Stacie . 70, 1 12, 1 13, 121 

Smith, Tanya 149 

Smith, Tiffiny 58, 134 

Smith, Tonja 1 70 

Smith, Tonya 112 

Smith, Wendi 58 

Sneed, Jonathan 70 

Solana, Louis 70 

Sole, April 84 

Solis, Carmen 70 

Solis, Livier 70 

Solorio, Eddie 70 

Soltero, Stephanie 16, 170 

Somerhalder, Aaron . . 84, 109, 

Sonley, Teresa 84 

Son-ell, Alan 58 

Sort-ell, Gary 58 

Sosine, Jeffrey 84 

Sosine, Mike 44, 117 

Sosine, Steve 70, 1 18 

Soto, Erick 44 

Soto, Juan 84, 91, 106 

Soto, Luis 59 

Soule, Jeremy 70 

Souza, Jessica 1 6, 70, 1 54 

Spears, Steven 44 

Speer, Jessica 70 

Spicer, Nathan 84 

Spinelli, Sam 44 

Sprague, Jason 59 

Sprenkel, Stacey 70 

Sprouse, Helen 70 

Squires, Jeremy 44 

Squires, Seth 70 

Staley, Joshua 84 

Standridge, Sue 167 

Staven, Brian 59 

Steger, Nick 84, 101, 133 

Steger, Samantha 70, 133 

Stein, Cheryl 84 

Steinberg, Karl 164 

Stelzner, Ericka 70 

Stelzner, Kris 84 

Stelzriede, Jake 70, 129 

Stephens, Amy 84 

Stephens, Corinne 70 

Sterzl, Jess 70 

Stevenson, Kandy 138 

Stika, Joel 59 

Stille, Susan 70 

Stoddard, Jessalynn 84, 129 

Stokes, Christofer 84 

Stolhand, Trina 70, 149 

Stone, Colleen 70 

Stone, Michele . 3,44, 129, 145 
Storrer, Josh ... 84, 91, 106, 119 

Strance, Deborah 1 70 

Strematter, Brandy 84 

Strock, Justin 84 

Stroer, Samantha 84 

Strokes, Christopher 84 

Strom, Jennifer 70 

Stromberg, David 59, 129 

Stuart, Erin 70 

Stuart, Ian 59 

Stuan, Sue 1 70 

Stultz, Debbie 70, 112 

Stultz, Mark 45 

Stulz, Debbie 112 

Suarez, Sylvia 84 

Sudweeks, Joshua 70 

Sullivan, Jaci 84 

Sundstrom, Amy 84 

Sundstrom, Kristina .... 45, 150 

Suttich, Sue 132 

Swain, Roben 70 

Swanson, Andrew 59 

Swanson, Jennifer 84 

SwartzAudaire, Eric 45 

Swenson, Ryan 45 

SwindeU, Rick . . 58, 59, 126, 188 
Swope, Sara 70, 129 


Talbot, Chaun 59 

Tamayo, Jeffery 70 

Tamayo, Jeremy 84 

Tapia, Antony 70 

TapiaOrtega, Melina 45 

Taylor, Bob 161 

Taylor, Charles 84, 132 

Taylor, lerry 70 

Taylor, Matt 59, 115 

Tebbett, Sara 45 

Teiano, Danny 70 

Terra, Michelle 84 

Terry, Jamie 59 

Thaler, Karen 84 

Tharp, Nathaniel 84 

Thayer, Amberlynn 85 

Thomas, Andrew 59 

Thomas, Christopher 70 

Thomas, Randy 70 

Thomas, Sandy 167 

Thompson, Christi 70 

Thompson, Deke 59 

Thompson, Jessica 85 

Thomson, Kristen 70 

Thornton, Amber 70 

Thrall, Steve ... 85, 91, 106, 132 

Tice, Dustin 45, 88, 133 

Tice, Peter 70 

Tiller, Jodie 45 

Tiller, Kelly 70 

Tinney, Aimee 45 

Tinney, Rick 70, 132 

Tipton, Joey 70 

Tobar, Kimberly 59 

Toland, Rachel 85, 95 

Tompkins, Michael 59 

Toon, Sybilla 46 

Torres, Amy 70, 1 14 

Torres, Dabin 70 

Torres, Drew 70, 100, 118 

Torres, Jose 59, 70 

Torres, Laura 46 

Torres, Richard 85 

Torres, Robert . . 85,91, 106, 107 

Torres, Yvonne 46 

Tovar, Gretchen 171 

Trapanese, Carolyn 171 

Trapanese, Nick .... 85, 91, 119 

Trapaneze, Nick 119 

Traver, Sara 59 

Treat, Nathan 70 

Treglown, Matthew 85 

Treloggen, Valarine 85 

Trimble, Jennifer 59, 97 

Trimble, Josophe 85 

Trimble, Malinda .. 46, 129, 150 

Trimble, Mellnda 129, 150 

Trochi, Mike 171 

Troglia, Shannon 71 

Trost, Sarah 85 

Turner, Ivy 59, 126 

Turner, Kara 71 

Turner, Tiana 85 


Ulrich, Nathan 59, 117 

Ulricksen, Jenniffer 85 

Urdiales, Nick 46, 96 

Urenda, Eugene 71 

Ury, Richard 59 

Ury, Ryan 85 


Valdez, Richard 85 

Valencia, Jennifer 59 

Valencia, Mariela 59 

Valencia, Mark 59, 126 

Valenzuela, Adrian . . 57, 59, 149 

Valenzuela, Mike 46, 88 

Valle, Isabel 46 

Valles, Martin 85, 87, 106 

Vallotton, Dave 91, 171 

Valverde, Adain 85 

Valverde, Adam 87 

Valverde, Allison 59, 134 

Valverde, Mia . . 85, 87, 129, 134 

Valverde, Ray 161 

Vanbuskirk, April 85, 87 

Vanderbugh, Linda 71 

Van Huisen, Gregory 59 

Vann, Tiffeny 71 

Vargas, Arely 59 

Vargas, Jodi 71 

Vargas, Lauren 85, 87 

Vargas, Lindsie 59 

Vasquez, George 46 

Vega, David 46 

Vega, Teresh 171 

Vera, Cesar 91 

Vertolomo, Shannon 59 

Vestal, David 71 

Viera, Norma 85, 87 

Viera, Patricia 59 

Vieville, Christopher 71 

Villa, Alex 47, 110, 111 

Villa, Stephanie 85, 87 

Villa, Theresa 171 

ViUaflor, Brian 59 

Villalobos, Maria 47 

Villanueva, Adele 167 

Visintin, Casey 59 

Voelker, Michael 85, 87 

Vogler, Mike 59, 109 

Volk, Valerie 47, 149 

Voluntad, Elisa 85, 87 

Voluntad, Erica 47 

Vonkrakau, Bev 171 

Votta, Daniel 71 


Wacht, Matthew 85, 87 

Wadsworth, Christopher 71 

Wagner, Jason ... 59, 115, 152, 

Wagner, Juliana 85, 87 

Wagner, Nicole 47 

Wahl, Corinne 85, 87, 97 

Wales, Ceral 114 

Walker, Mandi 59 

Wallace, Cori 47 

Wallace, Lorna 47 

Wallace, Robert 85, 87, 91 

Waller, Joey 71, 106 

Walters, Jody 71 

Walton, Aaron 59 

Walton, Jess 47,99, 130 

Walton, Larry 59 

Ward, Lindsey 85, 87 

Ward, Michael 47 

Warren, David 85, 87 

Washburn, Nathan 85, 87 

Wasso, Frank 47 

Watari, Kirk 115 

Watters, Destiny 59 

Weader, Jeron 99 

Weatherby, Doug 47 

Weaver, Matt 88 

Weder, Jerod 59, 130, 131 

Weed, Donnie 85, 87 

Weichel, Leah 54, 59 

Weinert, Jenny 171 

Welch, Douglas 59 

Wells, Danielle 47, 187 

Wells, Jeff 4, 59 

Wells, Joann 85, 87, 126 

Welsh, Lee 85, 87 

Wendler, Jacob 71, 129 

Wendler, Josh 47, 129 

Wenograd, Allison 85, 87 

Wenograd, Steven 71 

West, Crista 114 

West, Heather 85, 87 

West, Krista 71, 114 

Westbrook, Trashell .... 29, 47, 

Westland, Joanna 85, 87 

Westlund, Justin 71 

Wheeler, Luke 71 

White, Chris 4, 59,88, 126 

White, Cyrina .11, 47, 141, 157 

White, Jennifer 59 

White, Phil 171 

Whitehead, Lance 47 

Whitehead, Scott 71 

Whitener, Ben 59, 129 

Whitman, John 59 

Whitman, Joshua 59 

Wieder, Sheila 85, 87 

Wilder, Julie 71 

Williams, Carrie 59 

Williams, Darian 85, 87 

Williams, Tammy 59, 149 

Willis, Misti 85, 87 

Willis, Ryan 71, 100 

Wilmoth, Shane 85, 87 

Wilson, Chis 80 

Wilson, David 71 

Wilson, Denise 47 

Wilson, Erin 18, 59, 149 

Wilson, Gary 171 

Wilson, James 59 

Wilson, Jeff 85, 87, 129 

Wilson, Jeffery 87 

Wilson, Jeffrey 85 

Wilson, Jimmy 48, 88 

Wilson, Kathi 171 

Wilson, Shane 59 

Wilson, Tony 47 

Winters, Gina 138 

Winters, Jeana .... 59, 138, 187 

Wirth, Gavin 85, 87, 123 

Wirtz, Amanda 71, 1 14 

Wise, Chad 85, 87 

Wise, Shana 59 

Witman, Josh 106 

Wolf, Al 59 

Wolfe, Ann ... 59, 149, 152, 153 

Wolfe, Cathy 71, 149, 152 

Wolfe, Mikelyn 59 

Wong, Lucy 163 

Wood, Christopher 59 

Woodbeck, April 85, 87 

Woods, Joshua 85, 87 

Woodward, Michael 59 

Woodworth, Gary 59 

Woodworth, Nick ... 85, 87, 132 

Worth, Gavin 91 

Worth, Kevin 109 

Wright, Adriane 85, 87 

Wright, Elinor 59 

Wright, Greg 161, 171 

Wright, Nickolas . . 85, 87 

Wurz, Greg 48 

Wyrick, Lacey 85, 87 


Yalung, Mehrissa 85, 87 

Yelverton, Jennifer 71 

Yerena, Dalia 38, 48 

Yerena, Dana 145 

Yerena, Gisela 71 

Yoder, Michele 85, 87 

Young, Ericka 48 

Young, Kaycee 71 

Young, Lenny 48 

Young, Reane 48 

Youngs, Anthony 85, 87 

Yurkovich, Willie . . . 71,90, 106 


Zesati, Jaime 71 

Zesati, Joanna 59 

Zinn-Headley, Lotus 48 

Zocchi, Justin 48, 88 

Zocchi, Kristin 2, 71 

Zuloaga, Walter 59 

Zuniga, Roberi 71, 109 

Zupon, Tim 48 

Zurcher, Sean 71 


Below: Leanne Bacon heads towards the first station at the WallcThru; 
right: Danyel Garcia shows the strain as she puts extra on the ball to 
get it into third base. 

-continued from page 160- 
English and Video Productions; John Dodson, Social Studies; Abe 
Doctolero, Dean and Leadership; Glen Groseclose, Math; Ahne Lee, 
Social Studies and PE; Deborah Lomando, Math and Restructuring; 
Janet O'Laughlin, Special Education; Julie Phillips, Social Studies and 
Social Studies Primary Language; Dave Santos, Math; and Jennifer 
Weinert, Math. 

Joining the administrative team as deans were Bryce Custodio and 
Abe Doctolero and as an assistant principal, Martha Martin. 

Heading the two units on campus were John Renteria, president of 
LEA and Sharon Ramirez, president of CSEA. 

Passing a bond election in April occupied the energy and time of 
administration, parents, teachers, and board members. With the 
successful vote, the dreams of a new high school in Oakley would be 

In May, the school community was surprised with the announced 
resignation of Dr. Phil White who was leaving education to go to 
work in the private sector. 

Late in the school, the news of the death of both Art Gonzales and 
Frank Stonebarger saddened the entire area. 

Continuing their efforts towards restructuring and Second to 
None, the Health Academy was put on line for the following year 
and more teachers moved into the restructuring mode. 

With only eight weeks for summer vacation, students and staff 
were scheduled to begin year-round school on August 8. 


In Memory of. . . 

Friend Carlos 
When he came to little town, and everybody knew him, he 
was so nice, human and a little bit funny too. 

He was always a good friend, he always helped everybody 
and when he had a problem he resolved it with a lot of 

But day by day he waits, for a new day to live and now 
everybody asks how he died and why? 

by: Glorimar Mijica 


Carlos Vargas 

Farewell Class of 1994 

ever Before Like '94. The 

Class of 1994 truly can nev- 

Ner be duplicated. The pic- 
tures in this book represent 
a year dominated by the 
Senior class. From Home- 
coming to dances to basketball games, 
the Seniors made their presence known. 
They created their own Liberty Style. After 
four years at Liberty Union High School, 
the Class of 1994 had made their mark. For 
the classes left behind, the Style of '94 has 
been captured in these pages. 


^.i^a^i^iiMfca^Mfci r— i i ii ■ fciw . ^ . 

"' mil ii«<>l nil I